Ancient Lemurian Training.

b0003985I received this channelling in April 2007, while doing work with Chris Bishop in Cader Idris, Wales. What a phenomenal place! The channelling came from ancient Lemurians, which makes me slightly uncomfortable, as for me, the jury is still out on that particular civilisation.  However, I could not doubt what they were telling me because it made perfect sense, so I decided to suspend judgement. (Cader Idris feels like an ancient volcano). I wrote this, sitting on a rock beside a bottomless lake, high up in the mountain.

7th April 2007.

“In ancient times this cone of light kept the balance within this part of the world.

Lemuria once formed part of this ancient land and only now is it possible for humanity to have the Lemurian knowledge released into their world. They have reached this point of readiness just as we reached our developmental milestones. Only ‘time’ will tell whether humanity will use this knowledge for the good of their race or to their detriment.

All of the energies you work with here are Lemurian in origin. We worked with telluric forces, the forces of, and within, the Earth’s field. We are holding a lens up to you now so that you may more clearly see our world and how we utilised these energies.

Volcanoes were huge storehouses of power but the power was dependent on how we, as a culture, operated our energetic systems. We were very aware that the forces within and of the Earth could be very volatile and we needed to ensure that those who were proficient in working with the elemental Devas, and other forces of nature, were able to maintain this delicate balance. Only when this balance was disturbed did the rebalancing become necessary.b0003951

We worked hand in hand with Nature’s forces and this kept our world ‘alive’. It is only in coming to places such as this that it is possible for those sensitive enough to access the ‘memory energies’ of our civilisation. It is not a complicated ‘energy science’ but it does take a long time to develop the necessary skills. It is not a simple matter of attending university and, once the degree is attained, you are ready to work. No, it is a far more in-depth training which is needed.

Each student, recognised from birth, trained to a high level, EVERY DAY OF THEIR LIVES.  Their work required complete and utter dedication to the forces of light and to the forces of nature. Only in dedicating themselves ‘completely’ could they hope to attain the higher levels of training, which when reached meant they could then teach others. This was the goal. Each student learned the varied degrees and levels of energy required for a harmoniously balanced planet.

To reach this point, he had to reach these points in ‘his own personal development’. Only in doing this, on all levels, could he hope to understand the underlying unity of the planet and its place in the universe. Without this, there would be no ‘real’ understanding and the student could only progress so far.b0003943

Mother and son, Father and daughter, would work together in pairs. This ensured a knowledge of both balance and co-operation for, one day each student would be provided with a partner to work with and this ensured the correct energetic pairings. Although partners were chosen for them, the student could agree or not, and they would choose another match.

In many mystery schools, this was the normal practice as this ensured the balance between the emotional life and the energetic life. The emotions of romantic love, and all the trappings which go with it can act as an impediment to the work of harmonising the Earth’s core energetic state. This, although challenging, was an accepted part of the mystery school training.”

In many ways, our work with the Gaia Method works along similar lines to this ancient training, and it feels to me we are being taught this way of working so we can hold the earth in balance too. I experienced a powerful initiation here with the Goddess Artemis. It was life-changing, to say the least!

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