The Brigit Flame. Part Five. St Mary’s Church, Crawley, Hampshire.

St Mary’s Church is a lovely village church, set back from the main street in Crawley. I had decided to drive through the top of the village, rather than the bottom like I normally do, on impulse. The village pond is at the bottom of this village and I like to see the ducks and coots sitting on the grass beside it or trying to walk across the frozen surface during cold spells.

St Mary’s Church.

This time, As I drove past, I had no intention of stopping. I had not received any energetic information about doing this church, no energy-connections or visual information to tell me I needed to do anything here, yet I spontaneously decided to stop. Sometimes, when that happens, it is as if another part of me wants my personality part to explore something. I usually have to give in because if I don’t, it tugs at me for days afterwards.

I parked up and walked the path through the very pretty graveyard. Inside, the church was freezing. I imagine it is too expensive to heat an empty church so they leave the heating off until they hold services.

As usual, I went straight to the Altar but felt nothing. Nada, zilch, not a glimmer. What was I doing here, then, I wondered. Why did I stop instead of simply driving past? I checked the time on my phone and discovered I had forgotten my reading glasses. Damn! Then I thought that I really shouldn’t be so negative. The feelings of irritation would not help me to pick anything up.

Looking towards the Altar.

Because I could feel nothing there, I decided to look at the structure of the building. Energetically, nothing was happening in this part of the church. It also felt like there was no energy here at all but I could not understand why there wasn’t. I looked behind me and noticed the fragments of Norman dogtooth pattern on the masonry of the arch. I felt like I was looking at the external wall of the building and that this part with the altar was added on years after the Norman building. There were two very distinct energy regions going on.

Dog’s tooth pattern.

I walked into, what I felt, was the original part of the building and when I stood looking at the altar from there, I heard someone say ‘Go back a little further’. So I took a few steps back and when I did, saw a bright Brigit flame ignite on the ground in front of me. I continued to watch it as it grew until it had expanded as much as it was going to expand.

Next, I saw myself place a green and white crown of hawthorn blossoms at its base. This is the energy of the ancient Feminine Spring rituals that we had been given the gift of experiencing a couple of years ago at the Bronze Age burial mounds on Magdalene Down, on the other side of Winchester.


Once this had been anchored at the flame’s base, I saw a gold bejewelled crown being placed above the flame. This felt like a more Christian, Godly symbol, where the hawthorn was distinctly ‘pagan’ as if the two belief systems were being joined.

I had ‘brought in’ energy the previous day while cooking my father’s evening meal. Often, when doing something very unconnected with energy, I feel the energy coming in, activating in my body. When this happens, I feel the urge to raise my arms into the air to receive something or to bring down energy for some future work. In this instance, I was given a gold crown with jewels on it. It was big when it was above my head but as it moved over me it became smaller until it eventually fit snuggly around my waist. At the time I did not know what it was for, or why it was around my body, like a girdle (remember those?), but I soon forgot about it and got on with the cooking.

Now, however, I watched as the crown moved down to contain the uppermost part of the flame, just like the girdle. I have done this with flames before, but not with a crown. Usually, the containing energy looks like a wedding band, containing the energy of a flame and holding it at a constant frequency. It doesn’t matter how big the flame is, the gold band will hold its upper part so that the flame curves out over it.

Containing Energy of the Gold Crown.

The final part of this activation was the image of a priest swinging a thurible of incense over the area, allowing the smoke to waft over the bright orange flame. This dedicates and sanctifies the flame, blessing it. This image of a catholic priest blessing a Brigit Flame felt like an acceptance of some older, pre-Christian energies.

The energy of the Brigit Flame is a very different energy from the Magdalene Flame. It is a more earthy, creative vibration, whereas the Magdalene Flame is of a higher heart/thought vibration. The Brigit Flame relates to the Tan Tien in the human body, the creative centre behind the navel; the Magdalene Flame is a heart energy but from a higher spiritual level in the energy body. It allows access to higher levels of Soul information and intention.

There are seven energy layers in the earth’s energy body just as our energy-body has seven layers. The first level is the fiery lava beneath the earth’s mantle; the second level is water as it runs below the surface of the earth; the third level is the surface. These three levels make up the creative layers of the physical world. But above these three physical levels the energy changes. It is no longer physical. The layer immediately above the earth is a magenta, ruby layer, relating to the Mother consciousness. Certain sites are created to connect to this layer and we can create energy tubes to channel this living, rosy energy onto the physical plane. The MF (Magdalene Flame) is the aspect of the Mother that heals the wounded male energies and as such, it is an archetypal energy.

Magenta Mother Layer.

There are similarities between how older, prehistoric sites, and later sites, are set up to channel and hold both the energies of the Brigit Flame and the Ruby (the Magdalene flame is an archetypal energy of the Ruby/Mother energy). The BF is often in the centre of a circular site, where people would have been living, but the MF is usually at a gateway point some distance from the site centre but from where it can feed the entire area, adding the love of the Divine Mother. The creative energies of the MF positively influence the more physical creations manifested by the BF. In the past, before Christianity, the MF would have been known by another name, but we no longer know what that is. Perhaps it was simply Mother.

I was reminded of the manifesting energies of this work when I had finished the flame-work and had headed over to the Norman baptism font. I took a couple of photos and then something on the floor caught my eye.

Can you see them?

A pair of glasses. Laughing at myself for forgetting the principles of manifesting, I picked them up and put them on. I didn’t believe for one minute that they would be perfect. But they were, and I could write down all I had done so I wouldn’t forget it. It is easy not to remember important details later. They fade away like the mist.

I left them on the font before I left. Someone else might have forgotten theirs, or the owner might come back to claim them.

Thank you, St Mary’s, for the timely lesson around the manifesting energies of the Brigit Flame – and the perfect vision.

4 thoughts on “The Brigit Flame. Part Five. St Mary’s Church, Crawley, Hampshire.

  1. I used to work at NTL in Crawley Court during the 1990s. In warmer weather we would walk down to the village pond and back during our lunch hour. The walk would take us past St Mary’s.
    In 1996, we stood outside our offices at Crawley Court to watch the partial eclipse of the sun.


    • Hi Ben, that’s interesting. My ex used to work there too, would have been around the same time. He was a rigger. I was there a number of times, but saw the Solar eclipse from my house. A very strange experience. I could understand why people in the past viewed it with such fear.
      I love Crawley village. It has a very interesting history too, connected to English industry and the cotton trade. Crawley court was a big part of that history, naturally.


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