14th July 2016. White horse, Dragon vision.

white horseI awoke last night when the a/c beeped, telling me it was time to refill it. Normally I am too tired to bother, especially at 2.30 am, but this time, there was no hesitation. I felt wide awake.

When it was full, which took half an hour because there is little water during the night here in Luxor, I wheeled it back into the reception room, where we sleep for the summer, turned it on low and got back into bed…and couldn’t get back to sleep! I tossed and turned but then began to feel the familiar energy-flowing across my eyelids. It had been going on intermittently for the past few days.

A while later, a beautiful, pristine white horse appeared in front of my vision. On its forehead/third-eye was a crystal, which constantly changed colour. The picture expanded and the horse was standing in the shallow waters of a beach, facing inland. She reminded me of the waves. As I continued to watch the horse she changed into a huge, pristine white dragon. This wasn’t a dragon I have seen before as it looks like the other coloured dragons except that she is pure white and connected to the earth’s creation energies. The other white dragon I see is more like a white feathered serpent who flies like the Luck dragon in the Never-ending story! This white dragon was altogether different!white_dragon_by_gloriusdragonlover-d3fpc2i

As I watched the dragon she held out a huge taloned foot (?) and in it was a seed of pure white light, which glowed brightly. She instructed me to swallow this light, which surprised me. I usually put it in a pouch or something, but I did as she instructed. When I swallowed it I changed and now I was in a sparkling white suit of armour, a light knight, and I held with my right arm a white shield, with a red cross on it. The Crusader’s cross. Then I heard ‘Beaumont’.

This morning I googled Beaumont in connection with the Knights Templars. The Knights Templars are a big part of my work with the Gaia Method and the Sword of Arthur was received at a Knights Templar chapel in Hampshire.


f3a5c1e256b317d213687babfe2bd73bThis made total sense as I had also received the name Lazarus a few days ago too. So, apart from moving to a lovely, nourishing place, free of ‘history’ and heavy energies, there is a lot of work to do there!

Beaumont was a Knights Templar preceptory, where they raised revenue for their crusades. They also were used for the training of future Knights. My guides had already told me, that aside from the energy-work I had to do here, I would also be able to raise money to build my own farm/healing centre in the future.

Or they are saying that work needs to be done at Beaumont!

Later in the evening, they told me to begin the process of ‘parting’. I wasn’t sure what this meant, but the following day I understood.

(I don’t have the names of the artists who took these pictures or painted them, so if they are yours please let me know and I will credit them to you. They are beautiful!)


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