The law of Compassion. Channelling 14/09/14

945012_610406225636786_756648257_nI received this channelling last night, which I guess is an answer to questions and struggles I experience here in this house in Qurna. I am not very good with ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ and am usually rather sceptical of them unless they actually make sense within the life we lead, or help us to grow in some way. I obviously need this understanding right now as I am trying to ‘help’ the people I live around. Perhaps I need to re-think my role here in Luxor!!

“The Law of compassion states that no one person, living or ‘dead’ is beyond help. By that we mean that all souls have the right to understanding and compassion, and although these souls may not respond to compassion in the way we think they ought to, that is no reason not to extend it.

The problem arises when we think, or believe, that the people we are helping, or trying to understand are somehow, rejecting our help. Then we feel used or abandoned, or both. This is not necessarily the truth however, if we feel abandoned when our overtures are rejected then we need to look at our motivation for helping in the first place. If we do not feel compassion for that person, or that set of circumstance,s then our motivation has come form the wrong place within us and has more to do with our personal desires than it has to do with the other person.

We are aware that helping has many connotations and many of you believe that to help is the way of advanced Beingness, but it is not. It is an ‘outgrowth’ of compassion which needs to be re-set. In order to truly understand the meaning of compassion, and to make it work for you, you need to redefine how you help those in need. Perhaps you are helping from a sense of superiority, or from a sense that you are somehow more capable than they in living this life and so you set about trying to improve their lot, but we tell you this, this is not the way of true helping. True helping involves a complete abnegation of personal desires and beliefs and of putting yourself into the shoes of others so that you can see what is of value in their life and what is not. Only then can you hope to have any influence on the lives of others. Let us explain: noahs-ark1

See yourself as the captain of a large ship. This ship has many cabins and each cabin holds a certain number of individuals, each on their own personal journey. One day, you, the captain decide to visit one of these cabins to make sure that everything is running the way it should do, you are after all the captain and it is your job to maintain a functioning boat. However, when you visit this cabin you find that the passengers have disembarked, leaving an empty cabin, which could have been filled at the last port. This makes you feel angry. For one thing the passengers disembarked without your permission. Everyone on the boat has to be accounted for. The second thing is no-one thought to clean the cabin before they left, leaving it a mess for someone else to clean-up, more unnecessary work for your crew. But what do you do about it? You bark orders and get your disgruntled crew to clear the room of all waste and rubbish and you prepare for a new set of passengers, whom you hope will be better than the last group. But you cannot be sure.

As the captain it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all passengers, so for a group to disembark without your knowledge challenges your authority. But who gave you this authority? And who told you that others had to do as you tell them? Are they not individuals in their own right, capable of making their own decisions? And what does it really matter to you whether they leave or not? Does it change your life? No, it does not. It just makes for an irritation which is easily overcome.

And so you see how easy it is to get into thinking that you are somehow the authority in a situation, just because you are given orders and have higher responsibilities.

Practice patience with those around you and leave them to live their own lives. They are not your responsibility, spiritual or otherwise, you just live amongst them, for now. Focus on your own dreams and desires and allow others the pleasure of focusing on theirs. Do you understand?

We leave you now to peruse our words and we hope you find them helpful in your next port of call”

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