Current Events Advice from ‘Upstairs’. 30th June 2016.

20150823_194005It is critical that you remain balanced in this situation. People’s fears will arise and will appear to flood the country and the world, much as the earth’s waters have flooded the Earth. Now it is time for humans to play their part. Let us guide you through this difficult terrain until you find you your new Niche. It will shortly appear on the horizon, like a beacon of hope in the darkness. Do not be dismayed at what you see happening around you. Just let it flow past, like flotsam on the water. Let this river run past you and soon clear waters will come into view. It is time to shake the world out of its complacency. Time for the world to awaken and see the damage it has created through its lack of generosity, its lack of faith in Divine Providence and its lack of faith in Love to carry them forward.
Let us all join together now in groups and pave the way for a more balanced and loving future. A future where all who share earth’s abundance with others and who love one another will flourish. Love WILL outweigh the ‘bad’ here, just have faith and trust that all will be well, and all will be well. Plan your lives carefully, thinking about the impact you have on the planet and you will find that you are looked after magnificently. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, a saying which has been said many times and remains true to this day. There is never anything to fear if you have complete faith that your souls will guide you, if you let them, into calmer waters. It might take extra effort on your part, but isn’t that effort worth it?

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