17 July 2016 Seth and Pain.

jrobsLast night I went to bed reading Seth: The Early Sessions. This is literally the very beginning of Seth’s communication with Jane Roberts and Robert Butts. At one point Robert asks Seth why he, Rob) had had so many back problems the previous year and Seth’s response was: Vertebra 1 didn’t channel vital force through organism. Restrained by fears pinching the nerves. Expansion of spirit allows physical organism to expand, releases pressure.

Now I have always understood that physical pain is often caused by emotional issues, past and present, but this was the first time that it actually made sense! When we are scared our muscles get tight and this then puts physical pressure on parts of our body. It isn’t just that nebulous awareness that our emotions cause energetic blockages, but that our emotions and beliefs affect our bodies, in very physical ways! Our bodies react to our emotions and beliefs.

I have been grappling with a very painful neck for years, since I began to do this cycle of earth healing. But here in Egypt it has gotten so much worse. Before I went back to the UK for a year it was very painful and so I asked my guides to give me some understanding on what was going on with it. They suggested the Alexander technique. Most of my problem was postural, sitting at the computer all day, every day in the hot summers, usually crocheting or knitting when I wasn’t writing.

When I got back to the UK I went to see Melvyn, who I have been having treatment from since 2000, and he opened it up again for me. Everything was fine until I came back to Egypt! Within a month my neck was really painful and tight again. It’s another hot summer, and I am pretty immobile again. It’s just far too hot to go out so I spend all day in the flat.

DiamantI started doing some neck-muscle releasing exercises and that is helping but finding Seth’s words made all the difference. So this morning, up at 5.15am, I did some healing to expand the energy in my neck and loosen up the emotions that were causing the pain. That turned out to be interesting too as I learned another use for the Diamond merkaba. I placed my hands on my neck but then felt the urge to move them out into my energy field. I saw the diamond merkaba and felt the need to expand it. I slowly moved my hands out until it stopped by itself, at the 6th layer. This layer is the Spider energy level. Her energy is black and red and these colours of hers run through the planet, in a giant web of energy and then out into space, a Universal web, the web of creation and energy which feeds the planet and holds it stable. I could see the energy open up around my head and had an image of Mary with her Star crown. I will to see the results of this, even though this merkaba might have nothing to do with my neck whatsoever… but everything to do with earthenergy-work.

As Gaia Method healers our bodies are also the reflection of the body of the Earth, and there is huge fear in the planet right now, so maybe we, as healers, and all healers, need to be putting way more energy into loosening up these tight spots and allowing the energy to flow back in, stabilising the areas and bringing in more love and less rigidity.

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