A Spark Of Light.

I have been struggling with heart palpitations over the last couple of weeks. My heart beats strongly enough to make me feel ‘rocked’. I asked upstairs what was causing it, and they said, apart from unconscious issues around Father, and having to ‘do as I am told’, it was also to do with the amount of salt I eat.

I asked my good friend Cheryl to ask as well, without telling her anything and she came back with the same answer, Salt! Plus another developmental issue that I won’t go into here.

So, having had this info, I realised that I now had the answer as to why so many people in Upper Egypt die of heart attack and stroke! They drop like flies. I have never seen anything like it. They eat a massive amount of salt and really bad quality oil from the government. I can’t even eat that oil as it gives me massive cramps!

And the salt issue? Well, Egyptians live off the stuff. They pile it into everything. The older generation of Egyptians, those now in their in 80’s and 90’s, didn’t have that problem. They are fresh butter and cheese, and didn’t have processed foods, like ‘stock cubes’ which are full of salt here.

So now I had my answer. I really should know better by now, not to ask questions like that, because invariably I get the answer and it is usually painful!

The exercise from my guides, which follows, speaks to the challenge of living a life that is in some way, difficult and which needs extra help from the Universal field of energy. Energy, which is there for the taking, giving us extra mileage and extra light, even in the darkest of times and places. If you need an extra kickstart then use this. It will change how you see your world and show you how to change it to one you want to live.

Sometimes the challenge of living a Soul Life, can take its toll on our personalities and bodies, so here is the exercise that will fill us with energy again, if done regularly. It is very simple, but I have been using it and it has helped me to recognise where ‘I’ feel stuck or powerless when my soul is directing my life. This is what my guides said about it:

“How valiantly the Soul struggles to survive, even though the body tires of its incessant demands. How weary is the heart that pulses its life throughout the physical system, and how unmet demands have weakened it. Try this:

A measure of Light, filtered through your consciousness; a particle of Light seeded in your heart, bringing renewed vigour, pulsing its life through and beyond.

Feel the light flowing through your veins, lighting up your physical cells and molecules, quickening them, expanding them, until all is light.

Then let that light expand all around you until your surroundings are filled with it.

See how much light is generated from one little spark?”

I read through this message quite a few times and realised that the answer to my heart issue was about  far more than Salt! On some level I am not expressing my whole self, not allowing myself to be who I am, creatively and in my life. That is most women’s lot in this culture, and even in our own Western Culture. Feeling unfree to live freely. So, I will see how things change, after using this exercise, and let you know.

And if you use it too, let me know.


Woman’s Declaration of Independence. Channelled.

10367737-ancient-parchment-with-the-image-of-dragons-object-isolated-over-white-stock-photoThis came in a few nights ago. As it did, I could see it as though it was written on a scroll, to be signed on the bottom. 

“I acknowledge my God-given right to Humanity, to Freedom and to Peace.

I admit to no ‘faults’, no sins, that are not of my ‘make-up’.

I deny the ‘right’ of others to usurp my power and my will for their benefit alone and I also deny the infallibility of ‘man’,  as it pertains to my ‘womanhood’.

I deny the existence of the ‘Devil’ in myself and in others.

I deny the reality of ‘wrong-doing’ in my soul-centred actions.

I deny ownership of ‘man’s mistakes, lies, and entreaties.

I deny that I am false.

I deny all that is man’s projections of me.


I accept my Self.

I accept my mistakes.kundalini5x7

I accept my own fallibility.

I accept my own lack of courage in the face of adversity.

I accept this does not make me weak, but human.

I accept the improvement of my life  and my ability to create it and to recreate it.

I accept my power for what it is and for what it could be, good or bad.

I accept my flaws, my idiosyncrasies, my imperfections.

I accept myself.

I am the creator of my life and I accept responsibility for all that that entails.


Now, I demand Freedom, Power and Peace. Those are my God-given rights. I accept nothing less.



A Woman’s Declaration of Independence.

Witnessed by the whole of Creation and beyond.

How to Live Longer. Channelled.


  1. Choose your words wisely. (Self-explanatory!).
  2. Stop worrying; if it happens, you will deal with it. If it doesn’t, then you have wasted valuable energy worrying about it; energy that could have been spent creating something less worrying.
  3. Channel your energies into what brings you a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Even in the most difficult places and circumstances, creativity will keep you alive.
  4. Relive the happiest moments of your life, then expand that feeling into the present moment; not the event that evoked that feeling but the energy of the feelings themselves.
  5. Like yourself. You may not always be able to love yourself but liking yourself is a good start. Love is the key but often we cannot find the lock. So long as we can see the door then we are half-way there. Don’t worry about it.

Go ahead and try and don’t dilly-dally; you don’t owe anybody anything.

Enjoy, oh… and sleep well. If you follow the above five suggestions, you should find that you sleep better, anyway!

‘I received this tonight from a very light-hearted guide, who made me laugh. I could feel his humour and his compassion. Only when I was reading them to my husband did I realise that they were like a light-hearted version of the 5 reiki precepts, and it felt as though it was a humorous reminder to lighten up and not expect ourselves to be perfectly spiritual. Perfection is not the aim and in trying to be perfect we berate ourselves for not being so, thinking we are failing some spiritual test!’


An Affirmation.

IMG_0020Repeat this often:

I am safe. I am alive in my body now. I use my energy in the most alive way possible. I am light. I use that light for the benefit of mankind and I trust in the Universe to protect me and support me in my endeavours.

I AM LIGHT. I stay focussed on the best possible outcomes of all situations in which I find myself. This is the truth and my mind and body accept it as such for there is no difference between my soul experience and my physical expression. They are one and the same, and so I trust myself, I trust the Universe and I trust the Source to know always which is the right direction to take, and how to manage that direction when it arises.

So be it.

Soul Alignment.

Connecting with the Seed of your Future.


So many times we struggle to know which way is the right way to go, especially when we are trying to listen to our guidance and follow our purpose. I have always struggled with this so my guides gave me this exercise to do. Proved to be very interesting and not at all what I expected. 

The exercise is about the Soul’s Journey through life, as it works through the personality; the journey you have chosen to experience when you decided to incarnate into this life. It gives you an idea of the experiences you have chosen, the ‘lifetimes’ you need to travel through to heal old issues and blocks that may have originated in those times. It aligns you with your Soul’s choices, because your Soul knows what you need to learn or experience and allows you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself. 

It does not show personality goals, necessarily, although if you are in alignment with your Soul, your choices will reflect these.  

When doing this exercise, images will arise in your mind’s eye that show you the next steps in your life. They may be symbolic, incorporating past-life imagery, or like dream symbols, images which your consciousness will understand. Allow them to appear and allow them to change. One after another, they will show the progression of events over time. 

You may only need to do this exercise a number of times in your life, or it can be used to understand the purpose of current challenges. It very much depends on your needs at the time of doing it.  

Go into a meditative space, listen to the music that gets you there. Do whatever it is that you do to get you into the right energy. Everyone has their own process, for me, I turn on the music that feels right, I close my eyes and watch.

Focus on the light in your heart and imagine that a seed is growing there. This is the seed thought of your best possible future, the seed your dreams are made of. Look into this seed in your soul’s heart and follow the trail there, the trail that leads to your best possible outcome. 

Everything in your soul’s heart is the right path, so accept what you see there. Once you have done this, you will have begun a process of manifestation which will take you to the desired shores.

Once you have done this, write it down and let it go. Slowly it will begin to manifest and the healing will have begun, making you stronger, more capable, and Soul Aligned.

Creating your safe World.

surrender-1024x683As things begin to feel darker for us in the world it is important that we manifest a belief that we are safe, that we are nurtured and that all that we are is secure. The beliefs of mankind are manifesting in ever more chaotic ways so it is important to create a reality in which we feel free and safe to be our whole selves.

This is a technique that my guides gave me in order to do this:

Roll up in a ball and imagine that you are safe in your mother’s womb. Touch the walls of this space and feel how secure and warm they are. Now imagine that you are outside of this womb and out in the freedom of nature and space. Fill yourself up with this feeling of freedom and fearlessness. See this bigger, outside space as something that feeds your soul and gives you energy, just as you received these things inside your mother’s womb. See the world as a giant womb, safe, nurturing and complete. This reality will manifest in your emotional body and in your consciousness so that you are contained by the energies of nature whilst going through your releasing work.

Working with the Energyfield.

The most important thing, when doing energy-work, is to build a strong energy-field, or energy-body. Getting to know your energy-field, and building its frequency and size, means that you are also developing your Self. You are your energy field. It contains everything you need to know. It is like a vessel, a container for everything that you are in this lifetime, be it emotions, patterns of behaviour, thoughts, frequencies, keys, codes, memories and knowledge, both of this lifetime and all the other lives which you have lived. Everything you  have ever learned is in this field, although, like a computer, you only use certain ‘programs’ at a time.

When doing earth-work it helps if you FEEL the energies with your body. Your body is your map of the chakras that are being activated and which are not. Most earth energywork is felt in the Hara, the heart and the head, although sometimes it can be felt in other centres too.

Here is the exercise that I used to develop sensitivity in my energy-field so that I could get to know how I ‘felt’ in myself, and when I was doing energy-work or healing. Working with your energies directly, also provides you with an emotional map, because changes made to your field effect your behaviour, bringing things to the surface, as trapped emotional energies are released. The more you release, the more effective you become as an energy-worker. So here is the first basic exercise.

gold channel thru body sun and earth

Connecting to Sun and Earth.

Building your connection to Sun and Earth and Creating Healthy Boundaries.

1. Sitting in a comfortable position, but not so comfortable that you want to fall asleep. Keeping your back straight, state your intention silently to yourself that you are going to be spending the next 20 mins strengthening your field.  Take a deep breath into your Tan Tien (Small Star at your navel) and breathe out a long relaxing breath…

Continue breathing in and out of your Tan Tien, until you feel ready to continue. At this point you should be more aware of the  ‘inside of you’ than ‘the outside of you’. Moving your awareness inside can take as long as it takes, so just keep breathing until you feel fully centred, your awareness focused in your Tan Tien.

2. Now imagine that a gold line, the Hara Line, is extending from your Tan Tien into the earth beneath you. Let it connect to the earth’s core.  When it ‘feels’ anchored, imagine that the gold line is also moving up into the sun, through your body. Anchor it there and wait until you feel that line connecting you to sun and earth, is stable. Sit with this feeling of connection for a couple of minutes. This line makes you feel strong, centred and confident. It is your spiritual connection to All that is and to the Heart of the Mother. Your Tan Tien is the centre of your being.


3. You can see the sphere of your energy-field all around you. Your Tan Tien is at the absolute centre of this sphere.  To know the extent of your field, it should be at your fingertips, when your arms are outstretched and parallel to the ground.

If your aura is closer to your body then it can feel like you are being oppressed by others around you. Your own ‘personal’ space is not valued by others. You feel ‘squashed’ and small. You might pull it in to protect yourself. (image on the left is an energy-field which is too expanded).

If your aura is larger than your arms’ width, then you put a lot of your energy into outside things. People might perceive you as a ‘larger than life’ personality, or as dynamic and forceful.

4. ‘Look’ at the boundaries of your field. Is it spiky? Wobbly etc. How it looks is how you feel. A healthy aura should be at your fingertips with your arms outstretched to the side.  If it is doing any of the above then you can change it. If it is too big, mentally ‘pull’ it to a healthy size. If it is too small push it out, until it is at a healthy size. If you find either of things difficult to accomplish then it is pointing to issues which keep you in that pattern, so you are being given a clue.

Again, it is your field and you decide how it acts, so try again. If it helps, you can physically draw in or push out with your hands. I often still do that because it feels more tangible.

When you can bring it in to as healthy a size as possible, you can create a safe boundary around it. A protection, if that is needed. Allow your subconscious to create an image which means protection to you. If you work with other protective energies, such as the Violet Flame, then you can place those around your field.

Unhealthy Boundaries

Once you have placed your chosen protection around your now ‘healthy-sized’ energy field, you can take a few breaths and bring your awareness back into your physical surroundings, feeling more relaxed and empowered.

Do this basic exercise a few times a week and see how both your behaviour changes and the behaviour of others around you.

If you have always had problems asserting your values and needs then you might find that you stop being a doormat, and people start treating you differently as a result. Working with your energy-field helps you ‘know yourself’ better. (The image on the left is an energy-field which needs expanding).The more you use it, the easier it gets and you can soon do the entire exercise in a couple of minutes, or when you are walking to work, or even on-site!

This is the foundation for the other work to come, so becoming proficient in playing with your energy-field makes the exercises  which follow, that much easier.

If you want to go into Auras in more depth, I would recommend both of Barbara Brennan’s books. Hands of Light, and Light Emerging.

Healing your Energy Field.

auricbodiesAs a Planetary healer your most important tool is your energy-field. In order to heal effectively it is important to raise the vibration of your energy-field through exercises, emotional/mental healing and  attunements. It is a lifelong process and the more you clear yourself, the more  effective you become in your healing work. The more energy you are able to hold, and channel, through your field, the larger energies you can anchor.

Over the years I have received many attunements and done many workshops in my quest for healing. Many of the tools I learned, often through studying other channelled sources, helped me to open my ‘field’ to both my Soul Awareness and to being able to receive the Gaia Method training from my guides. I will provide you with the links to the most influential books I have read over the years, books which taught me how to connect and to clear. I will also share techniques, on other pages, which my own guides gave me, and exercises  to help you to build a strong energy field.

Every time you receive healing, or an attunement, you are putting new energy into your system. That higher vibrational energy releases old, denser energies, which may have been stuck for a long time. The more healing/energy you receive, the more the old stuff is released. Learning to recognise the source of the energy you are releasing is very helpful and gives you the knowledge that this too will pass. It helps you to understand that what you are experiencing is stuck emotional energy leaving your system, and that you are not going crazy! Sometimes, as a result of making choices that you know will bring healing, others might not understand why you are doing what you are doing. So long as you do the rest doesn’t matter and you learn to follow your own path regardless of what others might think.

The goal in the Gaia Method is to to be able to change the frequency of our field through intention. Sometimes we need to raise it and at other times we need to lower it. It depends on which energy layer we are working on at any particular time. healing_flow

If you feel drawn to doing a different healing workshop or training in different healing modalities, I would suggest that you follow that impulse. The more you do, the better you get ,and the more energies you can hold in your field, in the form of energy keys and codes. Everybody develops their own way of working and expressing those energies, so whatever floats your boat…

One of the misconceptions about becoming a healer is that we are suddenly magically healed. We find our soul mate, we attain the perfect body, we become rich. Our lives are comfortable and stress-free. We have everything we ever wanted etc. That might be true for some people, but its  an ideal which is pretty hard to attain. Getting to that place in our lives might take a lot of healing, depending on what we have come in to heal. Perfection is not the goal!

Through healing we become better healers. Our lives become better but not perfect. We might change how we feel about our bodies, we might, or might not, find a loving relationship. We might find ourselves happy not being in a relationship. We each create according to our dictates and beliefs.

What does happen is that we feel supported in our journey. We heal ourselves and release what no longer works for us, even if that takes many years. We allow ourselves to be guided by our guides and to follow the clues. We become more emotionally intelligent, we develop our greatest gifts.  We learn to accept ourselves. We become creative, powerful and centred people with a desire to serve humanity through our work. Not through our compulsive helping and healing, but by being ourselves. Most importantly we ‘know’ that we are souls, living in a human body, and that Earth is our chosen school of experience. We also become better at surfing energy and being anchors for the new keys and codes for the future of humanity. A worthwhile occupation to be sure!

Here is a list of some of the books I found most useful.

The best book to read on the Human energy field is Barbara Brennan’s Hands of light.  She is an amazing healer/teacher. Any of her books help you immensely in how to understand the human energy field.

Sanaya Roman. Soul Love: awakening your heart centres. I had some amazing experiences using the exercises in these books.

Any of the Seth books, by Jane Roberts.

All of Michael Newton’s Books. Life between Lives.

Elizabeth Haich, Initiation.

I have read thousands of books over the years but these are the ones I go back to.

Read whatever you feel drawn to, as that is what you need to read.

Personal therapy is also very good, as and when you feel you need some outside help.

Good video on grounding. Aura grounding and cleansing.