The Library.

28th August 2016.

dantiengrafik1I felt a lot of energy coming in so I closed my eyes. From each of the three Tan Tien centres I could see a coloured line emerging.  From my third eye a red line, then a white line from my heart and a black line from my belly. All three lines moved out in front of me and plied together, like yarn, now moving forward as one cord. At the end of this cord, I could see that there was a crystal point, but I had no idea where it was headed.

Then I saw, in the distance, an ancient book, open, and I could vaguely make out a very old library behind it. But the image looked like it was closed, like an inside-out umbrella, with the open end facing me. I began to open it out and flatten the image, stabilising the corners until it was full and accessible. I felt really excited doing this.

I ran into the library, racing to different shelves, taking books off at the speed of light. I was a blur! After seconds I had a large pile of old books in my arms. I could just about hold them! I placed them on one of the library tables and a librarian appeared. He was ancient and wore a grey/blue robe with a headdress that nearly looked like a voluminous nun’s habit. It was as if his head was covered in layers of first black fabric then layers of grey/blue. (I often see my own panel of Elders dressed in these colours). Naturally, he had long white hair and a long beard; just to show me his age I suppose!

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

He welcomed me and then said “Don’t forget this one,” and he walked to a shelf and took down a white and gold book, placing it on top of my pile of books. For some reason this made me feel overjoyed. He gave me the key that would unlock the information in the books. He said that it was time now that this information was presented to humanity. I was so overjoyed that I began to cry. It was a lot of knowledge being made available once again. I felt so incredibly grateful!

Just before I left, he stopped me and drew a symbol in red on my forehead. All I could make out was a circle with a pattern inside it.

A few weeks ago I had been offered this trip to a new part of the ‘library’ but I didn’t realise, until this morning that this is what they meant! Now I am excited to see what this is all about. Although I do seem to be getting new stuff about women’s future role in the world so maybe that is what this is. But I will have to wait and see! When they asked me if I wanted to visit another part of the library they also told me to ‘pick my thread’ so I picked three, obviously; red, white and black. As usual, my inner self is doing all of this so I have no idea what the thread colours represent! There’s no point in even guessing as I will find out when the information comes in.

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