The Dark Knight.

“This is the meaning of the dark Knight, the cumulative forces of darkness manifested in one man. He challenges the Light, challenges it to grow. The flame will then either be extinguished or will grow and overcome the darkness inside.clip_image002[6]

We all have this dark knight within us, for we cannot grow without him. Many of you on this spiritual path do not wish to acknowledge the truth of his existence. You stay in the light so that the darkness cannot be touched. It can remain, dark and brooding, hidden inside you. How can you grow if you do not acknowledge your ‘Dark knight’?

It is an illusion to think that the light alone can feed you. How can the Light alone, the higher frequencies, draw you further along your path? It cannot, without its counterpart, the Dark. The Dark forces you to acknowledge your weaknesses and to put them to rights. It challenges your assumptions, your belief that all is goodness. All is not goodness, all is in temporary balance, active for periods of time.

In holding the Light you must become proficient in working with the Dark. This is true balance. Holding both energies in the palms of your hands. Light is Dark and Dark is Light.There is no other way.

Design a way now that all beings can begin to take hold of this reality. That they can, for once, recognise that everything they are holds the energies of dark and light. Only is so doing can peace be restored. It will no longer be possible for humanity to oppress those they consider to be  ‘Devils’ for they will see that the devil is indeed themselves. They are both the Light and the Dark. This is the way forward.


When people see that having so called ‘negative’ experiences are part of the experience on this world they will no longer fear it and run towards the Light, bringing their fears with them, turning it into darkness. Then they run from this darkness again and the cycle continues.

Try now to imagine a world where light and dark are on equal wavelengths. Where the observance and acceptance of both is the norm. This is the vision we want to instil in you. The perfect balance between the forces of good and ‘bad’. These opposing forces then become allies in this game of life, as it has done in yours. We do not say that this is easy, for we are fully aware that it is not, but it is obtainable.


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