The Light and The Dark.

What do you do when the weather is fair, yet overcast?

What can you do when raging rivers threaten to disturb the natural equilibrium of your lives?
What do you do when disaster seems to lurk around every corner?
And what do you do when at every turn, obstacles to the fruition of your dreams, manifest?
What do you do when all that matters is suddenly swept away?
What do you do when life’s little jokes threaten to upset all your well-planned dreams?
What do you do?
If all of life were under your control…would you handle it differently?
Would you plan it all so very carefully that there was no room for adventure or surprise?
Would you look at your diaries everyday and think ‘where can I fit you in’?
Would you turn every opportunity into a business proposition?
Or would you instead decide that life was too precious to be organised and so turn aside from the meticulous planning of your lives?
The time has come to decide whether being in the world means being in control of it,  or allowing it to guide you.
Do the rivers ‘decide’ to flow along a particular path, or do they find their route through the obstacles and rocks in their way?
Does the tiny plant decide not to grow beneath that tarmac, thinking that it might never achieve it’s goal? Road surface is rather tricky after all!
Does the violet, which grows beneath the tree, decide that ‘this place is too dark for me. I should really grow where there is more light’.
And does the winter snow decide where it will fall?  Man only likes it’s beauty aspects, so perhaps its creative artistry is wasted on roads and buildings.
It might decide that it is too damaging after all, to fall where it will.
And yet, this is what you do every day. You allow the ‘real’ to fall away and allow only that which you think is good and right to enter your world.
But this we say to you:
Who are you to judge, in your rational minds, what is right and what is good?
How can you tell, if all that you experience comes from the ‘light’?
Think of the violet beneath the tree. Its colour is vibrant, its scent is sweet, because it grows in the shadows. Growing in the light is not its path. It cannot survive in it.
The snow too has its function. Without it your trees are not so fruitful.
Plants which need extreme cold cannot survive without it. You need it.
But if all you think about is the light you miss all of those incredible, yet painful experiences of growth.
Your soul needs the dark and the light to thrive. Just as seeds germinate in the dark so do your greatest gifts.
So who are you to think you have the right to create only the light?
Look into the darkness sometimes.
Look into the dark cellar, the steps of which grow ever darker as you move down them.
Investigate what the darkness holds for you.
Do not be afraid of it. It holds many mysteries.
If it is your fear of the dark which holds you back, investigate that too. Where does this fear come from? Confront it. Do not fear it. It is there to guide and teach you.
Remember Anubis, guide to the Underground realms. Let him guide you now through the mysteries of life and love, the darkness and the light. For they are brother and sister in truth. Not darkness and light. Reframe your perceptions of what it means to grow and you will find that your growth is accelerated, not retarded, by your journey.

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