The Future for Woman-kind. Channelling.

6th September 2016.

fantasy-36It is written, that in man’s greatest hour of need, that Mother Nature will turn against him and all of his cruelties.  That She will close her eyes to the suffering which he has inflicted on the innocents and that She will refuse to participate in the cruel seduction that manipulates the masses, under the ‘guise’ of leadership.

Mankind is about to find that neither man, woman nor beast is to be spared. It is only through the harsh reality of Nature’s power that mankind will be brought to its knees. Once this process of ‘cleansing’ is complete you will find an altogether different humanity, a ‘humanity’ truly deserving of that name.

In times to come this period will be known in history as ‘the great upheaval’, and in the generations to come, mankind will find himself with more respect; more respect for himself, for the Earth and for his equal in nature, Womankind. For it is to her he will look when Nature finally rebels.

Womankind will prove to be fantasy-41the saviour of mankind, for they are resilient and have suffered much at the hands of man. Now their time is coming. The Great Mother will take her place beside a very much humbled ‘man-kind’ and the world will change its direction. New leaders will rise from the ashes of the old, as will new ‘queendoms’. Now it is the time for the great new beginning.

Mortality rates will be high during this time so prepare for much grief. This cannot be avoided. But fare thee well and we will come as and when necessary to give the next steps on your journey, until you find yourself in your own place on earth, the place you chose many moons ago.

Adonai, dear sister, we wish you well on the next leg of the journey. Fare thee well.

The Masters of humanity.

If any of these images are yours please message me and I will credit you. 

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