After some recent communication, I felt I needed to clarify the Gaia Method processes.

There are a couple of things that needed clarifying:

  1. There are now two more people using the name The Gaia method. This is the name that my guides gave me for the system many years ago. However, with everything, names are picked up and used without people checking whether that name is already in use, or not. I discovered a woman who was now calling her therapy The Gaia Method and I communicated with her about the fact that I was already using this name and had trademarked it. She, however, thought that the Universe would decide which of us had the most right to use the name after she had googled me and found my name everywhere. Instead of reverting to the name she had been using, she continued using mine. However, a name is just a name, and although I had been building it for quite some time, I let it go. So, I have added Earthways to the name, to distinguish it from hers. So if you google The Gaia Method, you may well be directed to her site, and maybe that is what you need. Who knows? In the meantime, when my domain renewal comes up, I will add Earthways. Hopefully that will keep it clear.
  2. On another note, more related to the Gaia Method Earthways training, I know that parts of the training can stand-alone, such as the initial attunement, but there are aspects that are very much part of the ongoing training and can only be done at a certain level of ability. Like any system of training, this is important, as it allows the student to slowly build their resistance to outside interference whilst carrying on the tasks of anchoring particular energies and templates of healing. For this reason, the training starts with certain aspects of healing and energy-field development. There is a sequence to the training, which I will soon offer via modules. Although not everyone works in the same way, some do ancestral work, others channel writing or art, or they work with trees/nature/animals, etc, the ability to channel, and hold, the earth energy is something that needs learning and developing. The more you practice and work with the energies, the greater your ability to work with larger areas on the planet that need realigning.

So, you can, if you choose, take the first attunement, as it can open you up to both the Earth and your own Divine Feminine identity, which is always good, or you can go as far as you feel like going. I will shortly add a longer developmental course for the first level, which you can take if you wish to go deeper into the Gaia Method Earthways program.

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