The Elven Realm.

PicsArt_1438588377903 - Copy - CopyIt is our privilege and great joy to be here with you here today. Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are of the Elven realm, the realm that exists between your world and the world of the Devic Lords. It is our work you see all around you in the form of birds and bees and all flying creatures. Insects too are part of our creation. For this reason, ‘fairies’ are often believed to have wings. People who are sensitive to our energies have seen us work and believe that we are winged but we are not. We have no discernable form but can be seen ,or rather perceived, by those who have the ability and the gifts.

The waterways and fish are ruled by other energies, energies more akin to the water sprites, part of our greater family but distinct nonetheless.

It is no accident that you find yourself in contact with us. This has been pre-arranged and you know of our energies from our many previous adventures together.

In those times when you see our messengers in the sky, you are tuning into our energy thoughts and this way we guide you. (Birds!)

We have an ancient pact with humanity, which the majority have failed to honour. Now it is time that that pact was renewed. In order to do that, humanity needs to be made aware of our existence once more. Working with us entails making changes and many things will need to be sacrificed. However, many new things will come into being.

In the days to come we will visit you often and show you the ways in which we work.PicsArt_1438588582799 - Copy - Copy

Each layer of energy, the earth ‘gnomes’ the water ‘sprites, the ‘elves’ and Devic Lords, works as part of the whole to maintain the balance on the planet.

In order to maintain this balance we have to work as a unit yet focus on our individual energetic responsibilities and creativity. Humans need to learn to do likewise, as they did before. And in this way, balance will be achieved.

Do your best now to work within the infrastructure of energetic boundaries. You, as a human, can learn to access the energies of all the Devic Realms, if you so choose. Ask and you will receive. Put into practice all that you learn there and we can all work together as a complete unit.


3 thoughts on “The Elven Realm.

  1. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this! ❤ I really love working with elves and plant spirits, their energies are wonderful.


    • Me too!!!! It really is a completely other world, isn’t it? Makes me so much more aware of what a disaster we are making of ours! Thank goodness we have them to teach us how to make it a better one!:-)


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