Creating your safe World.

surrender-1024x683As things begin to feel darker for us in the world it is important that we manifest a belief that we are safe, that we are nurtured and that all that we are is secure. The beliefs of mankind are manifesting in ever more chaotic ways so it is important to create a reality in which we feel free and safe to be our whole selves.

This is a technique that my guides gave me in order to do this:

Roll up in a ball and imagine that you are safe in your mother’s womb. Touch the walls of this space and feel how secure and warm they are. Now imagine that you are outside of this womb and out in the freedom of nature and space. Fill yourself up with this feeling of freedom and fearlessness. See this bigger, outside space as something that feeds your soul and gives you energy, just as you received these things inside your mother’s womb. See the world as a giant womb, safe, nurturing and complete. This reality will manifest in your emotional body and in your consciousness so that you are contained by the energies of nature whilst going through your releasing work.

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