Dimensions and Planes.

Ever since I began my conscious development in this lifetime I have never understood the information about us, as Humans, moving into higher dimensions in our physical bodies. It never made any sense to me because, I know that we are in a physical body, living in a physical world, bound by physical laws. BUT, I also understand that we don’t understand the full capabilities of those Laws and therefore we don’t utilise them the way we could do.

Seth (Jane Roberts) explains that “subconsciously, there is no limit, really, to what the mind can accomplish. On this plane, you must work within certain limits. Man simply cannot use all of his abilities on the earth plane indiscriminately.”

I also know that we, in consciousness, can communicate and connect to other dimensions and Planes, but we don’t inhabit them, and we still remain very physical.

So I asked my guides for more understanding of this and they sent me  the first book by Seth (Jane Roberts) that I had not read before, and Seth goes into that very subject! So I have taken the information and created a graphic to help explain it. I always understand better with images!dimensions

“Consider then a network of wires, somewhat like a maze of interlocking wires endlessly constructed, so that looking through them there would seem to be no beginning and no end. Your plane could be likened to a small position between four very spindly and thin wires, and my plane could be likened to the small position in the neighbouring wires on the other side. Yet not only are we on different sides of the same wires, but we are at the same time either above or below, according to your viewpoint. (Think of our belief that heaven is above us and hell below). If you consider the wires forming cubes then the cubes could also fit one within the other without disturbing the inhabitants of either cube one iota: and these cubes are also within cubes, which are themselves within cubes, and I am speaking now of only the small particle of space taken up by your plane and mine. Again now think merely in terms of your plane, bounded by its small spindly set of wires, and my plane on the other side. These have also boundless solidity and depth, yet in usual circumstances to one side, the other is transparent. You cannot see through, but the two planes move through each other constantly.

I have initiated the idea of motion, for true transparency is not the ability to see through, but to move through. This is what I mean by the Fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is Space. The fourth dimension is Time.

Now, if you remove the wires and cubes, things behave as though the wires and cubes were still there. They are constructs necessary to make things comprehensible. For all practical purposes, we must behave as if the wires are there. There are certain planes which I (Seth) cannot glimpse from my viewpoint. I realise that the changes that must occur before I can view those other planes will occur in me, not in the other planes. Again, if you will consider our maze of wires, I will ask you to imagine them filling up everything that is, with your plane and my plane like two small bird’s nests in the net-like fabric of some gigantic tree.

If you consider the wires again, you could view them as solidified emotion, woven together, however, with the strong cohesive and stiffening power of the intellect. With feeling alone, although it is the basis, you would have an inconsistent, very precarious framework. Reason,nests7 is the form that disciplines and upholds these frameworks.

You consider that these wires are also mobile, constantly trembling, and also live, in that they not only carry the stuff of the Universe but are themselves projections of this stuff. However, it (the structure) is no more actually seen or touched than is the buzzing of a million invisible bees.”

So, to sum it up, we live on the Earth plane, our guides live on another plane, and there are many other planes with their own laws, which also exist, and which we, and they, can enter but will not be seen in, or maybe occasionally glimpsed.  On the earth plane we exist in the third dimension and are governed by the fourth, and the fifth, i.e Time and Space. When we become more skilled in working with Time, we are able to access other lifetimes, other times in other places and experience Time as a framework rather than as a linear progression. While doing earthwork we can traverse Time and gain information from times past which has been lost to our present selves. We also learn to work in the fifth dimension of Space. I will go into both of these dimensions in more detail later, giving you examples of how it works, in my experience of earthwork.

The dimensions are not places we inhabit, like the Planes, but are energetically experienced.  We cannot live in it as we can live in other planes of existence.

So, the dimensions and Planes are different things, and the only way we are going to get out of this Plane is by leaving our physical body and going back to the Soul Plane. And as we chose to be here in the first place, we may as well get on with it!

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