Activating the Hara at Sacred Sites.

I’m slowly adding meditations and exercises to YouTube and working on making guided meditations, with dragons, elementals, crystals etc.

This one is a short exercise my guides suggested I post, for those of you who work with sacred/energy sites. It never occurred to me to connect to the Hara line of a site but it makes absolute sense.

Since that last work with the churches I haven’t had much to do, except for writing, and doing readings, so I imagine they are giving me the opportunity to expand into something even more useful.

I am also developing structured six-month courses on different aspects of the Gaia Method Earthways so I will post these when they are available. They will include meditations, exercises and ongoing development, building your skills. You can do as many, or as few, as you feel drawn to. They will involve monthly catchup on Zoom or another platform so that you feel supported in your journey and can share with others what you are learning. It’s good to have support, even if you are a solitary worker. You can, of course, not do the Zoom meetings if you don’t want to. Whatever you choose to do is fine by me.

In the meantime, I hope you find the existing exercises helpful.

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