15th July 2016 Separating.

Having been told to begin the parting process I began by separating last night. Omar went downstairs to check the animals, and his family, and I began to feel an energy in my stomach again. A line was placed in each h

Untitledqueen's line of energy qurnaand, each going in opposite directions and I had to blow energy along a central line. It was like the shape of a cob of corn with a leaf at each side.

Then I found myself pulling in the central cord, back into my tan tien. It went a long way! Once it was back in my belly I felt another connection, going in the same direction, but slightly to the left of it. There was a small gold pin at the end of a thin line, the earth anchoring pin. I gently picked it up and reeled it back into my belly too.

Then I saw myself placing a gold king’s crown on someone’s head. Might have been Omar.

I was still feeling energy so I waited to see what would happen next. A large diamond energy, filled with diamond layers, was impressed into the front of my energy-field and it continued moving into me until I was in the central diamond. This is obviously the downloads for the Diamond Merkaba, the energies which will need activating in Sahl Hasheesh. I didn’t know that that could happen! It just goes to show, we really are just programmable vessels!

It took me a little while to realise that the gold line connections were the first ones I had made when I first moved here. Within a couple of weeks of being here, I was being visited by a young Egyptian girl’s spirit. It frightened the hell out of Omar, who still believes in Djinns! This girl told me that she had been buried with her mistress, the Queen, because she held all of the queen’s secrets. It had nothing to do with her needing her handmaid in the afterlife! But this girl was my guide to the energies here and to what needed to be anchored here. I saw her a week ago, standing by my window, but she seemed faint, like a ghost rather than a living spirit. I didn’t understand what she was doing there…but now I do!

(Having published this two days after I wrote it, ad having had another, smaller, diamond Merkaba download, I think it is to do with the programs for both Sahl Hasheesh and Hurghada. They are obviously connected in some way. The reason I know that is because my guides asked me today, 17th, if I gave them permission for the downloading of the Light codes for Hurghada and then they requested the same permission for Sahl Hasheesh!)

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