Teaming up with your soul.

egypt-egyptian20princess20-2098One of the things I have found, as a result of doing the Gaia Method, is that I work more as my Soul-self than my human personality. I am very much aware of my Soul essence within my body, as though my body is the vehicle for my Soul to carry out its work. That has taken quite some getting used to and a few lifetimes of having my human Will stripped away so that I could allow my Soul consciousness more access to my present life.

I remember when this first started to happen, although I did not realise that it was ‘my Self’ at the time, but when I was doing self-development and healing, which was pretty much all of the time, I would sometimes feel another energy coming into my body. This energy was female and she could look through my eyes. I remember knowing at the time that she had beautiful, large almond-shaped eyes, and she was looking through my eyes into the physical world. She had a lovely energy and was interested in everything she saw.

It was only recently that I learned that she is my own Soul-Self, and her name is Ruteel. As I began to receive more and more of the Gaia Method I found that ‘aspects’ of myself could move around quite independently of ‘me’. The first time that that happened I was working at Knowlton Henge about ten years ago and I had to work with a Round Barrow which was in a field. However, I could not get to the field. As I stood looking at the barrow, wondering how I was going to get to it, I ‘saw’ a part of myself, as an Egyptian priestess, move out of my body and walk towards the barrow. I was fascinated! I watched her greet another woman, who stood on top of it. This other woman was from the Bronze Age culture that had built the mound. (I have written this on another blog).

When she was finished doing wsoulselfhat she needed to do, she walked back and re-joined me. After that, it happened quite a lot. But not always as Egyptian; often she would appear as an ancient Briton; a young woman wearing a white linen dress and with a white circlet of flowers around her head, it all depended on what was needed. I learned that these aspects were previous personalities who had been trained in this work in my previous lifetimes. I was accessing that ancient training in the present. That also told me that there was a definite connection between the energy-work in Britain and in Egypt, going back centuries.

The more I healed myself, the more I studied and the more I tried to raise my consciousness to my Soul awareness, the more I became my Soul-Self. The healing of my ‘issues’ and my past was incredibly important in this process because our fears, sadness, and traumas keep us locked into the physical body. It stops us from moving forward. As my guides said, ‘You cannot put anything into a glass that is already full’.

As I healed I learned to trust, trust in my guidance and what I saw. And the more I trusted the more I became my Soul. This process really is about allowing the Soul-Self to do what you and She/He has come to do. You are a team, working together, for the benefit of future generations of Humanity. That does not mean, however, that you become a saint! When you are going through your human stuff it can get messy, but you know that you are healing it and can view it from your soul perspective.

The more you do that, the more energy-work you do and the more energy you receive, the more you become a team. You know thathe-light-bodyt you are here to serve. You, your Soul and your guides/teachers, and all the people who are on the same ‘job’ understand that. The trick is to let go and to allow yourselves to be Soul-guided.

It takes many years of healing to get to that place of trust, and the younger you start the sooner you get there. And even once you get there you still continue healing. That is also why you are here. You never stop expanding into yourself. The more you do, the more you CAN do!

Sometimes this soul journey can feel rather bewildering, because it also affects your physical body. I go through periods of feeling like my batteries are flat, and have to go to bed and sleep, or I feel ill and have no idea why, but I have a deep intuition that it is something I just need to allow to flow through me. Something is being released, or worked through, and I have to allow it to do what it does, even if it takes time. It’s usually connected to past issues, or there is something energetic happening around me, like an environmental healing, that I do not need to be part of. I am usually told when that is the case.

Letting go of the need to be in control all the time is a huge part of this letting go. Control comes from fear and fear is something you need to let go of. Trusting your Soul and your guides, knowing that they have your best interests at heart is part of it. And knowing that you chose all of this in the first place, and you are continually choosing.

You do not become an automaton, with some unseen force pulling your strings, but you do learn that everything you do is for a particular reason. You might not understand that reason at the time, but you will. There might be karmic reasons for where you are, or you might be needed in a locality. You might have a ‘contract’ with someone and need to be there, or it might be a combination of lots of things. Trusting is the key!

It’s all about teamwork, and learning to be your Soul-self while still in your physical body. That, to me, is Ascension, not leaving your body to become an energetic one, but allowing a space for your Soul to enter into you more consciously. Our Soul is in our body from the moment of conception or birth and leaves it at our death and while we sleep. We have whole other existences that we don’t remember, but we CAN live more and more with our Soul memories and gifts while in this body. We just have to want it.

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