Return to the Magdalene Flame in Sparsholt. March 2023.

Doorway into St. Stephen’s Church, Sparsholt.

When I said it was finished, I really thought it was. But this morning, with half an hour to spare on the way to my father’s, I had a sudden impulse to stop at St. Stephen’s Church in Sparsholt again. Actually, I had an impulse to explore the little road that turned to the left and which led to it, but then I made a snap decision and parked in front of the church gate instead. As I walked towards the front door, I questioned why I was there, when I had already done the flame. Was something else needed? Had I forgotten something? It had felt complete at the time, but as I know from experience, energy gets layered, so maybe this was one of those extra-layer-things.

Inside, all was quiet, so I returned to the altar where I could see the Magenta Flame burning steadily. As I waited, I felt that familiar sensation of energy activating in my lower Tan Tien and my energetic cord connected to the flame. Next, I had the same sensation in my heart, as it too made an energetic connection. Lastly, my third eye connected and as it did I noticed that the cords were like lightning and I was receiving the MF energy along them. I had never had this experience before and wondered what it was about when I felt my own MF expand and become as big as the one in the church so that we matched in frequency.

I began to receive information that this flame needed to be anchored somewhere, and heard ‘Across the Water’, and something about a lake. Then I remembered a message I had received a few days ago about a lake, and told not to forget Padua. Padua is in Italy, but did they mean literally a lake near Padua, or a church dedicated to an Italian saint who came from Padua and which is beside a lake here in the UK? I have no idea, but thinking practically, I imagine it was the latter. I have been wrong before, however. That’s the problem with trying to decipher the meanings of events before the event happens. I had made the same mistake at St. Catherine’s when I didn’t understand the Bull image. At the time, I felt it had to do with the symbolic reference to the four saints which I have seen carved into other small churches. But it was simply a reference to the name of the place: Bullington. Although it was St Michael, so I might have been half right!

Once I felt the energy stop, I gazed at the line of white stones someone had placed on the step right in front of the altar and beneath them, scratched into the step as if someone had accidentally scraped a layer of paint from the surface, was a shape that looked like Italy. As ridiculous as it sounds, and because everything means something, I wondered if it might actually mean there would be a visit to Padua, in Italy. I thought of my aunt, who lives in Sicily. I had planned to visit her there, so maybe I could also go to Italy … when I am free of current obligations, that is.

I felt myself being turned around. This is an energetic turning, not being physically turned, as if my energy-field is turned and I have no choice but to follow it. When I turned and was facing the other end of the church, I heard “Go.” And that was it. Done and dusted. But, I was so very aware that everything that happens while doing this work has layers of meaning, so they might also mean that I had to go to the lake, that it would soon be time to ‘go’. It would also explain the necessity for the larger than life recharging of the Magdalene Flame.

I wandered around, finding a little area with a wooden statue of Mary, or St. Catherine. I’m not sure which. I saw a picture when I came into the church which mentioned a chantry chapel dedicated to St Catherine. I wonder if this is the same St Catherine that they dedicated the church in Littleton to?

When I got to my father’s, while he watched rugby on TV, I Googled churches near a lake near with Padua. I found Saint Anthony, a popular saint for Catholics. I remember him well. Whenever anyone lost anything in Ireland it was praying to Saint Anthony that helped them find it. Anthony loved Padua, it was his spiritual home, and there is a large lake ninety kilometres away from the centre of the city. There is also a basilica there dedicated to him. The message “Across the water,” also implies crossing the sea, so we’ll have to see what they mean. If it really is in Italy, then I have time to wait. If, on the other hand, it is local, it might be in the next couple of weeks.

Either way, I’ll find out.

Later that evening, I was telling my friend Chris about it. He often comes up with interesting bits of information. but while he was mentioning lake Garda, I remembered wanting to do a Life Between Lives therapist training at Lake Garda a few years ago. But I ended up back in the UK, then Covid hit and my father needed me, so I put Lake Garda away. Looks like it was the right place, and definitely not the right time. Buy maybe the time was approaching…

I also remembered that before I had left the house earlier in the day, I had accessed the Tibetan Dai Ko Myo energy. I often get the impulse to raise my arms to bring something down and this time I found I was holding the symbol in my arms, guiding it into my crown centre and energy-field. I usually use this symbol when attuning someone to Reiki so I thought it might mean that.

In the church, the Magenta Flame transfer felt like an attunement, although why I was being attuned to an energy I had put there in the first place was beyond me. Perhaps it had something to do with the symbol itself. When I brought it in, the two arms of the ‘Y’ were my arms and the jagged little symbol between them was a lightning energy – which explains the lightning arcing from the flame to my three centres – and the spiral was in my body. Usually, when I use symbols that have spirals they coil around my Tan Tien, like serpent energies, otherwise known as Kundalini energy. Kundalini energy is earth energy but this energy was coming from above, not from the earth. Yet its job is to activate and open. (I often find with energy symbols that the little horizontal line on the top of a symbol represents the mind. So this symbol is like energy that comes into the mind while the arms bring energy through them, which connects at the heart and then activates the lower Tan Tien, otherwise known as the Dan Tien).

Not the best drawing without a tablet but you get the idea.

Also known as the Dragon’s Breath, it is supposed to represent the Kundalini flame, cleansing and purifying the chakras. Lightning, for me, has always been about cleansing negative energy, and I use a technique using the Lightning bolt of Neptune which does this when I am holding too much of other people’s energy. So, I’m guessing that my three centres, the three tan Tiens, upper, middle and lower, needed cleansing by the Magdalene Flame in preparation for holding more of that energy. But to what end I do not know and why I should need that is also a mystery. But, I’ll find out one way or the other. I usually do.

All I have to do now is wait for the personal healing that is bound to come with it!

PS. Nearly all the small churches in this sequence of activations have female Rectors, which must be significant, especially when the Magdalene Flame is about healing the wounded male consciousness. Many of the wardens are also female.

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