Let Go!

B0001336There is a very easy option! LET GO.

The Magdalene energies have arisen. Allow yourself to partake of them then use them wisely. Liberate yourself from the yoke of subservience and stand in your power. Trust that others can take care of themselves. Liberate yourself from thinking that all depends on you and give others the opportunity to discover their own resources. Try to achieve this and your life will improve 10-fold.

Liberate yourself from impulsive action. If you feel angry at other people’s demands on your time and energy, look at what drives your reactions and emotional motives. Let go of the fear that they can’t look after themselves. Although they may still need your guidance from time to time, they need to learn independence. Give them this now. It is necessary! Let go.

Bridge the gap between understanding and non-understanding. The way forward is there if you but look for it.

Feel the blood coursing through your veins. Feel the throb of the heartbeat of the Earth. Breathe the fresh mountain air come home to yourself.

Feel the seasons changing times, feel as the Earth begins to slow down and go within, allowing her life-force to rest and recuperate. Allow yourself to do likewise.


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