Channelling. 5th November 2010. True life.

Gather around 2006-05-26 17.18.59 (2)you now the requirements for a life of simplicity and honour. Delve into the annals of history and resurrect the ancient knowledge of survival, based on a life of culture and tradition. Try not to question how life ‘should’ be in the future but gather together the resources which feel ‘real’ to you and in doing so you will find the key, for this life is not one of empty idleness but of quiet acceptance of your fate and destiny. It will provide you, and those around you, with the necessities of life. The basic requirements for a life filled with joy and quiet acceptance, so that life ceases to be a battle of wills and desires but becomes instead one of a life worth living. Think on this as it requires you to forsake many of those things which you now find ‘indispensable’, things which are entirely useless to your existence but things which you ‘believe’ to be a requirement for a happy and healthy life. These things include such items as processors, cars, offices, creative spaces, enjoyment of a frivolous kind, livestock for beauty and breeding, and many other things which mankind has created as important ‘to a life well lived’. None of these things are important. On the other hand, those things of true importance, such as liberty, frugality, space and the beauty of nature are not seen as true requirements and yet they are as necessary to life as the air you breathe and the water you drink. It is to these things that we would now turn your attention for to live in quiet beauty, surrounded by the most important things which ‘life’ has to offer means to live a life of true fulfilment and wonder and will be a life where true happiness is found.

In your current culture there is much ugliness and brutality and yet we say to you, how can you expect anything other than that when all you aspire to results in the disharmonious acquisition of the most unimportant things in life? How can you expect that the true, inherent beauty of the Human soul shine out in the world if it is constantly surrounded by those things which bring only pain and suffering? In order to satisfy themselves, man seeks out that which only brings pain and suffering and this he thinks is progress and growth. But it is not. It is an outer covering which obscures the light of the soul and which does not allow the true light of Divinity, inherent in each person alive, to shine out. Education, culture and care should be the cornerstones of civilisation and yet we find that they are not. They are considered ‘luxuries’, only accessible to those who ‘deserve’ them. And yet we say that this is not so. These cornerstones uphold humanities greatest endeavours on this planet and so they should be nurtured. 2006-05-29 11.16.18 (2)

So let go of the idea that in order to grow you must suffer. Let go of the idea that there will always be inequality in the world. Let go too of the ideas instilled in you from your fathers, and their fathers, that only in living a life of prosperity and the acquisition of monetary wealth that life can be lived to the full. For this is not the truth. A life lived to the full is a life filled with passion, joy and fulfilment, and one can only acquire these things if one lets go of the need for vast wealth to the exclusion of all else.

It is time now that these beliefs were wiped from the slate and humanity learned to value the true cornerstones of life. And to this end we say to you ‘Impassion yourself with a desire to create beauty everywhere. Fill your world with divine inspiration and allow the works of the Masters to Flow through you and into the world’.

For all those who read these words, look to the beauty and harmony which lies in your soul and ask that it be made manifest in the world around you. Endeavour then to fulfil your own destinies and become the new cornerstones for humanity’s new growth into a new life of wonder and joy.

And so we leave you with these words of encouragement: leave behind you now all that stands in the way of a fulfilling and soul-satisfying life and go out into the world spreading joy and beauty where-ever you go, so that all may do the same and find their own inner beauty. Look not at the poverty and despair in the world but shine a light out into it and where there is despair bring awareness, where there is poverty bring joy and the harmony of nature, and where there is greed fill that life with the abundance of the Mother and live in perpetual wealth, the wealth of nature and of abundant life. For all is destined to change and all must undergo this change if the world is to become the beautiful light of the Mother shining her face in the light of the Father, as he pours his light and love upon her, for this is way it has always been and the way it will become once more.

Let us guide you now on your quest and be at peace. For all who ask us now for support in this endeavour, knowing that it will change their lives forever, let us say this ‘To you we offer the cup of life and to you we offer our constant support and stability while you try to infuse yourself with the Divine essence of Life. For through you will flow the Divine Inspirations which will allow Humanity to grow through beauty and Joy and awareness of the Great Mother’s love for all her children.’

That is all.

We would ask you to disseminate this information and begin to gather around you now those souls who resonate with our words for they will be the new Bringers of the Mother’s light and life to this planet once more, the true, ancient priestesses of Artemis and Keepers of the Flames.

Adonai daughter. You are well met. Adonai. The Masters of Time.

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