Male and Female Manifestation Technique.

Female manifesting technique; for when you want to find out what path to manifest.

earth's womb


 “Try your hand at believing that all good comes from the Mother. Place your thoughts in her womb that they might grow into physical creations. Imagine that all you desire to come about already resides in etheric form within the body of the Earth. See it existing, not just in your 3d reality. Bring your awareness then into the female creative function of the Earth and allow your dreams to grow there. Then allow your ideas to take root within that dream until they blossom forth into your physical reality. Let us show you how:”


Go into a quiet space and open yourself up to your soul’s guidance. This is done with intention. Not knowing your goals allows for creative possibilities in your life, a chance to correct your current direction. Ask your Soul/higher Self to show you what your next goal is, then wait, keeping yourself open to what images or thoughts pop into your mind. Sometimes your personal guide will appear and show you. Allow your imagination to explore the possibilities. Try to be as imaginative as you can be, do not censor ideas as they come to you, just follow their trail. Allow the energy of will and desire, plus adventure and exploration to be your guide during this process. Imagine all possibilities. When an idea or vision is shown to you, and sometimes it will be exactly what you want to have, ask that you be shown the first couple of steps that you will need to take in order to achieve that goal. Sometimes the first step might be to do something and sometimes it might mean you have to change your thinking, but whatever it is know that it is the first step in that new direction of your Soul.


Male manifestation technique;  For when you know what it is that you wish to create on a material level.

two-hands-glow-globeImagine that you are holding in your hands a sphere of light. This sphere of light is a thought from the mind of god (Universe, Source etc). This is important to remember as it means that the possibility of your desire already exists in the mind of god and only needs you to activate it!

While holding your sphere imagine what it is that you want and see it in the sphere. Imagine yourself already having what you desire. See every aspect of it, see how you might be enjoying having it, how it feels, how it might benefit your life. Put as much positive feeling into this visualisation as you can. Feel how it will feel to have what you desire.


When you have done this for a few minutes start to empower the sphere with healing energy until it begins to get brighter and brighter. When you feel you have charged the sphere enough allow it to float into the air and high into the sky, back to the mind of God where it originated. See it blending with God and then let it go.  It will manifest quite quickly depending on what you have created.

When you have ‘seen’ what is in your mind and you desire to create that picture, place it in your sphere of light, charge it with energy then imagine that it is moving deep into the Earth, into the Mother’s womb. Allow it to take root there, like a fertilised ovum.  Allow it to gestate, noting the changes in your thinking as what you desire begins to take shape in your world.


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