How to Live Longer. Channelled.


  1. Choose your words wisely. (Self-explanatory!).
  2. Stop worrying; if it happens, you will deal with it. If it doesn’t, then you have wasted valuable energy worrying about it; energy that could have been spent creating something less worrying.
  3. Channel your energies into what brings you a feeling of satisfaction and joy. Even in the most difficult places and circumstances, creativity will keep you alive.
  4. Relive the happiest moments of your life, then expand that feeling into the present moment; not the event that evoked that feeling but the energy of the feelings themselves.
  5. Like yourself. You may not always be able to love yourself but liking yourself is a good start. Love is the key but often we cannot find the lock. So long as we can see the door then we are half-way there. Don’t worry about it.

Go ahead and try and don’t dilly-dally; you don’t owe anybody anything.

Enjoy, oh… and sleep well. If you follow the above five suggestions, you should find that you sleep better, anyway!

‘I received this tonight from a very light-hearted guide, who made me laugh. I could feel his humour and his compassion. Only when I was reading them to my husband did I realise that they were like a light-hearted version of the 5 reiki precepts, and it felt as though it was a humorous reminder to lighten up and not expect ourselves to be perfectly spiritual. Perfection is not the aim and in trying to be perfect we berate ourselves for not being so, thinking we are failing some spiritual test!’


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