John Tavener and Father Yule in Winchester Cathedral.


17 July 2009. Although I wrote this a few years ago I thought I’d add it here.

 We went to see John Tavener in concert last night at Winchester cathedral and it was amazing! Prior to it I had spent the day at my daughter Bizzee’s house and had sprayed myself with ‘Brigit’ essence, an essence of the Goddess Brigit. For two hours later I felt dizzy and nauseous and completely ungrounded, very shaky! I wondered if it were the essence or because we had to do some work in the cathedral! Often my energy ‘prepares’ itself for earthwork and I just usually feel ill for a while. Its as if the the energies required at the site fill my ‘energy-field’ beforehand and its nearly too much to handle.

When we got into the cathedral the program said that Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ would also be played. It turned out to be rather pleasant but not a patch on Tavener! That was incredible. It really was energy music. It was called ‘Towards Silence’ and it was a meditation on the different states of Dying and Being, according to the Vedantas. The sound was created by a Tibetan singing bowl and strings. It was magical. Winchester cathedral was built on a a large blue leyline, a ‘water’ line and of feminine frequency. These lines are called the Dragon Lines in China.

As I listened I became aware of how the music seemed to open a gateway to another realm. Then, as I got more into the music I saw ‘Pan’ sitting up with the orchestra!! He was the fawn, with hairy legs, beard, leaves and berries around his head like a crown and playing a pipe!! He seemed to be in a ‘nature’ dimension which co-existed with ours but which was invisible most of the time.

Then he disappeared and Father Yule was sitting there, large as life!! ‘Father Yule’ I thought. ‘What’s he doing there. Isn’t he Saxon?’ He seemed to embody a pagan version of Father Christmas. He was a fat, red-cheeked man, naked except for a red cloak which hung around his shoulders and wore some kind of woollen trousers. Around his head he wore a crown of ripe fruit and leaves and his energy was that of male abundance!! I’ve never worked with that energy before so it was very interesting. When I ran a group in Winchester we went to the grounds around the Cathedral and did an energy working. At that time I kept seeing a huge monolith where the Cathedral now was. It seemed to be on an island surrounded by water. An energy which called himself ‘Jack in the Green’ showed me how it had been here in the past. It was a male fertility site (red star on image of Winchester below) and was balanced by St. Catherine’s Hill (pink star on image below) which lies nearly south of it. St. Catherine’s Hill is the Feminine site in the area and energy flows in from the sun and is then channelled through radiating energy lines from the centre of the hill to ‘feed’ the surrounding landscape with energy, keeping it fertile and abundant. However, the female needs the male to create so the cathedral obviously is part of this ‘partnership’.
I’m not used to working with the masculine fertility aspects of nature as I normally only work with the feminine creative essence so this was very interesting.

As I sat and watched the musicians playing in front of the ornate rood screen at the top of the nave the image changed and a group of white-robed ‘priests’ appeared in a circle, right in front of the stage where the musicians were playing. As they stood in the circle I saw a hole open up in the centre of this circle and gold light began to flow out, like honey. It continued to flow out, filling the floor of the cathedral with gold liquid until it lapped against the pillars and was quite a few feet deep. It seemed like the music was also filling the cathedral with gold light. The sun had nearly set and what light there was left of it shone into the cathedral, filling everything with a gold light. Combined with the Tibetan bowl, which was now resounding around the cathedral it felt incredibly powerful.

As the bowl continued to resound around the walls the image changed and I now saw vines and plants climbing up around the pillars. It was as though the cathedral was being filled with nature. A few minutes later the image changed again and now the fawn was visible on the stage. There was no roof any-more. The cathedral was open to the sky. Nature had returned.

The druid/priests walked in a line and stood in front of the stage, looking down the nave to where the audience were sitting. They seemed to be waiting. Then, as the music drew to a close, the Yule father appeared again, smiling broadly and the druids began to walk forward. I thought they were going to form a circle again but they walked around the outside of the circle they had created and then walked out a door in the south-side of the cathedral.
The music drew to a close, and in silence, everyone left the cathedral. A very wonderful evening…

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