A ‘Changing your Reality’ Technique.

mirror-glass-broken-lake-impact-by-erik-johanssonOne of the first things I learned on my healing path was that we create our own reality. What we believe about the world, about people, and about life, is reflected in the world around us. If we don’t like what we see and experience, then we need to look inside ourselves to find out what beliefs, and the emotions connected to them, are creating our actions and hence, our reality.

The beliefs generated by our previous experiences become the generator of our present reality so we need to explore our inner selves in order to uncover the original belief.

This is a Seth method I use to find out what is generating my negative beliefs. And by the way, not all beliefs are negative. We create positive realities for ourselves too, but when our lives are not working then it is a good idea to find out why!

“Ask that some image or picture be presented in your inner mind, that will serve as representative of those portions of your own inner reality. Ask it to speak to you and tell you how to best rid yourself of…whatever issue you are struggling with. If a landscape appears, then ask for a series of such images, that will somehow point the way toward recovery, or toward resolution of the problem. Then follow through with whatever reply you receive.” 

This is an example of one session I did with this technique: I was a beautiful, tropical fish exploring the coral reefs. An Angel-fish, with lots of colours. I swam alone, exploring my watery world and perfectly happy with my situation. I took wonder and delight in finding interesting things to eat and see. nemo

Then a hook descended into the water and I took it. Suddenly I was hauled out of my world and plopped into a fish-tank, a simulation of the world I used to live in, but small, like one you would put in your living-room. The fish (me) was so sad, and she had lost all of her adventurous spirit. I asked her how I could heal this situation and she said to me frantically, through the glass of the tank, “You have to leave here. This place is killing you.” Then she opened her mouth and inside was a large ruby. She spat it out over the edge of the fish tank and told me to put it in my heart. So I saw myself doing as she said.

I asked her to show me where to go and I saw myself packing my luggage and putting it in the back of a truck, and heading off to some place better and freer. She told me that I would know by June! (I did this exercise in Oct 2014)

I was quite surprised by the intensity of the fish’s feelings. But I did recognise how this place was slowly killing me. I had no life here, 0ther than what others ‘allowed’ me to have, and even though I knew that there was a purpose to it, I had had enough of it.

As it happened, I had to go back to the UK to sort out my house and while I was there I went to Paris to pick up a Ruby energy from Chartres Catheral. It went into my heart! I took it back to Egypt with me. I knew that my work here in Luxor was done but I had to wait for the opening to come. It did…in June 2016! I found a lovely place on the East Coast of Egypt, on the Red Sea, and rented it for two years! I knew it was the right place as I had made an energetic connection to a woman, two weeks previously and had seen myself sign a contract with her, so when I found the flat, owned by a lovely English woman, I recognised her energy. We move at the end of October. fih

What is also interesting is that when I got back from the UK, in April of this year (2016), we had to buy a new A/C, a water-generated one! After a few days it begins to smell like a fish-tank!!! The message was clear enough!

But it took two years, after doing this exercise, to actually change my reality. Beliefs change but all of the issues generated by the beliefs have to change too. It’s not an overnight miracle, but doing these inner-change-exercises work if we trust what presents itself in our reality and then take the actions necessary to bring them into our lives. I could have ignored the prompt to go to Paris, and I could have ignored the opportunity to go to the Red Sea, allowing my fear to stop me. But I didn’t. And that made the difference!

Use this technique whenever you are faced with a situation you don’t like and allow yourself to change your world. You’re worth it!



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