For Accessing the Knowledge Held at a Site.

corfebwWhen entering a sacred space in nature, or one which you know has been a sacred space before, this technique helps you to easily access the knowledge left there by the ancestors.

When you are the site ask permission from the ‘guardians’ and then focus on your energy field. Place your attention on the energies of the site and imagine that the energy of your field/Aura is vibrating at the same rate as the energy of the site. Your field, and that of the site’s, have become one blended energy and with intention, you can ask that all of the knowledge and wisdom contained in this site is now One with your field, as you are sharing the same energy. Imagine that all the little particles of light information contained in the site are now dancing in your field and can be accessed by you on all levels so that you can know the information.

When you feel ready just ‘disconnect’, seeing yourself as your own field within the greater one of the site, but now filled with the ancient knowledge of the ancestors. Give thanks in whatever way you feel moved to. Often, just the accessing of this knowledge is thanks enough as your guides/soul already know your intention for accessing it in the first place and are glad to share with you.

The information will filter into your consciousness through writing, art, channelling, or ‘knowing’, etc. However you usually receive information and knowedge from your guides!

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