The Seeds of Tomorrow

Art and Earth-based Healing Fairs in Winchester, UK

For a while now, I have been missing the healing community we once had in Winchester. When the Late Jonathan Clarke started the Speaking Tree bookshop in the centre of Winchester, the ancient capital of England, he created a central point where seekers could come and find information, healing and most importantly, their tribe.

This was later followed by The Gaia Tree, run by Melody, which was next door and which allowed therapists, clairvoyant readers and Reiki trainers to grow there.

We also had Melvyn Foey, network Chiropractor, on Southgate St. and Ruth, a rebirther, in St. Thomas street. Both provided a connecting point to the healing community in Winchester. But, alas they are all gone. There are still many healers in Winchester, and the surrounding areas, but we have lost a meeting place.

And, of course there is Covid! That has cut off many people from receiving healing and making/maintaining connection.

Inspired to create a space for people to explore the healing arts, Earth mysteries, art and creativity, my daughter and I are holding fairs, at Ancient Sacred festivals times, where spiritual seekers, artists and healers can forge new connections, and reconnect with older ones.

We will also be selling a selection of spiritual/healing books – from the Speaking Tree in Glastonbury.

The fairs will be held in Littleton Village hall. We chose this place because it is close to a Bronze Age cemetery, a sacred place to the ancestors, before Winchester was named, and the most important sacred site this side of the Itchen, aside from the cathedral. Burial sites were communal meeting places as well as places where loved ones rejoined Mother Earth, so we can tap into the ancient energy there.

The fairs will be for both new seekers and the experienced; where you can learn more about Nature-based spirituality and how you fit into the Natural, energetic world of Mother Earth.

In the Meeting Room, we will have talks and demonstrations on different aspects of the healing world: meditation, self-development, Psychic development, mediumship, dreamwork, past lives, creativity, etc.

In the main hall there will be stalls where you can buy books, crystals, essences, art and crafts, etc., and where you can have a reading with an experienced reader.

There will also be drinks and snacks.

So come, for an hour or two, or stay all day, and enjoy the healing energy in lovely surroundings.

Children are welcome. We have a corner, just for them, too.

Times: Fairs will held quarterly and will be on Sundays, from 10 am to 4PM.

Lughnasa Sunday 1st August 2021

Samhain: Sunday 31st October 2021

Imbolc: Sunday 6th February 2022

Beltaine: Sunday 1st May 2022

If you would like to rent a table, or give a talk/demonstration, please contact me.

The late Jonathan Clarke, Owner of original Speaking Tree in Winchester.

“Concentrate upon the goal rather than the means of attaining it, and you will attain it.”

Seth, through Jane Roberts

Contact Us

Ann Murphy
Hana Murphy

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