Live a more Earth-Centered Life.

B0004173We have witnessed many changes on the earth but none are so potentially catastrophic as the changes now being wrought. Being unavailable to the demands for change means ignoring the warning signals being sent to you from all quarters. The destruction wrought by Hitler, Stalin, Polpot and others is nothing compared to the complete destruction which threatens the planet. The only way this can be avoided is to completely change your mode of living. There are many technologies out there which work in harmony with the planet’s energy fields. Technologies which, if used correctly, could stem the tide of planetary destruction. This technology is designed to balance out the earth’s magnetic fields, like Tachyon. But in order for it to be effective it must be used!

Enhancing modern life requires sacrificing old methods of using power. Wind generated energy is effective and cheap, as is solar power, when not monopolised by large companies. Cutting down on carbon-fuel emissions is also possible by moving to more efficient and cleaner fuels which do not waste the planet’s resources.

In order for these methods to be successful you must all begin to invest in them. Thinking about it is only the first step, acting on it is the second! Step two must follow step one if the changes are to occur.PicsArt_10-20-08.46.39gd

In serving the planet you must also take the step to physically support it. Energy work on its own is not sufficient. This is where your new step is leading. In combining efficient energy usage with planetary healing and earth activations you are ensuring the continuing survival of your planet.

Branch out now and create a new structure for your lives based on ecological awareness and energy work. Surfing the Net will not save the world but growing a field full of beans may! Use your resources wisely and you will see a change come to the world. The world wide web is only a tool but there are many more. Be balanced in your life and soon you will see the results.

Harvest your beans and watch your dreams take flight.

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