REIKI Attunements.

I offer Reiki attunements to Master level, but the attunements often also include Gaia Method symbols/keys if that is magical-lotuswhat your soul needs. As I also have learned many other Reiki modalities in my journey to the Gaia Method, you might also receive any of these. As usual, it is very much your soul’s needs which dictate what symbols you receive. You don’t need to be a Gaia Method Healer to receive any of the Gaia Method symbols either. If I am passing an attunement and your soul shows me that you need to receive any of the Gaia Method symbols/energies, or any other energies, then I give them.

The attunement is what it is.

Whether you receive a distant attunement or an in-person attunement, you will receive a written copy of the attunement and the energies you received. You will also receive a certificate with the additional energies, if any, also recorded. You can receive the Reiki manual as a PDF download by clicking on the ‘print and pdf’ button below the manual page post.

For distant attunements:

Reiki levels 1 and 2:  £30.

Reiki Master/Teacher:  £75.


Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada,Egypt

If you want to receive regular, or extra, Reiki attunements, to increase your ability to channel, or to move through a particularly tricky issue: £10 per attunement.

If you want me to send you a Reiki attunement along with your Gaia Method Attunement, just add £10 extra to the cost of the Gaia Method attunement.

Use this link for easy payments via paypal.

There is no extra charge for additional symbols that I am guided to send you as part of your Reiki attunement, and as usual, I am always available for support. Sometimes I am guided to send you energies, at any point after your attunement. which you have not asked for and if this happens there is no charge. Your soul and your guides know what you need. It’s not always about money!

Next year I will be offering personal training in the beautiful Sahl Hasheesh, on the Red Sea Riviera, so if you are interested in combining a sunny holiday with personal Gaia Method/Reiki training, just let me know!

Trips to Luxor will also be available for Gaia Method training.

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