The Battleground.

Received in 2005.

PicsArt_01-04-04.15.49An ancient rule is coming to an end. The forces of light and dark are engaged in the Battle of the Ages. Allowing for time distortions this battle will conclude when all that are locked into old paradigms will begin to see a loosening of old ties and beliefs. This will allow all old belief systems to crumble and fall. New systems will then be enabled, and new ways of thinking and acting will ensue. New discoveries in the field of science will enable newer systems to be reversed so that these new discoveries can be manifested for the benefit of the whole of humanity.
The world is about to be turned on its head. This will bring fear and confusion but will ultimately result in a new way of being. New ways of working with the land will be created, based on the knowledge of the ancients.

Try not to guess the outcome of these events as the future will depend on those who remain to create it anew! They will result in many souls leaving the planet but it is for those who remain to decide how they wish to continue.

The world is about to receive a wake-up call. The shock waves alone will leave many in disbelief but those of you who have been warned of these impending events will be able to support those less able to cope.

All is in Divine order and all is going to plan. This will precipitate a series of events in which people will struggle for understanding. The world will never be seen in the same way again. A new template will be anchored during these events allowing the new energies to begin their work of stabilising the earth’s crust. This is where you come in. Your work now will help to stabilise the planet’s magnetic field so that all who are aligned with the earth’s field will progress much faster and allow for a clean break with societies conventions.

These world events will show people that progressing materially, while ‘stealing’ from the planet, destabilises the very support they need to exist here.
This will show them, and things will change. They will have to, there is no other choice.
We leave you now to contemplate our words.
Fear not. All is in Divine order.

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