Energetic development of a Stone Circle.


This article shows how the Avebury stone circle began, archaeologically. But what does this show us about how these huge sacred sites evolved energetically?

In the beginning…  

From all of the work I, and others, have done we have found that sacred sites have very humble beginnings. What begins with one person, and his family, living on a small energy point, often put there by his own skills of earth energy-work, and through the slow growth of that site, a site of major significance would eventually be created. Like concentric circles of energy expanding out into the surrounding landscape, these sites are built up over time.

The energy-point itself can be an ancient, dormant point, or it could be newly established. But whatever the reason for its creation the person anchoring it does so in stages. He/She lives on the site, infusing it with their own energy. Visiting holy people would also add to it and slowly it would grow,. The energy templates, like stacks of CDs, are layered over time, changing the atmosphere around them. Planting ideas and energies designed to re-balance and nurture the landscape, influencing future generations of people.

The site would have had a home, with energetic boundaries, to begin with, then perhaps a bank and ditch. The building, lived in by the family of the earth-worker (or shaman if you prefer) would become the central point, although not necessarily geographically in the centre of the circle created by the banks that surrounded it. The family would have acted as the guardians of the sacred place, holding the energy, allowing it to grow, adding energies to it as the site needed.

Everything of a sacred nature, i.e. buildings, stone circles etc, has an energetic blueprint. Physicalising the energies of the site falls to successive generations; they follow the intuitive promptings of the previously anchored energies. Sites are anchored firstly by tree trunks, and later by stones, which act as acupuncture needles, allowing particular energies to flow in the desired directions, energies that are needed depending on the original blueprint.

Some are destined to remain small, yet others become massive, affecting whole areas of the landscape. But all are connected, all are part of an overall Motherboard, ensuring the fertility of the land and the balance of nature.

At specific points of high energy in the cycle of the year, the sites would be collectively energised, ensuring the people’s survival, and balance, with that of their land. This is the origin of the Festivals. Each site has its own particular function in the landscape. Some are Spring, when the sun energises the seeds and awakens the Winter Goddess, the crone, making her young again,  the land becoming  ‘virgin’ once more, ready to begin the process of planting.

Other sites, such as Uffington, celebrated the Mayday energies, a time for human fertility, ensuring a good harvest; ‘Mother’ sites, such as Fosbury Hillfort, the Itchen Banjo and Danebury etc., hold the energies of the Fecund Mother, holding her human children in her sacred womb.

Other sites, Long Barrows, celebrate the ancestors and the journey into the void, the Crone. Returning to the void of creation. They are the burial place of the sacred families, whose bones anchor the energies of death and rebirth.

Every site has its function and celebrations, not empty ritual, but energy-work, renewing the land for the future stability of the tribes.

Other energy points were created and ‘held’ by a person who, in life, had been a wielder of power. That power was in her bones, in her physical body, and it was this energy that was placed in sacred burial places, Barrow burials. As long as the barrow and its inhabitant was honoured the energy flowed. Barrows too were part of the overall blueprint, each barrow fulfilling its own function and guarded by the energy of the person buried inside it. 

You can also see this belief in early Christianity as ‘relics’. The bones, or possessions of the ‘Saint’ still holding its original owner’s saintly energy. Every church or chapel had its own relics, even if, in later years, they were not actually the real saint’s bones, but people still believed in them.

Some sites were destined to be lived in, to be holders of sacred life, but others, such as stone circles, were designed to be places of power, ritual and creation. The circles were gateways, allowing energy to flow in or flow out, places considered to be the Divine Womb, where the sun fertilised the seeds of the Mother.

They had other uses too of course, but in terms of energywork in the landscape, I am focusing on this purpose. Circles like Avebury were used as a clearer of local energies. They acted like giant demanifesters, clearing old energies and allowing them to be renewed. Energies, thoughtforms no longer valid, negative human emotions, are all pulled into the void to be transformed and birthed anew. A good place for ‘letting go’ if you tune into that aspect of the circle. It makes me think of giant snakes eating and destroying, with its body, the negative or outmoded creations of others.

But, according to the article above, Avebury started life in much the same way as other sacred circles: as a home, a simple wooden structure. Perhaps the person who inhabited the house created the initial energies which ultimately, over hundreds of years, became the Avebury Complex. This is how many of them began. The person creates the necessary thoughtforms, anchors the layers of energy over years, and the people who come after him or her, continue the creation of the anchored blueprint. Even today, this is how sites evolve. You only have to look at how Findhorn began, to get an idea of what I mean. Who knows what Findhorn will become in a few hundred years.

So you see how these massive complexes can have had very humble beginnings. A small family of people who have brought their sacred knowldege with them and who anchor the foundations of very important sites for generations of people into the future. Thousands of years later, and we are learning how to access this energy and renew the sacred work that our ancestors did. Bringing back the balance, anchoring the new seed ideas and changing our ways of life so that future generations can survive and thrive.

This is a very brief explanation, as there are probably books worth of information needed to explain all of this, but I hope it gives you a flavour of how sites begin, so that when you tune into one, you carry this knowledge with you.








The Shining Ones.

Channelling Received 6th July 2015.

mesolithic campIt was on a moonlit night when we first left our shores. None of us knew when we would return as we faced into the West, heading into an unknown future.

We knew we could not look homewards, for in so doing, we knew that our hearts would surely break. Our destiny lay ahead, on wayward shores. Would they welcome us with open arms, or repel us with swords and shields? We knew not where our destiny would lead us, but we knew, without a doubt, that it would lead us somewhere.

Our lives, whilst on that journey wore long and hard, and there were times when we believed that we would never reach those distant shores, but we did, eventually.

When we landed we were greeted by our fore-runners, those brave souls, who by dint of their upbringing, were the privileged few to come to this new land. We knew not what to expect, but they were older souls than we, and knew how to live on these wild shores.

They greeted us as though we were family and welcomed us into their homes. We wined and dined and ate to our fill, but soon it became clear to us that this was not our home. We were needed elsewhere, somewhere wilder and forgotten.

We packed our belongings and set off into the wilderness, hoping to find the place wherein we could settle. Ours was a heavy burden and at times we despaired of ever finding a place to settle down. After years of moving and searching we came to this land, the land of your ancestors. It was a wild place, full of forests and wild beasts. No-one had yet settled here and so, in the beginning, we could only inhabit the outer edges, close to the sea.

The winters were harsh and the summers short and food was often in short supply. We learned how to fish and how to hunt in these surroundings and learned how to live, and survive, in this New Land. But we still did not feel that this was our home, so one day, we picked up our belongings and began to move again.birch pine forest

The going was slow, due to the dense vegetation and many of us lost our lives, scrambling through the thickets only to fall to our deaths over a sudden sheer cliff and into the deep valleys below. We were lost indeed.

But one day we found an area close to the sea, but on a rise in the land, and we decided to rest here for a while. We cleared away the trees and scrub and made an empty place in the forest. In order to keep out wild animals we built a palisade with a ditch outside of it and inside we built simple roundhouses of mud and wood. This became our home for a while. We fished, we hunted and life became less of a struggle.

One day a new person arrived. He had been travelling alone, lost and scared and had found our settlement. We let him in and listened to his story.

His settlement had been some distance away and it had been a good place to live. His father had been master of their people and his Mother, the living representative of the Great Mother in form. But there were those amongst the people who took no part in the running of the settlement. They wanted to contribute nothing, but spent their days in lazy self-indulgence. Their settlement began to split in two, some people supporting the camp and the others taking from it.

It was decided that those who took from it could no longer dwell within it, but the Takers disagreed and rebelled. The young man’s parents were both killed and the settlement burned to the ground. The survivors went out into the forests to try and find other settlements, as no-one knew where the other ones were, or if indeed, there were any others!

newton stoneWhen we heard this man’s tale it was unanimously decided that a network of lines should be established, which connected the settlements to each other. Marker stones would be erected showing the position and directions to each one. People were elected to find the other settlements and to put this idea to them. We reasoned that we would be safer if we knew the whereabouts of each other. We could form alliances to keep ourselves safe. Now not only were we protecting ourselves from the animals, but from people too.

And so they set off and, in time, many settlements were discovered, and nearly all of them agreed that it was a good idea. It would be harder for the rebels to rebel if they knew that other settlements would come to the aid of their leaders, most of whom were fair and devoted to maintaining the integrity of the settlement.

Then it was decided that there should be central communities, whose job would be to oversee and feed their own group of settlements. They began to create huge banks and ditches to mark out their own territory and all of those settlements were under the protection of the larger ones.

In order to maintain balance, the larger settlements were built on hilltops and most could be seen by the others.

All worked, for a time. The people lived abundant lives, peace reigned, with only minor grievances. But came a day when the invaders rolled up on our shores and everything changed. Our lives, our way of life, changed dramatically. We were no longer lords of our lands and one with the God and Goddess. Now we were outcasts, sent to the margins to live, but still under the central control of those who wished to take everything we had created.

Our people became the unwanted ones, as everyone joined forces with the new invaders who promised them power and wealth. Some of us remained; separate, nomadic travellers. We had returned to the old ways, but it was harder now. The invaders had taken our land, which they now controlled and so, they also controlled the food. WE returned to hunting and fishing to feed ourselves. What we had created in order to serve and support the communities, was now being used to control them, and there was nothing we could do to stop them. Celts1320

In despair we turned to the Goddess, and she told us to bide our time, that soon her ways would return and the ‘takers’ of this land would be gone. All that had once been, would be again.

Reassured, we waited, ever staying in the background, watching as waves of new invaders arrived, taking from the takers. But alongside them, came people from another land and they could see our handiwork. We rejoiced, for we thought that this was the time spoken of by the Goddess. But we were disappointed. They too were overtaken by the takers and all they had built, they lost.

Over and over again we watched those who would take, overtake those who tried to bring the balance back. To us it seemed like ‘soon’ was just too far away, so we shrank back into the forests and woodlands, slowly giving up hope that the Goddess would return. The land was a wasteland and we could no longer look upon it.

Then one day we noticed that something was changing. The world was getting brighter. At first we did not understand what this meant, but then the God and Goddess appeared to us and told us that it was Time; Time for their return to the land of men and to the honouring of each other, and of the Earth.

astraea_and_altennimer_by_irulana-d5m85vfWe were overjoyed and celebrated with huge feasts and dancing in the moonlight, for we still did not wish to be seen. But, we began to notice that there were people appearing in our world. Modern people who could see into our hidden places; people who desired to bring back the ways of the Old Ones.

We collectively decided to share our knowledge and wisdom with these people, for we could see who was pure of heart and who was not. Those whose intentions were true, we passed the knowledge to, making a pact with them that they would share this knowledge with others, who like them, also wanted peace and balance once more.

And now you know our story. We are the Sidhe of Old, the ancient energies who live in this world and who have been waiting for this time. We hope that our collaboration with you, and the ones like you, who are trying to ‘right’ the imbalances in the world, yields positive results. Only in working together can this work be established, and only in this collaboration can our lives mean something again.

We are glad that the humanity of the new World is working in partnership with the humanity of the Old World. Together we create a bridge of Light, a bridge that we hope many will cross, bringing our worlds together once more; bridging the wide gap of Time and Space to become One once more.

All of this we hope for and in our hope lies our deepest desire for communion. All for One and One for all. That is our hope. We greet you on this bridge, so that together we can walk into the future, hand in hand, as One.

The Shining Ones.


Some Elements of Earth Energy-Work. The ‘Umbilical’ Cord.

7e3e824639cab11e3cb8d219c9533608-d4wy9nnThere are some elements of this work that can feel very strange, such as energy-tubes emerging form our ‘centre’ and moving into vortices or rivers. To my ‘mind’s eye the tube looks like a fireman’s hose and its purpose is to either ‘fill up’ your centre with energy or to deposit that energy someplace else. Often it has happened around rivers or other sources of water. I get a strange pulling sensation in my belly and I ‘see’ and feel the hose emerge and move into the water. It then starts to ‘suck’ water up, like an elephant’s trunk, until my centre is ‘full’. I then have to carry this energy until it is ready to be deposited someplace else. This is also happened while driving, although I am usually the passenger! As we pass the body of water my fire-hose emerges and moves quickly into the water we are passing. More often than not we are usually in a traffic jam, which I imagine is for that very purpose! I never know where the water is for however, I just have to trust it. Sometimes, along with the water, come small diamond energies which also stay in my centre until they are required elsewhere.

Once when this happened I had to deposit the water energy of the River Itchen in Hampshire into Luxor. My friend and fellow Gaia Method healer Chris, were staying for three weeks in a flat we had bought a 20yr lease on (whole other horrible story) and the swimming pool had not yet been built. Our flat was on the third floor looking out onto what would soon be the pool area. This is the journal entry for that time:

“I was sitting on the balcony having our usual million cups of tea when I stood up and looked over the balcony. I felt the familiar pulling sensation of my stomach wanting to connect with the ground. This had happened the first day we arrived here. The swimming pool has still not been built and Jamal is growing vegetables in the space. I felt the pulling sensation in my navel and my umbilical unwound like a hose and moved down to connect with the ground. Then all the water I had accumulated from the rivers and wells in Ireland and England flowed through it and filled the space with a pool of water. Then it wound itself back up into my navel. Process complete. I wondered what was going to happen with all that water I had absorbed!”

As it turned out that was the exact spot where they eventually built the pool! But I still don’t know what its purpose is. snake-kundalini

On another occasion I was with my friend Eartha, another Gaia method healer who I have done a lot of work with. She spends a lot of time living around Corfe in Dorset, one of my most favourite places in England. We were spending the weekend in her teepee and she took me to a place which she ‘works’ regularly, a beautiful ancient trackway beneath Nine Barrows Down. This is journal entry for that occasion:

“…we wandered back but we continued down Eartha’s priestess path until we came to a sand pit. I was explaining to Eartha how we can access ancient energy here because it is exposed, and we went to stand by the bank. While I was talking I suddenly felt the odd sensation of my umbilical cord moving out like a hose and moving deep into the earth to some ancient water source. My ‘hose’ is now about 6inches in diameter and is golden. It pulled up lots of liquid from deep in the earth and I had to stand there until it was complete. This entire area is ‘priestessy’ for Eartha and it feels very ancient, more Atlantean really! She was having to pull energy into her field which looked like green and then gold like wings. When we were finished the gold hose came up and at the opening of it there was now a facetted ruby egg. When my umbilical coiled itself back the ruby stayed at the end and inserted itself into my centre. It feels like it needs to go somewhere else, to be planted like I planted the water in the Flat! “

(When I speak of Atlantis I am speaking of the time when the continents were joined in one landmass, Pangaea, millions of years ago. I am not speaking of the mythical Atlantis of Plato.)

This ‘umbilical cord’ also connects to other people when they need healing or replenishment and seems to activate from that other part of us who knows what it is doing. Often I feel like a ‘witness’ to what happens when I do energywork but it is the accumulation of all of my soul training which is being used and me, as Ann, doesn’t often understand what the energy part of me is doing until much later; I just have to trust it. Other energy-work healers say the same thing!

On a visit to Cornwall with Chris in 2006 we found that many ancient settlement sites were also set up to fulfil the same function:

Our next visit was Carn Euny Iron Age settlement site. It was a terrific place and the fougou was amazing. My first impression, before entering, was a layer of fear which had been added later. It could have been to keep people out, a little like a powerful magus using it for his own purpose rather than as its original intention.

As I walked into the fougou itself I instantly saw a group of council elders/druids and it felt like a kiva. A place of power originally intended as a place of law and ritual, the hub or centre of the community.

2014webOriginally there was nothing ‘precious’ about the fougou it was just seen for what is was, the navel of the community, and given its due respect. But it was an accepted part of the community. People lived around it, got on with their lives around it. It was part of their everyday lives. The fougou entrance symbolised the umbilical cord, the source of nourishment for the community. They were well-fed and taken care of and had a good community spirit, like the Hopi Indians. From this place you can see the sea and it feels like a beautiful place, a perfect place to live.

I sat on stone slab and closed my eyes. An Arabic woman dressed in black appeared and in her arms she held a naked boy-child, sickly and thin. She placed the boy on the ground in front of me and stood back, silently asking me to heal her sick child. Initially I wasn’t sure what to do and then I saw my umbilical cord move down into the earth beneath me, feeding the settlement with the energy I’ve been carrying from Men an Tol since yesterday! I didn’t even know I’d been carrying it but they had said something about a download but I didn’t realise what they meant, until now! No wonder I felt so bloated.

Anyway, when this process of ‘feeding’ had finished my cord was retracted and I saw a tribal runner sending communication to other settlements, letting them know that the Mother’s energy has returned at last, the lines are flowing once again. There was great excitement and it felt really good.”

Working with the ‘umbilical’ cord seems to be a natural part of Planetary Healing. Once, while at a workshop in Wales with Jhadten Jewell I was speaking to another healer and I was trying to explain to her what happens with the umbilical energies. She said that that was part of Vortex Healing. I  have never had, or learned Vortex healing, but it would be interesting to see if it is the same thing.

(The image above is the channelled creation of Jhadten Jewell, of the energies of 2014. Clicking on the image will take you to his site. A wonderful and very fun channel!)