White and Gold Dragon Diamonds.

I felt the need to tune in and I felt an old white dragon in my field. This dragon had been coming in for a few days, as three days earlier I had had an image of a white dragon, moving out from behind a tall mountain and moving towards me. When it appeared in ‘my reality’ it was the Quetzalcoatl dragon with vibrant rainbow feathers framing its serpent face. The following day, looking for images of this serpent I found one of a white plume of ash from a volcano in Mexico! That was how I had seen the white dragon and was good confirmation! I am always given confirming information of what they give me, which both confirms and gives me added information. This dragon also has a connection to the Goddess Ixchel, who has been very ‘present’ lately.

So back to the white dragon, which was now in my energy-field all around me. It felt like a faery story, as if I was the illustration in a book for children about dragons. She was writing an old book. She/I breathed out and as she did she formed a large white sphere out in front of me. Inside the sphere, there was the book, and as she blew out, the dragon breath was creating words on the page. Something about Dragon Lore and the Dragon children. Perhaps books that help the children who are coming in as creators ofcndijbwuyaairoh our new reality? We will have to wait and see.

Next, I saw a diamond Merkaba and it was like white glass. This was to do with the white dragon, like a dragon Merkaba but it was more solid than the usual ones, which were more ‘energetic’. I slowly anchored this diamond around my field and expanded it out as normal. Then I stabilised it at both apexes, until it was completely anchored and stable. As this part was finished the diamond fell like a cloak around me, a soft silver/white. This diamond energy sits outside of the other nine, like another layer, but this time of completely different vibration, containing different energy and information.


White/Silver and Gold Diamond layers of the Energy-field.

Then I became aware of another diamond, gold this time. This one anchored above and around the
white one but it was close, like a skin. Yet it was also above the white one. Then I was shown an image of the gold diamond lozenge that they found at Bush Barrow in Stonehenge. They have shown me this before, in relation to this Diamond Field, and as the Gaia Method taps into ancient, ancestral knowledge, then this makes sense to me. The person who was buried with this might have been an energy-worker. I know from previous work in Archaeology, where I was able to work with Neolithic and Bronze Age sites, that many of the people buried in Long barrows and Round Barrows were spiritually trained men and women whose souls were still connected to the site and hence their burial in a significance place. They act as energetic guardians to that network of energies.


Bush Barrow Gold Lozenge.

The vibration of these diamonds was different to the previous nine, This gold one felt like the inspiration that would feed the silver/white one with information and knowledge, stepping it down.

Next I opened up my belly, like the earth, and the black dragon was there. All I can see of it is its large eye, peering out through my belly. It began to blow and a large black glassy sphere formed out of its breath.  I’m always a little nervous of the black dragon and I have no idea why I have one sleeping in my belly, so I was a little fearful of this particular activity!  But I continued to trust, and to blow into the sphere; but instead of getting larger it began to shrink, until it became a black crystal egg. the-big-black-wolf-eye-fire-dragon-pictureI continued to blow until the egg shrank and became a black faceted crystal, which reminded me of obsidian. I then held this for a moment and placed it in my third eye! It felt like I could see into the darkness! It was as though this particular process would go through different phases of activity, much like the formation of a physical diamond. The smaller the black energy became the more refined and concentrated it became.


11 layers of the diamond field.

I then saw the Uffington Dragon Hill and it felt like the information that is contained within the two diamonds was contained, and used, there.


Diamond-Field Symbol.

I think that this all a result of the download that left me feeling so sick on Sunday last. I had a terrible headache that nothing could shift. It made me feel so tired and nauseous that I went to bed. I knew it was energetic as I felt like my head was filled with visions I couldn’t hang on to. It felt like a massive download. My guides appeared and they apologised that this was painful but that it was necessary and that it would clear by the evening. I slept it off. And it was clear by the evening! I still felt rough for a couple of days but it wore off eventually, and then all of this new dragon information came in.

The eleven-diamonds field, creates an interesting picture of symbols; symbols that I have seen but didn’t understand! Now it is clearer. The diamond cross symbol feels like it stabilises the diamond layers.The entire field also looks like a Mayan pyramid, or an Egyptian step-pyramid. My guides later called them ‘Diamond suits’. Are they talking about clothes or cards? I don’t know, but I am interested to see what they do!

I’m not sure what connection the Black Dragon energy has to do with these two diamonds but they all came in at the same time. It’ll make sense one day!

The Library.

28th August 2016.

dantiengrafik1I felt a lot of energy coming in so I closed my eyes. From each of the three Tan Tien centres I could see a coloured line emerging.  From my third eye a red line, then a white line from my heart and a black line from my belly. All three lines moved out in front of me and plied together, like yarn, now moving forward as one cord. At the end of this cord, I could see that there was a crystal point, but I had no idea where it was headed.

Then I saw, in the distance, an ancient book, open, and I could vaguely make out a very old library behind it. But the image looked like it was closed, like an inside-out umbrella, with the open end facing me. I began to open it out and flatten the image, stabilising the corners until it was full and accessible. I felt really excited doing this.

I ran into the library, racing to different shelves, taking books off at the speed of light. I was a blur! After seconds I had a large pile of old books in my arms. I could just about hold them! I placed them on one of the library tables and a librarian appeared. He was ancient and wore a grey/blue robe with a headdress that nearly looked like a voluminous nun’s habit. It was as if his head was covered in layers of first black fabric then layers of grey/blue. (I often see my own panel of Elders dressed in these colours). Naturally, he had long white hair and a long beard; just to show me his age I suppose!

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

Pile of Leather Bound Antique Books

He welcomed me and then said “Don’t forget this one,” and he walked to a shelf and took down a white and gold book, placing it on top of my pile of books. For some reason this made me feel overjoyed. He gave me the key that would unlock the information in the books. He said that it was time now that this information was presented to humanity. I was so overjoyed that I began to cry. It was a lot of knowledge being made available once again. I felt so incredibly grateful!

Just before I left, he stopped me and drew a symbol in red on my forehead. All I could make out was a circle with a pattern inside it.

A few weeks ago I had been offered this trip to a new part of the ‘library’ but I didn’t realise, until this morning that this is what they meant! Now I am excited to see what this is all about. Although I do seem to be getting new stuff about women’s future role in the world so maybe that is what this is. But I will have to wait and see! When they asked me if I wanted to visit another part of the library they also told me to ‘pick my thread’ so I picked three, obviously; red, white and black. As usual, my inner self is doing all of this so I have no idea what the thread colours represent! There’s no point in even guessing as I will find out when the information comes in.

18 July 2016. Spiritual advertising…

This is not a bashing post, but a post about how easy it is to be manipulated when you are on Spiritual path. At the end of this post you will understand what I mean.

A few weeks ago I received a message in my Linkdin inbox from Sibyl English. She is a lovely singer and also the founder of a spiritual magazine for women, created in the U.S. Sibyl Magazine,  for the Spirit and Soul of Woman.

The message was an invitation to submit an article of my work, and if chosen by the magazine I would then be a writer in this magazine for one calendar year, writing one article per month. She sent me a free online copy of the magazine. Looking through it I felt that its intention was basically for advertising individual women and their work, as every article written by one of the contributing authors was accompanied by their advert. The magazine felt like a ‘healer’ catalogue. But maybe I was misreading it?sibyl mag image I read the submission guidelines anyway.


“Would you like to submit a contributing article sharing your insight and expertise for women, wisdom and wellness?

Our editorial staff have an ACCEPTANCE SEASON which runs for a brief 3½ month period within the calendar year.

  • The start date to send in your article submission: April 1, 2016
  • The DEADLINE for all incoming submissions: July 15, 2016 *Don’t delay! Send your article in at your earliest convenience.

Only one (1) article submission should be sent in at this time for review by the editorial staff. *If your article is selected for publishing, you will be contacted and given further details as to how Sibyl Magazine will go about showcasing your talent for the duration of 2017.”

Each article was only 500 words and there are 30 women writers, each one submitting their short article every month. I decided not to submit one. A week later my guides came in and started to give me info so I wrote down what they told me. As I was writing I began to ‘get’ that this was the 500 words for the article submission. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was supposed to write for them. Maybe it was just my fear of being out in the world? The writing was exactly 500 words!

I sent it off and my guides kept telling me that it would be accepted. It was, but I didn’t feel excited about it.

This morning I received my congratulations email with instructions on how to proceed. I had been selected to have my literary works (??) published in the pages of Sibyl Magazine. Literary works? Who am I, James Joyce? I began to read the accompanying pdf, which I had to respond to with a yes or no. The entire piece of writing was one big manipulation of spiritual beliefs.

I could go through the whole piece of writing, pointing out which bit is designed to make me feel like an important spiritual writer, using flattery and telling me how I manifested this opportunity with the help of the Universe, etc, etc. And how lucky I am to have been chosen; not everyone gets this opportunity, AND I had to act fast or someone else might take my ‘place’. And, then we all know how important it is that us women work together in this world, sharing our knowledge and expertise.

But I was still waiting for the biggest hook of all… the Incoming Writers Offer! And quoting all the usual stuff, i.e. the Law of Attraction, not keeping yourself secret (God-forbid), you need to get your message out there stuff and all for a 75% discount!

At first, I thought this offer might be optional, so I had another look through the magazine, and sure enough, there was an advert on every written article. But did I have a choice, could I choose not to have an advert? Then I saw it, on the PDF, in smaller print and off to the side:

“As it is a requirement to purchase some form of advertisement, even if it is only a business card-sized advert, we dramatically slash our advertisement rates by 75%.”  So for the smallest, business card sized advert beside my writing, I would only have to pay the sum of $450, down from $1800. How generous of them! Effectively I would be paying them to write for them! They must be raking it in. But maybe I am being unfair, perhaps there are many women who benefit from this.

BUT, I don’t agree with manipulating and seducing women into believing something which is not true. And being seduced by a woman professing to be spiritual? Some might say that she was just being smart, entrepreneurial, etc. But I dislike and mistrust how these businesses capitalise on people’s spiritual work. This client-getting is very old-school and is a negative, male business model.  It feels greedy and dishonest.ishtar-babylonian-goddess

Do you think, as someone who embodied the Divine Feminine energy, that you would have to go out and hook into people’s fears in order for them to buy your service, your energy, your creation?  Can you imagine the Goddess going out and looking for people, trying to convince them to buy from her? A door-to-door sales-goddess? If I am a person who wants to learn from the Goddess, do I sit down and wait for her to come and knock on my door or do I go in search of her?

Divine Feminine power lies in trusting. She gets on with her life, filling the world with energy, and people find her! She does what she loves, be it art, writing, healing, etc. But she doesn’t push! She allows. She does not tell you that if you don’t hurry, you will miss her. She doesn’t tell you she is the one who will make your dreams come true. She might make your dreams come true, but she never tells you that, that’s not what she is there for. She trusts your soul, and she trusts her own knowledge and the Way of the Goddess. THAT is woman’s way… fear is not!

So do not allow other people’s desire for money to make you scared. The people who need you WILL find you, because you share your work, you share your knowledge; you share your art. You might well sell your art/writing etc. but you are putting it out there on your terms and no-one else’s. Trust yourself always. You won’t miss the boat!

Just make yourself available, and when you are ready, the people you are supposed to meet, you will meet. Trust your Goddess-self to know the way!


15th July 2016 Separating.

Having been told to begin the parting process I began by separating last night. Omar went downstairs to check the animals, and his family, and I began to feel an energy in my stomach again. A line was placed in each h

Untitledqueen's line of energy qurnaand, each going in opposite directions and I had to blow energy along a central line. It was like the shape of a cob of corn with a leaf at each side.

Then I found myself pulling in the central cord, back into my tan tien. It went a long way! Once it was back in my belly I felt another connection, going in the same direction, but slightly to the left of it. There was a small gold pin at the end of a thin line, the earth anchoring pin. I gently picked it up and reeled it back into my belly too.

Then I saw myself placing a gold king’s crown on someone’s head. Might have been Omar.

I was still feeling energy so I waited to see what would happen next. A large diamond energy, filled with diamond layers, was impressed into the front of my energy-field and it continued moving into me until I was in the central diamond. This is obviously the downloads for the Diamond Merkaba, the energies which will need activating in Sahl Hasheesh. I didn’t know that that could happen! It just goes to show, we really are just programmable vessels!

It took me a little while to realise that the gold line connections were the first ones I had made when I first moved here. Within a couple of weeks of being here, I was being visited by a young Egyptian girl’s spirit. It frightened the hell out of Omar, who still believes in Djinns! This girl told me that she had been buried with her mistress, the Queen, because she held all of the queen’s secrets. It had nothing to do with her needing her handmaid in the afterlife! But this girl was my guide to the energies here and to what needed to be anchored here. I saw her a week ago, standing by my window, but she seemed faint, like a ghost rather than a living spirit. I didn’t understand what she was doing there…but now I do!

(Having published this two days after I wrote it, ad having had another, smaller, diamond Merkaba download, I think it is to do with the programs for both Sahl Hasheesh and Hurghada. They are obviously connected in some way. The reason I know that is because my guides asked me today, 17th, if I gave them permission for the downloading of the Light codes for Hurghada and then they requested the same permission for Sahl Hasheesh!)

17 July 2016 Seth and Pain.

jrobsLast night I went to bed reading Seth: The Early Sessions. This is literally the very beginning of Seth’s communication with Jane Roberts and Robert Butts. At one point Robert asks Seth why he, Rob) had had so many back problems the previous year and Seth’s response was: Vertebra 1 didn’t channel vital force through organism. Restrained by fears pinching the nerves. Expansion of spirit allows physical organism to expand, releases pressure.

Now I have always understood that physical pain is often caused by emotional issues, past and present, but this was the first time that it actually made sense! When we are scared our muscles get tight and this then puts physical pressure on parts of our body. It isn’t just that nebulous awareness that our emotions cause energetic blockages, but that our emotions and beliefs affect our bodies, in very physical ways! Our bodies react to our emotions and beliefs.

I have been grappling with a very painful neck for years, since I began to do this cycle of earth healing. But here in Egypt it has gotten so much worse. Before I went back to the UK for a year it was very painful and so I asked my guides to give me some understanding on what was going on with it. They suggested the Alexander technique. Most of my problem was postural, sitting at the computer all day, every day in the hot summers, usually crocheting or knitting when I wasn’t writing.

When I got back to the UK I went to see Melvyn, who I have been having treatment from since 2000, and he opened it up again for me. Everything was fine until I came back to Egypt! Within a month my neck was really painful and tight again. It’s another hot summer, and I am pretty immobile again. It’s just far too hot to go out so I spend all day in the flat.

DiamantI started doing some neck-muscle releasing exercises and that is helping but finding Seth’s words made all the difference. So this morning, up at 5.15am, I did some healing to expand the energy in my neck and loosen up the emotions that were causing the pain. That turned out to be interesting too as I learned another use for the Diamond merkaba. I placed my hands on my neck but then felt the urge to move them out into my energy field. I saw the diamond merkaba and felt the need to expand it. I slowly moved my hands out until it stopped by itself, at the 6th layer. This layer is the Spider energy level. Her energy is black and red and these colours of hers run through the planet, in a giant web of energy and then out into space, a Universal web, the web of creation and energy which feeds the planet and holds it stable. I could see the energy open up around my head and had an image of Mary with her Star crown. I will to see the results of this, even though this merkaba might have nothing to do with my neck whatsoever… but everything to do with earthenergy-work.

As Gaia Method healers our bodies are also the reflection of the body of the Earth, and there is huge fear in the planet right now, so maybe we, as healers, and all healers, need to be putting way more energy into loosening up these tight spots and allowing the energy to flow back in, stabilising the areas and bringing in more love and less rigidity.

14th July 2016. White horse, Dragon vision.

white horseI awoke last night when the a/c beeped, telling me it was time to refill it. Normally I am too tired to bother, especially at 2.30 am, but this time, there was no hesitation. I felt wide awake.

When it was full, which took half an hour because there is little water during the night here in Luxor, I wheeled it back into the reception room, where we sleep for the summer, turned it on low and got back into bed…and couldn’t get back to sleep! I tossed and turned but then began to feel the familiar energy-flowing across my eyelids. It had been going on intermittently for the past few days.

A while later, a beautiful, pristine white horse appeared in front of my vision. On its forehead/third-eye was a crystal, which constantly changed colour. The picture expanded and the horse was standing in the shallow waters of a beach, facing inland. She reminded me of the waves. As I continued to watch the horse she changed into a huge, pristine white dragon. This wasn’t a dragon I have seen before as it looks like the other coloured dragons except that she is pure white and connected to the earth’s creation energies. The other white dragon I see is more like a white feathered serpent who flies like the Luck dragon in the Never-ending story! This white dragon was altogether different!white_dragon_by_gloriusdragonlover-d3fpc2i

As I watched the dragon she held out a huge taloned foot (?) and in it was a seed of pure white light, which glowed brightly. She instructed me to swallow this light, which surprised me. I usually put it in a pouch or something, but I did as she instructed. When I swallowed it I changed and now I was in a sparkling white suit of armour, a light knight, and I held with my right arm a white shield, with a red cross on it. The Crusader’s cross. Then I heard ‘Beaumont’.

This morning I googled Beaumont in connection with the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars are a big part of my work with the Gaia Method and the Sword of Arthur was received at a Knights Templar chapel in Hampshire.


f3a5c1e256b317d213687babfe2bd73bThis made total sense as I had also received the name Lazarus a few days ago too. So, apart from moving to a lovely, nourishing place, free of ‘history’ and heavy energies, there is a lot of work to do there!

Beaumont was a Knights Templar preceptory, where they raised revenue for their crusades. They also were used for the training of future Knights. My guides had already told me, that aside from the energy-work I had to do here, I would also be able to raise money to build my own farm/healing centre in the future.

Or they are saying that work needs to be done at Beaumont!

Later in the evening, they told me to begin the process of ‘parting’. I wasn’t sure what this meant, but the following day I understood.

(I don’t have the names of the artists who took these pictures or painted them, so if they are yours please let me know and I will credit them to you. They are beautiful!)


16th July 2016. Tony Robbins, I am not your Guru.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

I watched “Tony Robbins”, I am not your guru”, last night and this morning. I have always been sceptical of growth leaders but this film I was excited to watch. I had seen short clips of some of his interventions before and I wanted to see more. I’ve never trusted those huge ‘out-there’ motivational speakers. I always saw it as more of a business than a therapy!

But the film was really good, and I cried through most of it! The man has so much power and passion! I wondered how on earth his wife lived with that!  But I did use the film to get to the bottom of some of my own stuff. Having trained in NLP many years ago I know that a lot of what he does is NLP but that works too! He manages to combine it with emotional work that makes sense to me.

It is easy, when you are supported by dozens of people, all on the same healing journey,  to release and heal old stuff, but you still have to go out into the world and be with people who might be the complete opposite! That’s where the real work happens.

At the end of the film, and the end of the event, there is a meditation that he does with everyone, so I did that with them. After a short preparatory heart-filling exercise I had to find three memories of when I felt grateful for something. I allowed my mind to ‘search’ for a memory. The memory that came was not one I was expecting but I heard myself say “I am grateful for my birth”. I realised that without this life on earth in a physical body I could never accomplish all that I have. My body was a gift, my doorway and vehicle in this world. It is the first time I have ever felt grateful for life! I had never looked at it that way! I felt a profound gratitude for my body and for the opportunities of living it afforded me.


One Day in Graiguenamanagh by Chapboy.

The next memory I had was of standing in the woods in Graiguenamanagh, my hometown in Ireland. I spent most of my childhood in this sanctuary of trees. I felt immense gratitude for the gift of Nature, I felt how nature nurtured my body and how it kept me alive and connected.

The third memory I was grateful for was all the people in my life, without whom I could never grow! All of the challenges they presented me with so that I could become myself, a process which is ongoing!

All the while I was watching the film, it showed Tony Robbins at his house beside the sea and I kept feeling grateful for the fact that I will be spending time living by the sea again, and this time I am going to really appreciate it! I never really appreciated it before but I want to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air, walking and swimming.

After I had finished the movie I thought about my relationships with men and how I have always allowed men to stop me from moving forward. They have always been an obstacle. I couldn’t do something because they would not want me to. Or their feelings and fears were so much more important than mine that I had to support them and thereby lose my own vision. That is such an old pattern and my stay here in Luxor has really gone to deeper levels of that. Even though my stay here was about my work on energy-levels, which is my raison d’etre, I was also here to heal deeper abuse stuff, and help Omar with a soul challenge. That’s a lot of stuff to manage!

My energy-work takes precedence and I allow nothing to get in the way of that. But personal stuff, like sex, cooking, doing what I love, finding time for myself etc., that has been extremely challenged here. It is, after all, a Muslim culture, and men are the next thing to God, or so they believe. So much like my Catholic upbringing! They are also completely useless at looking after themselves and so it falls to the wife to look after them. I have been challenging that and still challenge it. I have my own work to do and I am too old to be a grown man’s mother.

I have always had this pattern too, that I have never gotten to the bottom of, that I work fine when I am on my own. I am inspired and energetic and can work for days. But as soon as a man is around I stop. Literally, I cannot do anything. It’s like this internal switch gets flipped on and then I become the servant, waiting for my orders. Or I have to keep them company, be available for them and quiet. I have always wondered where this came from and I realised that this is a pattern I picked up, not only from my own father, but from my best-friend’s father!  I spent a lot of time around there, in her house, and they were a very traditional Irish home. Everything revolved around ‘Daddy’. Daddy ate first, made all of the rules, and you had to be quiet when he was around.

That’s not to say that I am always acquiescent, like Omar says, I would be perfect if it wasn’t for my tongue! I challenge the bullshit, but I still have the patterns!

Relationships were modelled by my best friend’s parents, my own parents were different. But I did learn to put my father’s emotions before my own, they were more important. I felt ‘pulled’ by his emotional needs for company or sharing. I didn’t always want to spend time with him, but how could I say no? I felt enormously guilty for being so independent and when I finally left home, telling him I wanted to do it on my own, he took me at my word and rarely helped me again. So as an adult,in a relationship, I learned to give in. If I acted too independently I believed that I would be rejected and left with no support. All unconsciously, of course.

vanhausenBut since returning from England I feel an overwhelming sense of opening myself up to life, an opening that feels like my entire energy-field is opening like a flower and that I am walking into a new life, a life where I can feel nurtured and joyful. Creative and safe And I won’t allow anyone to shut that down. I have worked far too hard for this to stop it now. For the first few years here I ‘people pleased’ like there was no tomorrow! I HAD TO BE  accepted, it felt too risky and dangerous not to be. I was in a strange country, with a different language and no friends. But no matter how much I tried to fit in, it never worked. I would always be the foreign wife! I wasn’t Egyptian and would never be. Returning here I made the decision that I would not get involved in their lives again. I was glad I was foreign and there were gifts in that. I am free to do what I want and I saw here, that doing what I wanted had a positive impact on the women around me. I didn’t have to sacrifice myself for their good.

So I am changing my habit patterns, changing how I respond when my Egyptian husband comes in and expects me to mother him. To be fair, he is better than most Egyptian men, but old habits die hard, as I know, and he is still changing his habits too. But often his changes come as a result of mine so I will keep on changing, as I have been doing for over 20 years.

I am glad I watched Tony Robbins, as it brought me back to how I used to live, surrounded by people on their journey. Surrounded by the excitement of emotional discovery and fulfilment. I want more of that again.

My husband Omar has just returned from his work in the field and as soon as he comes in I am distracted. I ask him to wait until I am finished writing. I can feel him looking at me, wanting my attention, and I feel irritated. But he knows when I am working because he sees my energy-field is ‘light’! Then he knows to wait! Somehow, when I am ‘working’ he knows that this is not the right time to talk. Thank God he gets that. He told me that he felt that my energy-field was full of strong light, and that it created a boundary around me that he couldn’t penetrate! That’s the kind of energy you need to have here. And what I discover is that the energy of openness keeps you safe! Openess is its own protection!

What a great way to start the day!


13 July 2016. Crystal Activation.

ruby spiderReceived an activation today which might be part of my preparation for moving to the new place. I was sitting at the computer, which I do most days here when I am not crafting, when I felt and saw a golden rod being activated in my body and along it, crystals were lit up.

I looked to see what the crystals were and where they were being activated. Amber was in the crown, where I expected it to be as I was given this energy whilst on holiday in Grau du Roi with Cheryl Brennan a few years ago.  Emerald is at the third eye. Blue Sapphire at the throat, diamond at the heart. I couldn’t see any more below that for a few minutes, probably because I was ‘expecting’ to see more crystals all the way down! But then I saw the red and black spider of the earth-lines sitting on my abdomen. It was holding a large red ruby at my Tan Tien/Hara. The crystals were all active and shining brightly. Next small white wings appeared at my temples, like the Hat of Hermes! actrivation

The imagery changed and then I saw myself planting this rod on the beach, close to the water’s edge in the Red Sea. I remembered, before coming to Egypt, how I had been given the energies for Luxor too, but then it was a large wooden pole, like a central support for a round house, and I had to plant it at the water’s edge of the Nile! So these were the layers I was going to be working on while I stay there.

Next, I could feel the energy of a Native American warrior, not my usual Nat. American guide. I asked him who he was and he gave me his name, Red Feather. Ah, I thought, time for art and writing then! I will write the story of how I got to know Red Feather another day.  He placed an eagle feather in my body, facing downwards. The tip of the feather  at the bottom of my spine and the shaft end is at my throat.

Then I hear “ Fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, Stabilise. Reconnect it. Mass extinction.” I immediately shared the message with Eartha, as we have both been getting stuff like this since 2006. She felt it was a ‘possible time-line’ reality. One time-line would be the outcome our guides suggests, and the other time-line was not!

I thought about that and wondered if that is what Red Feather meant. That we could stabilise it, minimising the damage? There has been so much already! I wondered what a fluctuation in the magnetic field of the planet would be like? So I googled it! Hmm…not so good then!!! So maybe Eartha is right. Maybe we need to work on stabilising the field so that didn’t get to experience what would otherwise be pretty disastrous outcome.

Maybe that is the next step!