On Dragon and Serpent Energies.

The italicised words are words that come directly from my guides.

“Dragons are the guardians of the underworld, both that of the Earth realm and that of the realm of human consciousness. When you awaken the sleeping dragon, you are initiating a course of action within the mind of humanity, which will change the thinking of everyone on the Earth plane. For this reason, only certain people are ‘qualified’ to work with the dragons, as they have built up, over many incarnations, the ability to work with the human mind. Their thinking is focused and direct and they are capable of deep contemplation, plumbing their own depths and that of humanity. The dragon represents all that is mighty and powerful within the forces of creation. In awakening this dragon you also awaken man’s ability to create heaven on earth. Only in using power with wisdom can true magic be effected.

The serpents, on the other hand, are those energies which allow for certain frequencies to be brought into play. The Earth serpents ‘maintain’ an energetic balance between sun and Earth. They hold the grid in place. Within their energy there would be no world. They are designed to activate certain areas within the grid that resonate with Divine Power. At these sites, abundance is attained and with it, the lessons of Power. The ability to generate abundance that is free to all depends on the ability to balance power with desire. If one desires much and is given what they desire yet their power issues are out of balance, that abundance is then used for personal gain and does not benefit the whole.


However, when abundance is achieved by one who balances power with desire that abundance is then used to generate ‘more abundance’ for the common good and the betterment of humanity.

Working with the serpents needs courage and dedication.

Working with the dragons requires a sound connection to both Sun/heaven and the Earth. When you assist in their awakening and maintenance continual creation is assured.

The dragons guard the crystal eggs. These eggs contain the new coded information for the continuance of the planet. Each of your students is aligned to a facet of this creation energy and will, in time, learn how to use it, as you  have.

If there is a crystal at a site, many people ‘layer’ it. Each person works with a facet of its energy to awaken and maintain it. In this way many people are required to work the timelines. Each person begins by moving to their site at the allotted times and works their magic. The energies then unfold and the next person due comes and does theirs. In this way many hues are added and all seeds sown.

The black tower (Tower of London) is one such site. As it unfurls its great, black wings, and rises into the night it’s egg is uncovered and, as dawn breaks, the dragon returns.

But the egg is changed, it is alive with passion and with power. Alive with the knowing that all good things will emerge from within its crystal shell. New life will burst, birthing a new solar consciousness, bathing the earth with life and joy, bathing each person with love and wisdom.

Only the strongest, most resilient, can work with the black dragons. They are the dark, the mysterious, full of illusion and delusion. If you have not learned how to balance your thinking, how to question what you see, then you are not ready. Only those with the strongest, clearest minds and can see ‘multiple realities’ for what they are i.e. layers of symbolic meaning, designed to protect the very nature of the work, can work within these realms. These are the realms of humanity’s deepest recesses, their darkness, their passions and desires for riches, power and dominion. Only those who can keep their heart light steady, focussed on what is real, can join the ranks of the great Dragon healers. Healers of the dark side, the shadow side of human consciousness.


We dwell there and from there we see that all that surrounds us is covered in a layer of fear, fear of knowledge, fear of love, fear of true knowing. For in knowledge lies wisdom, and in knowledge lies the possibility of love. Humanity has become afraid of these things because they fear, that in having them, they will lose what they think they need.

You know this not to be so, so are in a position to remove this layer. This energy is rooted in many places. Travel to these places now and sever their connections so that the entire layer is no longer able to feed itself on the fears generated by human emotion and thinking. It is a double edged-sword, each feeds and maintains the other.

So now, as the dark dragons take flight, fill your minds with hope and thoughts of freedom as we lead you to the secret lairs of the Dark Dragons. There you will uproot the fears that have penetrated to the very heart of your world and you will plant the flames of Divinity, so that thoughts of love and succour fill the hearts of mankind.”

There are two celestial serpents which travel through space and through the Earth, keeping it anchored. The blue serpent energy is female and moves through space. It circles the earth many times before finding an ‘entrance point’. This serpent is usually associated with rain. The aborigines speak of the Rainbow Serpent, which enters, and leaves, via waterholes, sacred to the Australian Aborigines.

The gold serpent is connected to the sun and is male. It is the Sun God of antiquity. Appollo, Ra etc. Kukulkan, of Chitzen Itza played the same role. Solar energy descends into the earth realm of the Mother, bringing life to the land. In Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple in Luxor a serpent winds it way down from the solar court to enter the Horus bird at the bottom of the ramp, where the Temple of Anubis (God of the Underworld and Initiation) and Chapel of Hathor (Earth Mother as a Cow) are situated. Male and female in Balance.


Both the Blue and Gold Celestial serpents are the energies which come from outside the planet as Sun and Rain, the two physical energies needed for life on Earth.

Even though they are Celestial energies they also need to travel through the Planet in order for their energy to permeate the body of the Earth. The Gold and Blue earth energy lines flow throughout the land, surfacing in certain places and at certain times of the year, then going underground again. Cathedrals tend to lie on crossover points of these lines. All of the cathedrals we have worked on so far are built on a large ‘blue river’ of serpent energy.

 “The meeting place between two points is where the greatest potential for distortion lies. When a site is powerful any distortions appear greater and the effect of these distortions are magnified. In order to heal the distortion reconnective energies are needed. The energies of blue and gold keep the balance of flow and magnitude/magnification flowing at the right frequency. If either of these lines of force are not moving at the correct speed then the distortions occur. Trying to rectify the imbalance becomes an emotional challenge as these lines show up and magnify any corresponding imbalances in the energy field.”

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