The Mantle of Brigit.

As we are coming to Imbolc, I have released a Goddess Brigit attunement. This is a Level One attunement which can be received after you have received the First level attunement into the Gaia Method Earthways system. There are a number of energetic expansions you can experience after each main attunement which allow your energy-field to hold more keys, thereby allowing you to be effective in your earth-work. I will be adding these throughout the year. This attunement is called The Mantle and The Flame of the Goddess Brigit. It will allow you to work directly with the fertility aspects of fire as the ancestors once did.

Spring is Brigit’s time. Her festival is celebrated, traditionally, on the 1st of February but fire-work associated with Spring, spans a number of weeks. Imbolc is a celebration of the awakening earth when plants begin to grow and the crone of winter becomes the virgin once more. Spring vortices become active, bringing in new energies and clearing out the old. Becoming attuned to Brigit you will feel this impulse strongly at the beginning of each new year.

Winter has been a time of quiet, or rest, the death of the year. In the past, Winter was seen as an old woman coming to the end of her life. She had grown from the young girl in spring, became the Mother of Summer and now is the old woman, the crone of winter. She is associated with places of death and with vortices active during the Winter season.

But spring sees renewal and fresh beginnings. Life has never really died, it has just been sleeping. During Brigit’s time, it is reawakened with the light of life and the flame of renewal. After the Winter Solstice, the sun is channelled into the womb of the earth, fertilising the Mother, so that crops will grow and feed the community. Brigit is a Spring Goddess, an aspect of Sovereignty. (Sovereignty is the feminine consciousness of the earth). The fire festivals brought hope and the promise of abundance. After a long dark winter of eating food they had stored throughout the year, they looked forward to eating green plants and planting their fields with corn. It was a celebration of survival, of having lived through yet another long, cold season, and emerging into the light and increasing warmth of the sun. It was a time of joy and celebration and, I imagine, a certain amount of relief.

But the festivals were not purely symbolic. They were real, energetic practices designed to assist the physical earth and to keep her vitality flowing. Healthy earth means healthy people. In becoming attuned to the Brigit energy you become aligned to the spring focus of fertility. The mantle is about reclaiming ancient sites associated with the Mother Goddess and learning how to work with them again for the benefit of all.

I anchor the sacred flame into your energy field so you can become a channel for the Sun and for the fire in the earth. You can then light these fires, energetically, at sites where this was once done. That light then travels through the network of energy lines, bringing with it the promise of new life.

This is the first in a series of attunements for the first level and includes a pdf giving information on both the Mantle of Brigit and the Flame. There are also two guided meditations which you can use during Spring, and a shorter one you can use throughout the year. The PDF also includes information on how to recognise fire sites and how to work with them.

Gaia Method Earthways Manuals.

For existing recipients of the Gaia Method energies only:

I have updated the first level manual, so if you would like a revised copy, please email me and I will send it on to you. It is a PDF but I can also send it as a word document if you prefer. Just remind me of your email address.

The manual contains added information and exercises on each of the symbol energies.

If you have received your attunement since January 1st then you already have the revised manual.


After some recent communication, I felt I needed to clarify the Gaia Method processes.

There are a couple of things that needed clarifying:

  1. There are now two more people using the name The Gaia method. This is the name that my guides gave me for the system many years ago. However, with everything, names are picked up and used without people checking whether that name is already in use, or not. I discovered a woman who was now calling her therapy The Gaia Method and I communicated with her about the fact that I was already using this name and had trademarked it. She, however, thought that the Universe would decide which of us had the most right to use the name after she had googled me and found my name everywhere. Instead of reverting to the name she had been using, she continued using mine. However, a name is just a name, and although I had been building it for quite some time, I let it go. So, I have added Earthways to the name, to distinguish it from hers. So if you google The Gaia Method, you may well be directed to her site, and maybe that is what you need. Who knows? In the meantime, when my domain renewal comes up, I will add Earthways. Hopefully that will keep it clear.
  2. On another note, more related to the Gaia Method Earthways training, I know that parts of the training can stand-alone, such as the initial attunement, but there are aspects that are very much part of the ongoing training and can only be done at a certain level of ability. Like any system of training, this is important, as it allows the student to slowly build their resistance to outside interference whilst carrying on the tasks of anchoring particular energies and templates of healing. For this reason, the training starts with certain aspects of healing and energy-field development. There is a sequence to the training, which I will soon offer via modules. Although not everyone works in the same way, some do ancestral work, others channel writing or art, or they work with trees/nature/animals, etc, the ability to channel, and hold, the earth energy is something that needs learning and developing. The more you practice and work with the energies, the greater your ability to work with larger areas on the planet that need realigning.

So, you can, if you choose, take the first attunement, as it can open you up to both the Earth and your own Divine Feminine identity, which is always good, or you can go as far as you feel like going. I will shortly add a longer developmental course for the first level, which you can take if you wish to go deeper into the Gaia Method Earthways program.

Attunements. Teacher level.

This is the level where you receive the Master symbols, which allows you to pass on the attunements.

Initially you are taught the attunement in very much the same way as a Reiki attunement, but as you become more proficient in passing the energies, you learn how to pass the attunements through the energy-field, in a transfer of energies. This also allows you to do distant attunements and teach from a distance.

At this level, you are also given more energy attunements, which allow you to grow  further into your chosen path, be it the Orkney path, or the Temple of Artemis, which you will already have been growing through.

If you were initiated into either of these paths, you will learn how to teach others this path, through the attunements associated with each system, for there are multiple paths to tread in the Gaia Method system.

It takes time and dedication to reach these levels. If you are already a Reiki teacher, then you will have the necessary energy skills to pass attunements, making your task easier. The more training and attunements you have received, in any system of healing, the easier it will be for you to do this work.



Sea Energy Symbols.

Working with Sea energies involves working with elements of sea life. Each element holds its own energy and purpose and when you have these energies in your field it provides you with extra abilities in working with the seas and the Oceans. If you are given a sea-energy then you know that part of your planetary healing will involve working with the sea!

As I said before, working with these energies involves making changes to the sea environment, and therefore our living environment. We cannot fail but to be affected by what nature does, so these energies help us to work directly with the forces that shape the weather and the tides, without even knowing how it happens.

Conch Shell Energy.

When I first received the Conch energy it was from a female Sea energy that called herself, Nefreet. She is the Guardian of all Coral reefs. She explained that in order to work with her energy you I had to adjust my frequency to match hers and she gave me the energy of the conch shell to do that with.

Placing the conch-shell energy around your energy-field, allows you to pick up the signals from the sea-world. Using the shell-frequencies achieves two things:

  1. It allows you to align your energy-field-frequencies to match hers,
  2. It gives you the ability to pick up the ‘sounds’ of all the creatures and living plants in her world.

When you visit any place near a coral reef, or anywhere where the shore grows into the sea, there you will find Nefreet.


Octopus Energy.

The Octopus energy is very interesting as it gives you a measure of protection, as well as the ability to reach out in multiple directions to connect to, and hold, different sites around the world, depending on where it is placed in your energy-field.

If you are working with sites connected to sea-energy, then the octopus joins those sites together, via the sea, so that become a network of sea energy sites. For instance, imagine that you are working on Islands, where our ancestors built forts and settlements. These islands can be joined together in a network of sea-light so that they can be fed by each other. Often the sites are many miles apart and the ones you work with are activated and joined by you, then held in a holding pattern so that the ancient energies can work properly again.

Ancient Belemnite.

The ancient Belemnite, the ancestor to the cuttlefish, is extinct but as an energy, it is very much present. Like modern-day squid, to which it is related, it squirts ink to confuse predators.

In terms of an energy symbol, it allows us the ability to tune into ancient levels of consciousness and earth’s development. It moves within the different levels of the sea, from the sunlit upper levels to the darker deeper levels. Herein lies its gift. It gives you the ability to bring the light of the sun, and clarity, to deeper levels of the earth’s history and to human consciousness. Because you are an anchorer of new seed thoughts sometimes these seed thought need to be anchored in the older layers of geology, where our ancestors created life and where those before humanity did the same. Many of their developmental beliefs affect us to this day.

It is like earth psychotherapy, where beliefs and traumas, held deep in the earth, need to be released and new beliefs and energies anchored. But, those layers also hold positive energy that we modern humans can also benefit from. Those energies are released so that we can benefit from the successes of previous civilisations and lifeforms too.

Dolphin Breath.

The Dolphin Energy is given via breath, much like the Dragon Attunements. This works within the emotional, watery level of your energy-field. When you have this energy it teaches you to swim in emotional currents. You effectively become dolphin energy on an emotional level. Through learning how to navigate your own emotional waters or issues, you learn how to navigate in others. The Dolphin communication is also about how your healing words have an effect on others, therefore your vocal frequencies working in the watery, emotional layers of others brings healing to whatever level needs it.

It also means that the dolphin energies that work in the sea,  can bring lines of light from one site to another through the sea. If you are working in one part of the world and the gold lines need to be brought across the sea to another site, the dolphins come and take the lines in their beaks and carry them to their destined site. A while later, another healer may pick up those energies, not knowing how they got there and will anchor them or take them across the land to where they are guided to bring them.

Click on the image to take you to the article.

The Stingray is another energy that you might be given. The Stingray is a very playful creature but it has a sting in its tail; they know how to protect themselves from predators. They are excellent at camouflage, lying, inactive, on the seabed of warm sea waters for much of the time, covered in sand. Their movements are dictated by the movements of the tide.

When you have the Stingray energy in your field you also may stay camouflaged in warmer sea areas, waiting for your cue to get up and move to another area. All the time you are in one particular place you can enjoy your surroundings, and when you feel the inner impulse to get up and go to where you need to work, you get up and go! It’s about taking your time and trusting your impulses while also being safe and camouflaged so that you are not recognised as the crazy old woman/man in the woods! We all know what happens to them. The more normally you fit into your surroundings the better you can do your work.

These energies are for people who have chosen to work with coastal areas and with sea energies. If you receive one, or more, of these energies in an attunement, take it for granted that you will be working with the seas or Oceans somewhere in the world at some time. Maybe you already are!


Sea Attunements.

Since moving to the Red Sea I have received many new energies, all of which are connected to the energies of the coral reef here. They are simply beautiful and very healing.

Working with sea energies is different to working with the earth energies as you are learning to work with the warm and cold waters of the seas and oceans, helping to maintain the balance.

Because the Gaia Method is about working with Nature, the seas and oceans, are the biggest part of the Natural world on Earth! Learning to navigate the energy flows of the seas and oceans is part of this work. Harmonising the seas flows of warm and cold waters means that life on earth maintains its balance.

The stormy, Neptunian waters around Orkney.

Neptune is a masculine energy and more often found in the cooler northern waters. It can be stormy and wild and the waters colder than southern waters. Some of the energies associated with these colder waters are the Whale, the octopus and the Lobster. These energies give you the ability to work with colder waters and to working with the energy lines that traverse them. The Octopus helps you to connect, through the sea, different land sites, which need to be connected through the water, rather than through the land.


The Warmer, saltier waters of the Red Sea.

The energies of the warmer, saltier, southern waters of the world are feminine, energies which can be found in coral reefs and inland lagoons. Energies associated with these warm seas are the Stingray, the conch snail and the octopus.

Working with these energies connects you to the calm, peaceful waters of Healing and the Womb of the Sea, where all of creation is born.

As in every aspect of life on Earth, everything is Balance, so both male and female energies are needed to maintain the balance of the weather and the ocean currents.

Working with these warmer, coral seas is very different to working with the more northern, cooler waters, and it can be quite ‘quiet’ in comparison. But both are needed.

Attunements are offered that will help you in working with the seas and oceans. All of the energies above are available as  attunements, including the energy of ancient squid that allows you to access the older creation energies of the sea and land. The Conch shell contains the womb-like creation energy of the Coral seas. It is extremely feminine in nature.
All of the different ‘families’ of sea-life have an over-riding Deva, for want of a better word, and you can learn how to communicate and work with different facets of sea-life, through working with the Deva of that particular species.

If you are interested in doing any of this work just email me.


White and Gold Dragon Diamonds.

I felt the need to tune in and I felt an old white dragon in my field. This dragon had been coming in for a few days, as three days earlier I had had an image of a white dragon, moving out from behind a tall mountain and moving towards me. When it appeared in ‘my reality’ it was the Quetzalcoatl dragon with vibrant rainbow feathers framing its serpent face. The following day, looking for images of this serpent I found one of a white plume of ash from a volcano in Mexico! That was how I had seen the white dragon and was good confirmation! I am always given confirming information of what they give me, which both confirms and gives me added information. This dragon also has a connection to the Goddess Ixchel, who has been very ‘present’ lately.

So back to the white dragon, which was now in my energy-field all around me. It felt like a faery story, as if I was the illustration in a book for children about dragons. She was writing an old book. She/I breathed out and as she did she formed a large white sphere out in front of me. Inside the sphere, there was the book, and as she blew out, the dragon breath was creating words on the page. Something about Dragon Lore and the Dragon children. Perhaps books that help the children who are coming in as creators ofcndijbwuyaairoh our new reality? We will have to wait and see.

Next, I saw a diamond Merkaba and it was like white glass. This was to do with the white dragon, like a dragon Merkaba but it was more solid than the usual ones, which were more ‘energetic’. I slowly anchored this diamond around my field and expanded it out as normal. Then I stabilised it at both apexes, until it was completely anchored and stable. As this part was finished the diamond fell like a cloak around me, a soft silver/white. This diamond energy sits outside of the other nine, like another layer, but this time of completely different vibration, containing different energy and information.


White/Silver and Gold Diamond layers of the Energy-field.

Then I became aware of another diamond, gold this time. This one anchored above and around the
white one but it was close, like a skin. Yet it was also above the white one. Then I was shown an image of the gold diamond lozenge that they found at Bush Barrow in Stonehenge. They have shown me this before, in relation to this Diamond Field, and as the Gaia Method taps into ancient, ancestral knowledge, then this makes sense to me. The person who was buried with this might have been an energy-worker. I know from previous work in Archaeology, where I was able to work with Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, that many of the people buried in Long barrows and Round Barrows were spiritually trained men and women whose souls were still connected to the site and hence their burial in a significance place. They act as energetic guardians to that network of energies.


Bush Barrow Gold Lozenge.

The vibration of these diamonds was different to the previous nine, This gold one felt like the inspiration that would feed the silver/white one with information and knowledge, stepping it down.

Next I opened up my belly, like the earth, and the black dragon was there. All I can see of it is its large eye, peering out through my belly. It began to blow and a large black glassy sphere formed out of its breath.  I’m always a little nervous of the black dragon and I have no idea why I have one sleeping in my belly, so I was a little fearful of this particular activity!  But I continued to trust, and to blow into the sphere; but instead of getting larger it began to shrink, until it became a black crystal egg. the-big-black-wolf-eye-fire-dragon-pictureI continued to blow until the egg shrank and became a black faceted crystal, which reminded me of obsidian. I then held this for a moment and placed it in my third eye! It felt like I could see into the darkness! It was as though this particular process would go through different phases of activity, much like the formation of a physical diamond. The smaller the black energy became the more refined and concentrated it became.


11 layers of the diamond field.

I then saw the Uffington Dragon Hill and it felt like the information that is contained within the two diamonds was contained, and used, there.


Diamond-Field Symbol.

I think that this all a result of the download that left me feeling so sick on Sunday last. I had a terrible headache that nothing could shift. It made me feel so tired and nauseous that I went to bed. I knew it was energetic as I felt like my head was filled with visions I couldn’t hang on to. It felt like a massive download. My guides appeared and they apologised that this was painful but that it was necessary and that it would clear by the evening. I slept it off. And it was clear by the evening! I still felt rough for a couple of days but it wore off eventually, and then all of this new dragon information came in.

The eleven-diamonds field, creates an interesting picture of symbols; symbols that I have seen but didn’t understand! Now it is clearer. The diamond cross symbol feels like it stabilises the diamond layers.The entire field also looks like a Mayan pyramid, or an Egyptian step-pyramid. My guides later called them ‘Diamond suits’. Are they talking about clothes or cards? I don’t know, but I am interested to see what they do!

I’m not sure what connection the Black Dragon energy has to do with these two diamonds but they all came in at the same time. It’ll make sense one day!

Attunements: 3rd Level of the Artemis Temple

earthThe third sphere of the Artemis Temple path: At this level, you are completely focused on your work as a representative of the Divine Feminine/Masculine on the planet. Devotion is the main energy at this level.

Whichever Goddess temple, or Knight energy, you belong to, is who you represent when teaching and passing on the codes of light. You are connected to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of Teachers in other dimensions and to all intents and purposes you are their channel for energy on the physical planet. Their energy is contained in your consciousness, and your own Soul facilitates this because there is no separation.

At this stage, you again receive hathor_risingsymbol energies which allow you to directly communicate and receive information from the Energies you are energetically bonded to. You become the channel, and embodiment for that knowledge, wisdom, and frequency of healing love. You are still completely yourself, but you are more healed, more expanded and much wiser. All your personal desires are ‘quiet’ as you realise that it is the Mother’s Will which guides your actions and not your own. This applies to where you go, how you express your gifts, etc, but it does not mean that you lose yourself. You become more of yourself. What you create from this expanded self is far better than anything you could have created with your own desires alone.

Here, you understand completely why you are here doing what you are doing. There is no longer any resistance or fear for your future, because you trust your own Self. You KNOW that you have a job to do and you do it. You are your Divine Self on earth, and when you look back on your life and all the trials and challenges it took to get here, you realise that it all has been worth it and you would not change a thing.

You are still human, with human feelings and thoughts, but you know how to manage them and how to heal them, so they do not control your life or make you feel helpless and hopeless. You move through them, because you know that there is no other way.

But this is just the beginning of this sphere of development and as you progress through it, learning and teaching, you add more wisdom and more learning to it, more energies and more abilities. And on it goes.

We are the channels through which these ancient Goddess energies flow. The expression of the qualities of that goddess are ours as are the qualities of the Knights, and servers of the Mother, as they flow through men.

Divine Balance, in all things, is our mutual goal.

Ancient Lemurian Training.

b0003985I received this channelling in April 2007, while doing work with Chris Bishop in Cader Idris, Wales. What a phenomenal place! The channelling came from ancient Lemurians, which makes me slightly uncomfortable, as for me, the jury is still out on that particular civilisation.  However, I could not doubt what they were telling me because it made perfect sense, so I decided to suspend judgement. (Cader Idris feels like an ancient volcano). I wrote this, sitting on a rock beside a bottomless lake, high up in the mountain.

7th April 2007.

“In ancient times this cone of light kept the balance within this part of the world.

Lemuria once formed part of this ancient land and only now is it possible for humanity to have the Lemurian knowledge released into their world. They have reached this point of readiness just as we reached our developmental milestones. Only ‘time’ will tell whether humanity will use this knowledge for the good of their race or to their detriment.

All of the energies you work with here are Lemurian in origin. We worked with telluric forces, the forces of, and within, the Earth’s field. We are holding a lens up to you now so that you may more clearly see our world and how we utilised these energies.

Volcanoes were huge storehouses of power but the power was dependent on how we, as a culture, operated our energetic systems. We were very aware that the forces within and of the Earth could be very volatile and we needed to ensure that those who were proficient in working with the elemental Devas, and other forces of nature, were able to maintain this delicate balance. Only when this balance was disturbed did the rebalancing become necessary.b0003951

We worked hand in hand with Nature’s forces and this kept our world ‘alive’. It is only in coming to places such as this that it is possible for those sensitive enough to access the ‘memory energies’ of our civilisation. It is not a complicated ‘energy science’ but it does take a long time to develop the necessary skills. It is not a simple matter of attending university and, once the degree is attained, you are ready to work. No, it is a far more in-depth training which is needed.

Each student, recognised from birth, trained to a high level, EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES.  Their work required complete and utter dedication to the forces of light and to the forces of nature. Only in dedicating themselves ‘completely’ could they hope to attain the higher levels of training, which when reached meant they could then teach others. This was the goal. Each student learned the varied degrees and levels of energy required for a harmoniously balanced planet.

To reach this point, he had to reach these points in ‘his own personal development’. Only in doing this, on all levels, could he hope to understand the underlying unity of the planet and its place in the universe. Without this, there would be no ‘real’ understanding and the student could only progress so far.b0003943

Mother and son, Father and daughter, would work together in pairs. This ensured a knowledge of both balance and co-operation for, one day each student would be provided with a partner to work with and this ensured the correct energetic pairings. Although partners were chosen for them, the student could agree or not, and they would choose another match.

In many mystery schools, this was the normal practice as this ensured the balance between the emotional life and the energetic life. The emotions of romantic love, and all the trappings which go with it can act as an impediment to the work of harmonising the Earth’s core energetic state. This, although challenging, was an accepted part of the mystery school training.”

In many ways, our work with the Gaia Method works along similar lines to this ancient training, and it feels to me we are being taught this way of working so we can hold the earth in balance too. I experienced a powerful initiation here with the Goddess Artemis. It was life-changing, to say the least!

Access Attunements and Readings.

Each attunement/reading takes approximately five hours from the sending of the energies, to the writing up of the session.

Please include a photo when you email me for an attunement, reading or healing. This helps me to focus on you as if you were here in the room, and makes for a much more powerful experience.

To make payments easier, I have added credit/debit card payments. You don’t need to join Paypal in order to use it this way.

Gaia Method Earthways First or Second level

The First level attunes you to the Soul of the Earth, otherwise known as Sovereignty. You are given a name which represents your particular Goddess aspect, which you embody on earth. Men who receive an attunement are given a name too, and this can be the name of a God of nature or a personality from any of the stories of the servers of Humanity. The name given is an energetic representation of the work your Soul wishes to anchor on earth. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. The Second level, which is done at least a year later, connects you to the elements that your Soul resonates with, such as the sea, the mountains, the trees, the stars. It opens the channels that enable you to be their voice, in whatever way they wish to communicate. This could be through art, writing, music, etc. You also receive the anchoring of the Venus Grid which introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.


Gaia method One/Two plus individual flame/dragon attunement.

If you wish to have one of the other attunements at the same time as the main attunements, then there is a £10 discount for each additional attunement. If you want one additional attunement, then choose this box. Just let me know what additional attunement you want.


The Mantle and Flame of The Goddess Brigit.

There are a number of energetic expansions you can experience which allow your energy-field to hold more energy. This attunement will allow you to work directly with the fertility aspects of fire as the ancestors once did. In becoming attuned to the Brigit energy, you become aligned to the spring focus of fertility. The Mantle is about reclaiming ancient sites associated with spring fertility and learning how to work with them again for the benefit of all. The sacred flame is anchored into your energy field so you can become a channel for the Sun and for the fire in the earth. You can then light these fires, energetically, at sites where this was once done. That light then travels through the network of energy lines, bringing with it the promise of new life. This is the first in a series of attunements for the first level and includes a pdf giving information on both the Mantle of Brigit and the Flame. It also includes a guided meditation which you can use during Spring, and a shorter one you can use throughout the year and information on how to work with sites using the Brigit energy. As usual with all attunements, I also include a written report of the attunement you receive. If you would like more information on this attunement, please contact me for more details.



Madonna Light. Blue Flame Attunement

This anchors the Blue Flame of the Divine Mother into your energy field. Often, when the personality is about to face an important, developmental challenge, it needs extra energy in order to go through it. This attunement provides the energetic equivalent of maternal support and love, bringing peace to your human mind and heart. (Although the energy of Mary is used in this attunement, she is purely symbolic of the state of compassionate understanding and support). This flame also comes in the form of a blue mantle which can be used in ‘laying things to rest’ or bringing peace to a situation, or place. It is often used in human habitations, or places which were once used as sacred places but which now have no energetic, or social, function, such as ruins of old religious institutions: monasteries, cathedrals, etc. As usual, you need to be attuned to the First level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to work with these energies.


Tree Attunement

This is an attunement which imparts to you the energy of trees. In effect, you become a tree, able to work with other trees energetically and to communicate with the indwelling Dryad. You will easily recognise the conciousness of a dryad in the landscape; you will also develop a relationship with them, and learn to follow their instructions when they need to connect to each other in the way they need to connect. Working with trees is a magical experience that teaches you how to be strong and stable in the world and also to understand trees in a ‘tree-way’. Often, our own human emotions project our fear and longings into trees but their consciousness is different to ours. In working with them we learn how to be as accepting, and as understanding, as they are. Becoming a tree means that you can pull in energy from ‘above’ as well as from ‘below’, so you are fed on all levels. Trees are bridges between earth and sky, so in receiving this attunement you become a human tree. You need to have been attuned to the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways in order to receive this attunement.


Red Dragon Attunement.

This attunes your energy-body to the Red Dragon. Once you have the Red Dragon anchored in your field, your purpose becomes more focussed. The Red Dragon guides your path towards enlightenment and healing, filling your with the energy and vitality that allows you to heal your own sense of purpose and that of the world around you. The Red Dragon is your purpose, made manifest in the body of the dragon. It is your life’s blood, your raison d’etre, your soul path. If you allow it to guide you, you will find your sense of self expanding and growing, eventually transforming old beliefs and emotions and becoming a clearer version of yourself. The Red Dragon shows you what you need to heal and what will feed you and it will also show you what is not nourishing you.


Blue Dragon Attunement

Working with the Blue Dragon energy gives you the ability to work with sources of water, i.e. rain and storms. Without water, we cannot live, so this dragon gives us the ability to work with sites that ensure a water connection. Many ancient sites, and those which are not so ancient, are built on sources of water: underground streams, and rivers, for instance. Water ‘holds’ energy, so building a sacred site on top of a water channel ensures that the sacred energy built up through ritual, permeates the water, which then flows through the landscape, spiritualising the earth. Many stone circles were created close to a river for this reason. Water is fertility.


Gold Dragon Attunement

The Gold Dragon teaches you how to use wealth, but it is the wealth you use when working on behalf of the Earth Mother. When you are holding wealth on behalf of humanity, there are many lessons to learn. If you have issues around money, if you are afraid of it, if you have self-worth issues around it, this dragon will show you how to heal those fears. It is important, while working as an earth healer that you have the funds to allow you to travel and live. But, as usual, this wealth is not to make you filthy rich, it is for your work and spiritual goals, so long as they are in alignment with The Mother. The Gold Dragon will teach you how to do that.


White Dragon Attunement.

There are a few different frequencies of White Dragon. It’s energy works with all the elemental dragon energies and it can travel through all dimensional layers and earth lines. It is like a ‘spirit’ dragon, able to shift vibration depending on the task at hand, rather than being limited by its frequency as the others are. But it always works within the elemental dragon frequencies, meaning that it is still confined to nature. It is the higher form of all natural energies on the dragon dimension. It works on the Earth’s Soul level of creation so when changes are necessary, as part of the world’s Soul development, the White dragon brings inspiration from the Soul realm which influences humanity’s thinking, bringing new ideas and inspiration. As for all the attunements, you need to have, at least, the first level of the Gaia Method Earthways to receive this attunement.


Elemental Portal Attunement.

In order to receive this attunement you must already be attuned to the Second level of the Gaia Method Earthways. This attunement installs in your energy field the ability to work with, and anchor, Elemental portals in the landscape, and to use the portal energy in sending energy to others. The Elementals are nature spirits who maintain every growing thing. They ask those of you, willing to give of your time and energy, to work with them to help stem the tide of destruction and greed taking over the consciousness of humanity. Working with the Elementals, in this way, is a form of service, allowing us to build closer relationships with them so that together we can help bring the back the balance of life. As well as the attunement, you will also receive a manual and a write-up of the attunement, which may include additional energies which the Elementals think you might need to enhance your development or work.


Reiki One or Two

Your own personal healing journey is a vital component of Earthwork. Through learning to heal yourself, and thereby helping others to heal, you enable your energy body to hold more energies. Holding more energy allows you to do greater work. During the attunement, you may be given additional symbols/energies to help with your journey. Your guides know what you need. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Reiki Add-On with Gaia Method Attunement.

If you do not already do Reiki, but are doing a Gaia Method Earthways attunement and would like a Reiki attunement too. This gives a balanced Sun and Earth energy attunement. It is important, while doing earthwork, that your own personal healing continues. Reiki can help enormously in this respect, providing energetic support to your endeavours. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version, plus your certificate of completion and the manual. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Gaia Method One or Two with Reiki Booster

This attunement is for those who already have Reiki but wish to do a Gaia Method attunement and have a Reiki booster with it.


Reiki Booster

If you already have Reiki and wish to receive a Reiju, or Reiki booster. Reijus were the traditional Mikao Usui way of boosting your ability to channel the energy into your system. You may just wish to improve your channelling capacity or need an extra boost to help with a challenging situation in your life.


Distance Healing

These healings are sent in much the same way as attunements, although the symbols are added temporarily, and intuitively. I work with your guides and they instruct me as to what you need. This may be to overcome a challenging time, help with emotional struggles or to help deal with issues that arise with physical illness. Healing does not ‘fix’ a physical issue but it will lead you to the perfect people who can. Sometimes, these issues are past-life related, or they can be challenges your Soul has agreed to overcome. Whatever their source, the healing will bring clarity and succour. Please provide me with a picture of yourself, so I can tune into you while sending the energies. As usual, I will write up what I have sent, and will send it on to you via PDF or Word Document. If you would like to discuss your particular issues with me, please feel free to contact me (Contact page).


Soul Readings

This reading comes directly from your own Soul and Guides and often includes channelled information. For more information, please go to Soul Readings page. After an attunement, you will receive the written up version as either a PDF or Word doc. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


Past-Life Reading

This is a reading of a significant past-life that is pertinent to your current life. The records are taken from the Akashic Library, where all Soul-Records are kept. The reading often includes information on how that life-time effects this one, so you can begin to heal the issues consciously. The reading is written up and sent on to you either as a PDF or Word document, so you have a permanent record that you can refer back to. Please provide me with a picture of yourself so I can tune into you while sending the energies. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. (Contact me page).


 Once you have received the attunement, I am always available to talk to if you need any help or extra information. I will always do what I can to make sure you get the most out of the experience.

Once you have received your main first and second attunements, you can receive attunements whenever you feel you are ready for a new one. This gives you the extra keys and codes you need to further your work in the field.

As I am often asked for healing, I find that these healing sessions also tend to be attunement based, in that they add the necessary energies that you need, permanently into your field. So they can cost the same as the attunements themselves, although this is flexible for current Gaia Method Earthways practitioners.

In the UK, the attunements can be done in person or by distance transfer, either at a workshop, individual attunement or with a group at a sacred site.



Attunements. 2nd level.

The Second attunement introduces the Venus grid into your energy field. This is how my guides explained it:5-frankzumbach-etc

“In using this function the recipient allows a certain amount of ‘love’ energy to be transferred to the client or site. This stimulates the sending out of the same energy by them, healing the atmosphere and energy field.

In carrying this energy you become one of the many devotees of the Goddess. Your every action and thought leads to unification with the Divine Feminine consciousness so that, eventually, you can join in Holy Union with the Divine Masculine energy of the Sun and Sea, both masculine energies within the overall feminine divine energy. Awareness of your own part in the cosmic evolution of earth is bestowed on all who carry this matrix within their fields and who strive to work within the earthly realms of the Goddess in ‘form’. Her sites, her children, her creations are all in need of her succour and love and those who give their lives to this work are rewarded, many times over, with love and honour. Those who carry this energy can assist in the conscious evolution of the planet and her people and they are the divine repositories of ancient knowledge, following in the footsteps of the Ancient Ones, those priests and priestesses who gave their lives in service to the planet and all her people. Do this willingly and lovingly and your lives will change to become one of love and abundance as the Goddess loves all, leaving no soul untouched.”

The Venus Grid introduces the lessons of Love, in all its forms. Self-love, Soul-love, Love of Other, and love of the earth and all it contains. It shows you what Love is not, just as clearly as it shows you what it is and it teaches how to Love, in a soul/Goddess-focused way.

The grid can also be anchored by you in certain sites, according to your guidance, when Love is required, where it then fills the atmosphere with its healing and nurturing energies.

Additional energies are given with this attunement, specifically a symbol which connects you to your primary channels of communication and information, i.e. the sea, the earth, the upper cosmos, etc. Everyone has their own strengths of communication and sensitivity and this additional energy opens up the channels from where you receive your information. You could be a sea communicator, or work with trees, or animals, or you might be a psychic medium, clairvoyant etc. There is information contained in everything and this symbol gives you access to your particular channels.

You may also receive other energies during this attunement, depending on what your Soul requires for its development. This is a team effort, between your soul, my soul and both of our guides.

Once you have received this level, I give additional attunements, when you require them, which again build up your ability to work with these energies and expand your knowledge and awareness, further developing your sphere of Love.

For the second level attunement click here.

Gaia Method Symbols.

Here are a few more of the symbols/energies which you may receive. They can also be received during any other activation, during either the first or second level. If your guides know that you will not receive any more Gaia Method attunements, then they will give you the energies you need now.

Sometimes too, when I am passing a Reiki attunement, Gaia Method symbols are given. There are no hard and fast rules with energy!

Often, while passing an attunement, I will see information in the form of a symbol, which is meant as an energy of Purpose for that person.


Adam,The Perfected Man.

Adam, the Perfected Man, This symbol was received in Luxor and represents a man who is connected to his Divinity, while being solidly grounded, his legs firmly anchored to the earth and aware of his relationship to the Mother. He is perfectly balanced between Heaven and Earth, whole and healthy. He is not the Adam who was tempted by Eve.

He is the man who is fed by the Mother in Nature and values his relationship to her. He knows his place in the world and knows that all the abundance of the Earth is there for him. In recognizing the power of nature, and having respect for it, all his needs are met.




anchor-resizedThe Anchor is both a personal symbol and a working symbol. As a personal symbol, it tells us when we have to ‘stay put’, and firmly anchored in a place.


As a working symbol, it acts as an anchor point for different energies, both in bodies of water and in the earth. I usually see it as a gold anchor.





The Mirror of Isis.

The Mirror of Isis allows us to reflect on the past and to see how our past might create our future.


On a working level it is a deflector. Energy coming from one level of the earth’sfield, can be deflected by the mirror into other levels. (Weirdly, I found this website which spoke of an object which Akhenaten used. It was a light reflector. I would dismiss it except for the fact that the Mirror of Isis does the same thing, energetically, and my guides told me years ago, that many of our ‘symbols’ were, anciently, energy devices. Devices which were once physical but were no longer necessary as we could now use the energy thought-forms of the same devices. So who knows? ).



brigit's mantel

Brigit’s Flame/Mantle


Brigit’s Flame/Mantle is a symbol of protection. This symbolizes the mantle, or cloak, of the Goddess Brigit. It provides physical protection, in the form of food, shelter, water, heat, etc. The ‘hood’ or flame of the symbol can be either at the back of our head, protecting your ‘thinking’ from the thoughts of others, especially people who like to mentally control others, or if the hood is down, protecting your back, it is doing just that, protecting your body. While I was receiving this symbol, I was aware of a band of energy, which I could somehow tap into to get the energy of the symbol. Every time I thought of the symbol I was aware of this band. I really ‘got’ that the symbols were really just pictures of the particular energy we were accessing. The symbols just make it easier to do.


Goddess Cobra. The cobra is an energy that protects your feminine energy from out-of-balance male sexual energy. If you are developing as a representative of the Divine Feminine and you have experienced abuse in your past and have not yet healed it enough to protect yourself, this symbol gives you the feeling of safety and security from men who do not have their own sexual energy under control.  This applies equally to gay men, who might also have a well-developed female side and who have a history of abuse. It comes into effect when yu are doing energy-work and your Divine Feminine energy is accessible.



 The Whale.  The whale is able to work both in the water and the in the air, and so he can work within both elements. He is able to bring his thinking into the emotional realm, and vice versa. This symbol is also for people who have a direct connection to those denizens of the deep and their ability to communicate vibrationally above and below water, through sound.




The Volcano. Being attuned to volcanos is about the ability to channel powerful creative forces from deep in the earth into our world. Working with volcanic forces is also about being sensitive to older volcanic activity and the rocks which still hold that high intense volcanic energy, such as granite outcrops, etc. These places still contain the original energy of the volcano and so, they are places where it is possible to access other dimensional energies, such as those within the faery realm.


This isOpeness - Copy the energy of Openness. When we are opening to our guides and to incoming energy we often stand with our arms out, palms raised and open, facing up. This allows us to bring in the necessary energies, when we feel them, even if we don’t know exactly what they are.

Because you are attuned to this symbol, you automatically take this position when your body consciousness perceives that energy is about to be received. You will feel the need to stand in this position and when you do, the energies well flow into your field and into your crown centre. It is the position of priests/priestesses in the temple.


white dragon vortex keyThe White Serpent Vortex. This represents the White dragon key, but the dragon looks more like a long white serpent which comes in from a higher, elemental dimension than our 3rd dimension. It is a higher frequency of energy, which spins in your field. Often these vortices need to be anchored in places which are not physically on the ground, such as high in buildings, old castles or churches. Often, Gateway sites consist of two or more levels, and the white Vortex lies on the upper ones.



mer - CopyMer, the Sacred Hoe. This is a hieroglyph and is a sacred tool used to create the foundation lines in the building of temples in Egypt. First, the Pharoah measured out, with a golden cord, the plan of the intended temple, and then the foundation rut, was gouged out with the sacred hoe.

When we are creating sacred energetic structures, this is still the process we use, albeit in energetic form. As soon as you see this hoe in your mind’s eye, you will know that you are creating a geometric sacred space, and that the ‘structure’ will take time to complete, necessitating multiple downloads in different parts, and dimensions of space. Sounds complicated but it really isn’t!


Hathor - Copy


Hathor.  Becoming attuned to this symbol makes you a channel for the Goddess Hathor, Egyptian goddess of the Earth, much like the Irish goddess Brigit. You energetically ‘become’ her and while you are in her ‘mode’, everything you do is what she does! She is the Goddess of Earth fertility, feeding her ‘children’. She is Mother, who loves all. She is the physical Earth, out of which everything grows.




path to the sun - CopyPath to the Sun. This is a Purpose symbol, meaning it is another of those symbols which is a little like a ‘program’. It instils in you the desire to walk the path to the Sun, to a better life, to the fertility of the sun, to success, etc. It is the Solar horizon like the Aten, as worked with by Akhenaten. The meeting place of Heaven and Earth!




The Diamond Merkaba.

DiamantThe Diamond Merkaba is an attunement which allows you to work within the nine realms, or dimensions, of the Earth and its energy-field. Merkabas are vehicles of light, of different frequencies, allowing you to move in and out of specific frequencies and ‘worlds’ of vibration. They act as doorways into these worlds. You can anchor specific energies within these realms when guided to do so, so that they act within those dimensions or layers.

“The Diamond energies focus, with precision, the light of the Heart of the  Mother, in all of the ancient sacred places. In this way, the Matrix of the Mother-light can expand into the network of light around the world.’

“The pyramid is a diamond which surrounds your body. There is a point at each side of the body aligning you to the four directions. Each pyramid has its base, or foundation, at the Centre, where Heaven and Earth meet and join as One energy. (This is at your Earth Tan Tien) Focusing on it daily will raise the vibration of the body and allow certain connections with other spheres of existence. On a fundamental level, it is your connection to the ‘Elemental realm’. At the upper-most level, it is your connection to ‘All That Is’, or the Source. When all nine fields are active you can travel, at will, across the universe of energy; in and through, the planetary field.

When you travel together to distant sites we will assist you in connecting your Merkaba field with that of the site so that your energies become One with it and the dimensional energies necessary for its activation can be accessed and opened once again. This is a necessary part of the process and must not be forgotten.”

These are 9 levels that you can expand into with this Merkaba, and each one focuses it’s energies on a different level.20150803_080211_thumb.jpg

  1. Elemental layer. This is the physical world, the world of plants and physicality. The World of the Elemental energies which create our natural world.
  2. This is a ‘Light’ level, just filled with light. A much finer frequency than the very physical first level.

3. This is the ‘Crystal’ level, the crystals we work with, in the landscape! The whole field becomes crystalline

4. This is the level of level of ‘Neptune’ and the sea. Here you work with the ‘water’ platonic solids which connect to each other via the sea, the Elemental Beings of Water and with the Collective Unconscious of humanity.

5. The fifth level is the level of Archetypal symbols and knowledge. Energy as symbols lives in this layer. When we see Gods and Goddess energy this is where they ‘live’. We take from this field when we use their energy and when we use symbols of any kind. Symbols are pictorial representations of different kind of energies and thoughtforms.

6. This level is the Spider Woman level at the core of the earth. Her energy runs through the planet in red and black lines. These lines continue out into space so that the earth is held in a universal web. These are the webs of creation and energy which feed the living planet.

7. The seventh layer is the Heart layer, the heart of the Mother and is part of the band of energy which runs around the planetary field.

8. The eighth level seems to be more of an Angelic-ish level. I found myself anchoring energies and creating lines with this level.

9. This level seems to be the Gold layer, our/the Earth’s connection to All That Is!


Once we have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies we can then anchor the necessary energies into any one of these layers. It also gives you access to stellar energies which can then also be connected to specific points around the planet. If you are prompted to expand the Diamond Field to a particular level, when you are working on a site, then you just follow the prompt using your breath and/or your hands to expand it to whichever level it requires.

Once you have been attuned to the Diamond Frequencies you will receive the manual and instructions in how to work with it.






Diamond merkaba image:



Tree Attunements.

2006-05-10 12.32.35A tree attunement is an attunement to the essence of tree consciousness. You do not literally become a tree, although that would be nice, but you do become the energy of Trees. This is because the heart energy of Trees can be downloaded into your system, via a ‘centre to centre’ link, where I feed you the essence of Trees, as I was fed by trees.

This is a little difficult to explain, but it began with a Dryad, in Coldridge Woods, in Wiltshire, in May 2006, where I had been doing an archaeological survey on an Iron Age Banjo enclosure. The tree grew in the woods, which had grown up around the settlement. I had taken a friend up there as I was training her in Reiki.

About a couple of hundred meters beyond the settlement site, lay the remains of a Roman Villa, which I was also surveying, with a colleague from Winchester University. We often field-walked this site, picking up bits of pottery and other Roman remains. Having taken my friend to the Banjo enclosure, and introducing her to the energies there, we went to do some field-walking on the Villa Site. On the way we passed a large old beech tree. Its energy ‘felt’ different and to me it felt like an old, wise man. We sat at the base of the tree and tuned in, but nothing happened, so we got on with our plan to field-walk.

Returning from the field we passed the tree again and this time we sat at the roots and tuned in again, just in case… My personal guide (spirit), Standing Bear, appeared and I felt his energy move into mine, blending like ink in water. Then I ‘saw’ a tube of energy move from my Hara/centre into the centre of the Tree; into its heartwood. Standing Bear told me that it might feel a little uncomfortable for a while. I always hate when he says that , as it usually an understatement!cosmic tree

I sat, while the liquid tree energy, its sap, flowed through this umbilical cord and into my centre, feeding me. I had to remain sitting in place until this stopped. When it was finished, the tube retracted, pulling back into my body, and I could leave.

This experience made me think more like a tree, just Being, plus being able to stand still, when I need to, rather than feeling I have to do something all the time. Trees help just by being there. They don’t go uprooting themselves when someone else screams for help. It’s not the tree’s responsibility to heal everyone, but it heals with its energy just by being itself, and sharing that energy with others. They are rooted in the earth, but their branches stretch high into the sky, touching the sun, and sky. They are capable of reaching deep into the earth, for nourishment, and high into the sky. Energetically this means that you can access the deep Earth layers and the upper vibrational layers of the Earth’s magnetic field, and higher dimensions.  You can access the higher dimensional energies and bring them deep into the Earth.

But that is not as easy as it seems. It takes hard, emotional work, to be like a tree. It is in our nature to rescue, to become involved, to save. But, in being a tree we have to learn to witness, while knowing that the work you do in not rescuing, not saving, not becoming involved, is just as valuable. It takes huge amounts of trust, and letting go of the pain, when others do not understand what we are doing. All they may see is our ‘abandoning’ behaviour, or our lack of caring. But we care very much. We witness it all, knowing that our standing still is doing more good than saving. We are allowing others to grow into their strengths, through their hard choices and difficulties. It is not everyone’s path to be a tree, as others have their own tasks with humanity, but for a person aligned with the energies of nature, that is often the way.

We use our ‘roots’ to hold human emotional energy and then root it someplace else, so that healing may happen. We are using our energy to heal, to create connections between other sites and other trees, to bring healing and balance to different areas, just like in my first experience with an ancient Yew tree. And it all happens through the earth.

My guides explained our Treeness like this:

The Tree.danebury-tree.jpg
When you began this journey you were but a speck in the ocean, a seed of creation, full of potentials yet unformed.
Today you stand as a tree, your potential grown and blossoming for all to see. You now bear the fruit of other’s potential in your branches. The fruit of your tree contains the seeds, which will one day mature into other trees and they, in their turn, will bear fruit which contain seeds of potential.
In this life you have grown and matured. You have moved through obstacles as you tried to root yourself in stony ground, which became your foundation. As you grew, you grew in strength, your roots trying to find the fertile soil of experience, which lay between the rocks and stones of your surroundings. Your branches ever sought the light of the sun, and the nurturing rain, which fell on your leaves. You expanded ever upwards, trying hard to grow no matter what the odds.

And here today, you stand connected. Your branches nourished by the soil/earth and stones. You have grown into a mighty oak, strong and tall, aware of the mighty currents which sweep through your branches. You stand solid and rooted, straight and true.
We ask you now to provide the fertile soil for the seeds which will fall from your tree, seeds which will need to develop the qualities of strength, love, joy and abundance.
Let nothing sway you from this task. Allow it to fill you, lighting every facet of your life until all that you do radiates life. Let the cells of your body become the repository of joy, not pain, love rather than hate. Let your life radiate the qualities of the tree, steadfast, nourishing and bountiful.
This is our wish for you today. Seek not without for the answers but within, for there you will find the seeds of creation which you will sow, and there too the light with which to nourish them.
Stand tall and be seen.

Flame Attunements.

385245_10151359587957417_735266229_nFlame energies are of a particular vibration and therefore each have their own function. The flame energies are often associated with other energies, such as the Brigit Mantle, or the Madonna Light. We use the flames as an energetic moxibustion in the landscape. Moxibustion, when used on the body, is a little dried plant material which is burned close to the skin. Its purpose is to warm and invigorate the flow of chi in the meridians, energy-channels, of the body. It also clears the meridians of energies which create blockages, leading to ill-health. 

When we use flames in the landscape we are doing the same thing, but in a much bigger way. And we are doing them with energy, rather than with physical fire. Depending on what the site needs, whether it be a rejuvenating or a clearing of old historic energies, the flames can be small or large. In some places, especially at the gateway points at the intersection of land and sea, flames are created in triangular formation, bridging three different and often quite distant points. At each point, or corner of the triangle, (the triangle is a gateway through which higher frequency energy and information can flow), a flame of a different frequency is anchored. The combined three flames create one larger flame, made up of the three frequencies, but distinctly ‘itself’. These triangle formations can be at the sea/shore gateway of a main meridian or can join three hilltops, where ancient rites were carried out and which might still be in use today as places of religious pilgrimage. Where triangles are created, and they are not only created with flames, they act as a doorway through which healing energies can enter the physical plane. 

While working with the elemental energies of the earth you are working within energy layers, both above and below the earth’s surface. The deepest level is the core of the earth, which is black. Then there is the fire/lava level. Above that is blue/water level and the next level is the level of Nature/green. Closest to the earth is the Ruby/Magenta layer; above that the Diamond layer and above the Diamond layer is the Amethyst layer. Flames can be connected to any one of these layers, upper to lower.

When flames are anchored at sacred sites, you have no conscious control over where they go, or what frequency they are. You just see them appear, in your mind’s eye, on the spot where they are needed. They can be in the sea, in rivers, lakes, buildings, caves, quarries, or anywhere in the landscape. They are usually connected to energy lines in the earth, or to the huge meridians which travel through the planet.

Flame energies are often teamed with other energies connected to certain divine archetypes. The Brigit flame is teamed with the green mantle. The Madonna Light is teamed with the blue mantle; the flame of Neptune is paired with the trident, flames anchored in Egypt are usually anchored, in temples with the  Wadj sceptre. The flame rises into the upper layers of the earth’s energy field, but the mantle is laid on the ground, layering that frequency. 

Receiving any of these Flames gives you the ability to access the layer to which each flame corresponds, and to be influenced by it.

Here are the flames, which I currently anchor:, in respect to earth-energy layers. I also do other flame energies, which I received form other people, but these are done as a separate, requested attunement, and are not part of the Gaia Method system per se.


The Blue/Sapphire Flame, which is associated with the nurturing energies of Mary (AS archetypal Mother), and water (the emotional energies of the planet), is anchored in the base chakra.


brigit flame

The yellow/Amber Flame, is associated with the Goddess Brigit. It is connected to the Fire (fiery creation) level of the Earth. This brings life and creative-energy to a place, and to you. It is usually anchored in your sacral centre.


sea-green flameThe Green/Emerald Flame is a Flame of Nature’s Creations, it can be anchored in any chakra. It inspires us to work with the nature elementals, which includes animals, even if we don’t know that we are doing that, and to create places of beauty within nature, and in such a way that it benefits the earth, rather than detracts from it.


clip_image002[3]The Magenta/Ruby Flame is the flame of the Mother’s Heart. It is, literally, the Heart of the Mother, and contains all the Love which Mother Earth has for us.



blue flameThe White flame is associated with Neptune/Poseidon and therefore is a sea-connection flame. It is anchored on the shore or in places where there is a sea connection.

It is often laid as a white cloak on the ground, representing snow and ice. It forms a pure, protective layer on the ground within a sacred space, and just as plants are dormant beneath the snow, it is only a matter of time before they re-emerge, green and beautiful. In this aspect it is a ‘dormant’ energy. 

amethyst flameThe Amethyst Flame is usually anchored above the field, and is connected to higher thoughtforms of humanity. It is like the crown chakra of the planetary body and so, with this in our field we can access these higher thoughtforms and bring them into our lives and into the planet to positively influence the future of mankind.

The Madonna Light Attunement. Blue Flame.

5b753be85e6ae77b3ec1fca13689963d The Madonna Light is a frequency of light which my guides describe as:

 “A frequency of light designed to quench the thirst of all those who seek replenishment. It is an energy frequency of the ‘higher nature’ and brings knowledge, as well as reassurance, to the indwelling Soul.

Many times, when the Soul is seeking knowledge, knowing it’s path is that of ‘Seeker’, it may feel anxiety building in the personality. The Madonna Light helps to reassure. It helps the personality to feel excited about the new path opening up before it and it helps the Soul to influence the personality in a calm, directed way. In this way, no splits occur and both soul and personality move forward as One. This energy looks like a soft lilac-blue mantle, a soft caressing mantle of the Mother. It surrounds the energy body, protecting it from outside influences which could lead it astray and therefore add to its anxiety.

Although it is of a high frequency, when placed within the energy field, it slows the molecules down, calming their ‘excited’ state. In this way, the fused personality can ‘slough off’ any unnecessary beliefs. Beliefs which are no longer a part of its pathway.”

I have experienced this anxiety many times in the past when I knew it was time for me to move forward in my spiritual development. I can remember enric monserday vidalfeeling anxious each time I had another attunement, or experienced another initiation, because I was afraid to lose what I already had, like my relationship, friends, job, etc. However, anxiety notwithstanding, I went through it as it felt more important than the loss that it might create. I also found that, because I had changed, my fears were no longer an issue and I let go easily of the things and relationships that I no longer needed. “When love is your guide, there is no room for fear“.

This can also be helpful when you are about to embark on a new life path. It can feel exciting, but also scary. The soul knows that this new path will challenge the personality, especially if this new path is significant in terms of your future development. But the use of the mantle helps you to get through the challenges posed.

This mantle, once installed in your field, also gives you the ability to use it while doing Planetary fieldwork. I have often laid this ‘mantle,’ which literally looks like a blue cloak, on the ground of a sacred site, usually in the ruins of an old Cathedral/temple. I have also used it here in Luxor in my home. That was a surprise at the time, but when I thought about it, it made sense because we were dealing with ‘lots of personality Wills’, all of which needed to be moving in the same direction, without too much resistance!

Although it is called the Madonna Mantle, it is not necessarily related to ‘Mary’. It is more symbolic of the mother’s love when you are attempting to move into unfamiliar waters and need some reassurance; knowing that Mother’ is there watching and waiting while you take your first steps.

This is what the Madonna Light gives you, the guidance of love.

Top image: “The Ravensburg Madonna of Mercy”, by ~LordShadowblade.

Bottom image: The Crowning of a Mother—Enric Monserday Vidal (1850-1926)