The Priestess Path of the Rose.

As each petal unfolds, its treasures exposed to the elements,

A light begins to shine out into the world of man.

A light bright and exciting,

Bringing light and joy to the hearts of all.


In this, their greatest hour of need,

We come to bring our succour.

We bring all of our gifts,

Our light, our joy.

Our feminine wonder and delight in creation.


For we are the priestesses of the great Mother.

Her honey bees,

Filling the crevices of need with Divine Honey,

Filling the world with her sweetness and joy,

For all to know and savor.


Our gifts we give freely to mankind,

For this is our journey too.

A journey of the heart,

Without which we would not learn to share our gifts.


We need you as much as you need us,

For we cannot learn without you.

You teach us where you are wounded… through your wounding.

You teach us of what you lack… through creating lack.

And you teach us of lovelessness…through your lack of self-love.


All this we see and absorb into ourselves until we know what your needs are.

All this we forge into new feelings, for we love you in all your human glory.

All of these gifts you give, in the form of pain and darkness, we transmute and recreate into beauty.

Filling the world with a new vibration,

A new light,

A new love.


For this is our world and we share it all with you now.

We fill your coffers with our heart’s abundance,

With the Divine Mother’s love and creation.

It is our gift to you, in your hour of need.

Use it wisely and learn the lessons of the past.

We are ever with you.

In Love.


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