13 July 2016. Crystal Activation.

ruby spiderReceived an activation today which might be part of my preparation for moving to the new place. I was sitting at the computer, which I do most days here when I am not crafting, when I felt and saw a golden rod being activated in my body and along it, crystals were lit up.

I looked to see what the crystals were and where they were being activated. Amber was in the crown, where I expected it to be as I was given this energy whilst on holiday in Grau du Roi with Cheryl Brennan a few years ago.  Emerald is at the third eye. Blue Sapphire at the throat, diamond at the heart. I couldn’t see any more below that for a few minutes, probably because I was ‘expecting’ to see more crystals all the way down! But then I saw the red and black spider of the earth-lines sitting on my abdomen. It was holding a large red ruby at my Tan Tien/Hara. The crystals were all active and shining brightly. Next small white wings appeared at my temples, like the Hat of Hermes! actrivation

The imagery changed and then I saw myself planting this rod on the beach, close to the water’s edge in the Red Sea. I remembered, before coming to Egypt, how I had been given the energies for Luxor too, but then it was a large wooden pole, like a central support for a round house, and I had to plant it at the water’s edge of the Nile! So these were the layers I was going to be working on while I stay there.

Next, I could feel the energy of a Native American warrior, not my usual Nat. American guide. I asked him who he was and he gave me his name, Red Feather. Ah, I thought, time for art and writing then! I will write the story of how I got to know Red Feather another day.  He placed an eagle feather in my body, facing downwards. The tip of the feather  at the bottom of my spine and the shaft end is at my throat.

Then I hear “ Fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, Stabilise. Reconnect it. Mass extinction.” I immediately shared the message with Eartha, as we have both been getting stuff like this since 2006. She felt it was a ‘possible time-line’ reality. One time-line would be the outcome our guides suggests, and the other time-line was not!

I thought about that and wondered if that is what Red Feather meant. That we could stabilise it, minimising the damage? There has been so much already! I wondered what a fluctuation in the magnetic field of the planet would be like? So I googled it! Hmm…not so good then!!! So maybe Eartha is right. Maybe we need to work on stabilising the field so that didn’t get to experience what would otherwise be pretty disastrous outcome.

Maybe that is the next step!




2 thoughts on “13 July 2016. Crystal Activation.

  1. Talk about synchronicity!! About an hour before I read this post I was reading a book called The Mayan Ouroboros by Drunvalo Melchizedek and learnt about the magnetic fields of the Earth destabilising and shifting in order to accommodate the changes needed to bring in the Golden Age, as prophesied by the Mayans. Then I read this post about your Native American guide….I might have to meditate on this to figure out the meaning of it all!


    • Ah. I haven’t read that one!!! I shall take a look! I did his flower of Life work in the late 90’s and that brought me to Egypt for the first time! If you want to know more about Red Feather read Jonathon Ray Spinney’s book, “The Awakening of Red Feather”. I will write a blog about how I connected to Red Feather. I haven’t connected to him in nearly ten years so I didn’t know who this Nat. Am. spirit energy was that was coming in, until he gave me his name. I had forgotten all about him!
      Re: the magnetic field, I guess change happens energetically, on all levels. It’s never an easy ride! x


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