The Merkaba and Attunements. A History…

orasi_iezekiil_1This morning my guides gave me the name ‘Ezekiel’.  They had given it to me the week before, when I was with Eartha, but I had forgotten it. So this morning, having been prompted again, I looked it up. I knew he was a prophet of the Hebrew tradition and that he had had a vision of a fiery wheeled chariot of God, but that was about it. However, googling him opened up some interesting information.

He was a Jewish prophet, born in 622 BC, in Israel, who had many visions of the energies of ‘God’ as he understood it. Today we might think of it as ‘The Source’, or the Universe’ etc. His first vision was that of the Merkaba, the Throne of God. We think of the Merkaba as a more modern energetic ‘structure’ but it has its roots in Judaism, and that tradition came originally from Egypt.

Breaking down the word we know that it had its origins in Egypt, in the priestess/priest training. Mer-Ka-Ba.  Mer is the personality, the Human Will, in Egyptian language. It is our personality, with all of its desires and cravings, etc. It also is the symbol of the Hoe, which was used to create the foundations of the temples. The Ka is our Spirit body. That part of us that can leave the physical body at will and wanders around doing work in places which we cannot reach, but it is always connected to us. It contains our ancient knowledge and training, garnered through prior temple lifetimes, in many cultures. The Ba is our Soul awareness, our connection to All That Is, and that part of us which learns through our Human experiences. So the Merkaba is our ‘Whole Self’, capable of living in multi-dimensional realities. Once we have learned to work within these multi-dimensional fields we can expand ourselves and work in many dimensions, both earth-based and Universal.

I think that is why it was known as the Chariot. We have to have all of our humanness, and our soul selves, under control, moving in one direction. We have to be able to move in the Direction of our Divine selves in order to work with Divine Will. We have to have the ability to work in multiple dimensions, within all kingdoms of Nature. 1795584_397458507092525_8987570543129237552_n

 Merkavah mysticism was a school of early Jewish mysticism. It concerned Ascension, or ascending to heavenly palaces. Part of this mysticism concerned the Ma’aseh Merkabah, a collection of poems recited by those in the process of ascension. These hymns contained long lists of the secret names of God,and specific Angels, connected to the seven Palaces. These were recited during various rituals, involving 40 days of fasting and meditation. The meditated on the secret names, and on the ‘seals’ which were the Divine names, and he placed these ‘seals’ on various parts of his body, invoking the prince of the Torah, Yofiel, who would then ‘descend’ into the person, filling him with his Light.  Different names of God were placed on hands and feet, arms and legs, head and heart, etc. Much the same way as we pass healing/activating attunements today. That original process was taught by Moses, who had taken the Sacred energies and teachings of Ascension out of Egypt and to safety.

(But these attunements were also part of Eastern traditions, such as the process which Usui underwent in his own spiritual development and which became the system of Reiki.)ascension

Moses did his own training in the temples of Egypt, before trying to free people who were ‘slaves’ to a system of greed and power. I also believe that the Hebrew people were the remnant of Akhenaten’s people, who worshipped the  god, Aten, who was the Solar Sun, and embodied both male and female in his aspects.  Ever since I began my own spiritual journey I have always had a connection to Egypt and Moses, although I did not understand it at the time. I had many outer-body experiences, where I was communicating with Moses and an Egyptian pharaoh. I had no idea what it was about, but my Soul did. I don’t want to go into spiritual fantasy here about Akhenaten, and Moses, as I don’t fully understand the relationship between them, but I know that our current system is based on that relationship.

Our three main Religions have their root in this relationship and if we are to undo the negative outgrowths of these religions we have to go back to the beginning and weed out negative human influences, bringing back the teachings to balance and to their original intention. I think that is why we have to heal ourselves of our human desires and small Will, in favour of service and following our Divine Will. We have to bring our small self under control, without demonising it. It is, after all,  the only way that Divinity can manifest its vision! Our human self is the medium of expression, which is why it is important that we do our best to clear it of our own personal desires, our ‘Mer-self’, and to build ourselves anew, without denying our darkness. We need to go into our own darkness in order to heal it. Denying its existence in favour of ‘Ascension’ is counter-productive. One is part of the other.

What I find interesting in all of this is that we are effectively following an Ancient Egyptian spiritual tradition and an Ancient Japanese tradition too! Both traditions incorporate an attunement, or Reiju, to pass energy, although the Egyptian/Judaic one seems to be a self-initiated one, under the guidance of a senior teacher. What is also important to remember, is that in that ancient Egyptian/Hebrew tradition, the attunements were connected to the Ascension process and Merkaba development.

Mikao Usui too received his teachings from a spiritual source, which he then passed on others, working with them for many years, as do a number of other systems, such as Magnified Healing. Nothing we are doing is original, but is based on spiritual practices that have been in existence for thousands of years! The only thing that changes is the language!

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