History of The Gaia Method. First level.

I received the first symbol of the Gaia Method by an old beech tree on Selbourne Common. Chris and I had gone there to ‘explore’ the place. After a long walk up the zig-zag path we finally reached the top. Walking a little further we found the old tree, on what looked like a dug-out round barrow. We walked over and stood by the tree and then felt a ‘portal’ of energy open up. These portals are like energetic openings, which change your energy in a particular way. This portal was a Gateway of Osiris. I didn’t actually know what that meant until later, but it was the beginning of a process of training and healing that continues to this day.

Once I had stepped through the portal I felt an energy come into the central energy channel in my body, and I saw a symbol. It looked like a woman holding a folded item of clothing in her arms, as though she was offering it to me. Superimposed on this image was the symbol. I was told it was The Gift of  Sovereignty.


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