Window Of Opportunity. Channelling.

11 February 2008. World healing event.


All we need is Love.

Nations all around the world are poised for an event which will shake the foundations of society as they know it. This event will involve a group of nations which have struggled to gain a foothold in the political arena. This event is designed to ‘shake up’ these warring nations and eventually will force them to look anew at old situations which have catapulted them into their present precarious situation.

A window of opportunity will arise during this event for all the healers, who are focussed on the healing of the individual nations respective identities and growth, to channel the new and necessary energies into these nations so that beneficial change can occur.

The window will be brief but enough to create an opening for the healing energies to be anchored. All the healers of the world will unite at this time to create the necessary shift.

Try not to pre-empt this healing as it will be very obvious when the event takes place that the healing time is here. Just do your best and connect to us and we will download the necessary gift as appropriate.

Join with your brothers and sisters in the light to create a brand new and vibrant grid of light energies which will join, across the planet, all power points activated thus far.

Do this in memory of me.

That is all.

Adonai Sister in the light.

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