What is it to be a King…?

Sometimes I wake up with my guides telling me stuff! Often it is in response to questions I have been asking in my head, exploring the whys and wherefores of life as a Soul in human incarnation.

Like many people at the moment, I am thinking of Rulership. What does it mean to be a Ruler of a country, be it King, Queen, Prime Minister, President, Taoiseach, etc? I have been looking back at my own past-life history and the ruling positions I have had over the centuries, most of them pretty badly handled, unfortunately!  As Souls, we learn about all facets of human development and this includes the role of leader. Lessons in how to rule, how to wield power fairly etc, are all part of our soul learning.

Not me!

About fifteen years ago I had a regression session with Melvyn Foey, a Network Chiropractor who I see regularly. During that session, I went back into a life I had as an Indian Maharajah, a long time before the coming of the English. When I was a young boy I had a spiritual teacher, who was training me to be a wise and good king. My father died early and I became King but I wasn’t old enough to rule so my mother ruled in my stead. My teacher was trying to teach me humility and how to rule well but I was incredibly narcissistic, and abusive. His teachings were wasted on me.

My mother constantly fed me with her ideas, which contradicted my teacher’s, and which were far more attractive to me than ideas of spiritual humility and service. To me, they smacked of powerlessness and I wanted power. I had power. That was the most amazing thing I experienced in the regression. My power energy radiated out from me. It was like a drug. It disconnected me from any other human emotion. If someone was ‘weak’ or did something wrong I would not hesitate to kill them. They didn’t matter to me, especially women. It was like being tapped into an unending source of energy that gave me godlike powers over life and death. It was an addiction.

However, that life ended badly! A failed assassination attempt shocked me so much that I developed a mental illness. I could not understand why anyone would want to kill me and I became paranoid and hid myself away. It was a complete shock to the system. Wasn’t I all-powerful? My mother remained the ruler behind the scenes while I sank further and further into a bottomless pit of paranoia and depression.

The people of my kingdom staged a revolt and stormed the palace, dragging me out into the grounds.  I was pushed to my knees by the leader of the revolt. In front of the crowd, he was going to take my head. As he looked down at me, sword in hand, I looked up at him, and with a sudden moment of lucidity, I recognised that he was just like me! Power hungry and ruthless. I laughed and my life ended with one swing of his sword. 

As a result of that regression, I see through different eyes. I see Trump and his ego and I remember myself! I see the leaders of countries fulfilling their own personal needs for power and control. And I remember myself! How can I judge them when I have been there? That’s not to say that I can’t dislike them, but I can’t judge them.

I have had other lives, where I have been the observer of rulers, or advisors to them, and also lifetimes where I experienced being abused as a young ruler, so I have learned about power!

This morning’s message, coming in just as I was waking up, was about being a king, and what that meant. The message was “As a king, you act charitably.” It is not about desiring personal power, but of acting charitably towards the people who put you in that position. It isn’t about personal needs but about other’s needs. You are in a position of wealth and governance to help the poor and to make other’s lives better. The people’s wealth is not your wealth. It is there to create order, to create stability, to create balance. Needless to say this also applies to women in power, it’s not only about kings.

Thinking of why my guides specifically spoke about kings, in terms of the Gaia Method and the men who train in the system, it is about learning to use their skills and abilities to benefit others. This doesn’t mean that they live in penury while others live off of them, but it means that money is there to be used to benefit the lives of others as well as yourself. All is balance; you cannot help anybody financially if you are destitute! As my guides told me a few years ago, “You are not a philanthropist.” I was surprised and questioned their meaning. Their reply was “Because philanthropists are rich!” At that time I was trying to serve others but I was sacrificing my own needs to do it, which left me in a worse position than they were!  I was giving out-of-balance, so I turned it around!

Nuada Airgetlam, King of the Tuatha De Danaan.

The role of men in the Gaia Method is to learn to be a king, a leader, even if outwardly you look nothing like one. It is an internal process, a process of letting go of ‘holding on’. It is an initiatic path of service, just as it is for women. But the healing is different because men are raised differently in our society. Think of the old spiritual kings, King Arthur, Egyptian kings until after Akhenaten’s reign, the stories of King Nuada, Aairgetlam. They were ‘married’ to Sovereignty, the Female Power of the Land and its people. They role was to serve. They trained to be king, letting go of personal desires for power and wealth and learned to put the land, through the Divine Feminine energy, and her people first. Letting go of the need for control is a powerful step!

If they failed, on any level, they lost their power and their position. It was a constant balancing act for them. Nuada lost his arm in a battle and lost his position. He was no longer ‘perfect’, i.e. he had lost his connection to the Goddess. Arthur too, lost himself, because he became too emotionally attached to his desire for personal connection to Guinevere, who was Sovereignty.

The path to Divine Kingship is the path of letting go and learning to serve. It is the path of the Eagle. Learning to use higher vision to soar above the selfish human desires and the need for power-over. There is nothing wrong with desire, but for a king, it has to be channelled correctly. There is nothing wrong with having power so long as it too is used correctly. There is nothing wrong with being rich, so long as we remember to use it well in the service of others, in however you feel guided to do. A

A King is evolved enough, through healing and hard work, to desire to serve the greater good. He is training to be the partner of Sovereignty and women in the system are training to be Sovereignty!  Everything is balance! The great outcome of this path is that we learn to create our lives more richly, because it removes our unconscious fears of ‘having’. We are not just doing this for ourselves, but for others!

For men to reach Kingship status, he has learned to value women, letting go of unconscious and conscious beliefs about them as powerless, sexual, or whatever their particular beliefs tell them. He has to heal his own Mother issues, his relationship issues etc. The same as women have to do about the father, and their own lack of power and sovereignty.

There is a progression of development for men. They are a Knight, serving a Lady, just like in the Old Days!  The Lady assists the knight to let go of his old beliefs about women, and the power issues that arise from those beliefs. The Knight protects the lady, making it easier for them both to carry out their work, assisting the Land and its people.  The Lady too works on her negative beliefs around men and heals her own traumas around power and abuse at the hand of men and patriarchal systems.  The man might never reach King Status, and that’s OK. Not all women can heal enough of themselves to reach their Sovereignty role either. But it is the desire to work hard and get there that counts.

The Lady too works on her negative beliefs around men and heals her own traumas around power and abuse at the hand of men and patriarchal systems.  They teach each other how to rule in service. The man might never reach King Status, and that’s OK. Not all women can heal enough of themselves to reach their Sovereignty role either. But it is the desire to work hard and get there that counts.



2 thoughts on “What is it to be a King…?

  1. It is not much unlike some Native American Nations that aere matrilineal. The Clan Mother run the Clans and Fall under a senior clan mother who reports to the Village Leader/Chief. This creates balance and harmony in the village’s many clans. Thank you for sharing about this system of healing.
    Many Blessings.


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