The Women’s Revolution. Channelled.

2 September 2016.

serpent-5The goal of feminism is not to make men obsolete, but to recognise that women have a God-given right to a free life, a fulfilling life, a creative life, just as man has afforded himself those rights. It is not man’s role to control the women around him, but to recognise that without women they would not survive.

The danger, at present, is that man believes that he is at the top of the social pyramid and therefore his beliefs and ideas should be everyone’s, especially women’s.  If women are to be a force for change in this world, then they need to ask themselves two things:

1) Do they feel that they have the ‘right to exist alongside’ man, or do they ‘believe’ that they are second-class citizens, as they have been taught?

2) Do they believe that they can succeed?

This latter question is most important, for if they believe that they will not succeed, that the odds are stacked against them, then they will not be successful.fantasy-66

Any anthropologist will tell you, that the female of the species is the one that maintains the integrity of the group. The male role is for the procreation and the protection of the more vulnerable members of the society, not that females cannot also fulfil that role, but the male ‘stands guard’ while the female ‘gives birth.’ That is their pairing. While a woman is birthing life, creating new forms, she is vulnerable and the man’s role is to keep her safe from predators.

Unfortunately, man has become the predator and therefore women are no longer safe, as they were long ago. Now the time has come for women to take up the Rod of Power once more, and to wield that power for the benefit of mankind. It is time for the women of the world to take her place beside man, but first, man has to learn a hard lesson, and this lesson is long overdue.

Culturally, women have been born to breed, born to care-take, and to care for and maintain, man’s position in his self-created world. That is all about to change and only time will tell if the women of the world can rise to the challenge.fantasy-71

Now it is time to re-install the new codes of women’s empowerment. The codes that will be transmitted to every woman on the planet, young and old, codes that will reaffirm the power of Womanhood in an ailing world. Time to give back to the world what man, in his quest and greed for power, has stripped away.

Prepare now for a revolution, but this time, it will be a revolution of woman-kind and the collapse of the old world, birthing the new. Prepare yourself for this great new adventure, and let it bring a note of joy, long missing, to your world. It has been a long time coming.

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