Flame Attunements.

385245_10151359587957417_735266229_n During any attunement you might be gifted with the anchoring of a flame energy in one of your 7 main chakras, as per the Indian chakra system. Each flame, which is anchored in your energy-system, can then either be placed in the landscape, when you are called to do that, or gifted to another person, as an attunement, if you have been given the Master Level symbols in any of the Reiki systems.

While working with the elemental energies of the earth you are working within energy layers, both above and below the earth’s surface. The deepest level is the core of the earth, which is black. Then there is the fire/lava level. Above that is blue/water level and the next level is the level of Nature/green. Closest to the earth is the Ruby/Magenta layer; above that the Diamond layer and above the Diamond layer is the Amethyst layer.

The flame energies correspond to these layers, but they can be placed in your field in any chakra, depending on your own energy-field will interact with the energies.

When anchoring flames in the landscape they can be small or huge, and they also be created in triangles, a flame of a different frequency at each corner. When done in this way the combined flames create one larger flame, made up of the three frequencies, but distinctly ‘itself’.

When flames are anchored at sacred sites, you have no conscious control over where they go, or what frequency they are. You just see them appear, in your mind’s eye, on the spot where they are needed. They can be in the sea, in rivers, lakes, buildings, caves, quarries, or anywhere in the landscape. They are usually connected to energy lines in the earth, or to the huge meridians, which travel throughout the planet.

When you are receiving a flame attunement, and once again it is something I have no conscious control over, some people receive them, some do not. Some get them in one attunement and others at subsequent attunements or activations. When I do an attunement I am acting as the transmitter of energies and I just pass on what your guides give me for you.

The flame energy is also seen as a mantle, or cloak, and can be used at sacred sites as such. As a flame it is rising into the upper layers of the earth’s energy field, but as a cloak it is often laid on the ground within sacred sites, adding, on the ground level, that particular frequency. As such, it is layering a frequency onto the physical earth, usually in a site which was originally dedicated to an aspect of Divinity.

Receiving any of these Flames gives you the ability to access the layer to which each flame corresponds, and to be influenced by it.

Here are the flames, which I currently anchor:, in respect to earth-energy layers. I also do other flame energies, which I received form other people, but these are done as a separate, requested attunement, and are not part of the Gaia Method system per se.


The Blue/Sapphire Flame, which is associated with the nurturing energies of Mary (AS archetypal Mother), and water (the emotional energies of the planet), is anchored in the base chakra.



brigit flame

The yellow/Amber Flame, is associated with the Goddess Brigit. It is connected to the Fire (fiery creation) level of the Earth. This brings life and creative-energy to a place, and to you. It is usually anchored in your sacral centre.



sea-green flameThe Green/Emerald Flame is a Flame of Nature’s Creations, it can be anchored in any chakra. It inspires us to work with the nature elementals, which includes animals, even if we don’t know that we are doing that, and to create places of beauty within nature, and in such a way that it benefits the earth, rather than detracts from it.



clip_image002[3]The Magenta/Ruby Flame is the flame of the Mother’s Heart. It is, literally, the Heart of the Mother, and contains all the Love which Mother Earth has for us.




blue flameThe Diamond-White flame is associated with the Goddess Aphrodite,and the Goddess Brigit.

It’s frequency is Purity, and it is linked to Venus and the feminine aspect of the sea. It is the power of the feminine in the collective unconscious.It is often laid as a white cloak on the ground, representing snow and ice. It forms a pure, protective layer on the ground within a sacred space, and just as plants are dormant beneath the snow, it is only a matter of time before they re-emerge, green and beautiful. In this aspect it is a ‘dormant’ energy. This too can be anchored in any chakra. Or it can be planted in areas which have a connection to the sea, or in the sea itself, close to land.

amethyst flameThe Amethyst Flame is usually anchored above the field, and is connected to higher thoughtforms of humanity. It is like the crown chakra of the planetary body and so, with this in our field we can access these higher thoughtforms and bring them into our lives and into the planet to positively influence the future of mankind.

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