Shifting Fields. December 23 2011.

I received a channelling from Tom Kenyon today from the Hathors and it reminded me of channelling I received in December so I thought I would post it.  Its always good to have confirmation of my own channelling…I believe it but its always good when other receive the same material! I don’t feel quite so alone…or crazy!

We are causing a slight fluctuation of the earth’s energy field. This will be experienced as waves of light which flow into and around the planetary sphere and its environs causing an increase in periodic flooding and structural displacement, ie earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

In order to survive this period of energetic shifting you will need to be in the one place which is safe; in your heart. Only by being centred in your heart will you be able to see with clarity what is erupting into human experience. Be compassionate to those around you. Feel their pain but remain centred in the certainty that what you and everyone on earth is experiencing will lead to great changes in human consciousness. Therefore, before we give you the words of power we need to change the energetic structure of your own field so that you can withstand these changes without fear. For the many who are planetary lightworkers this shift will come about within the timeframe which everyone of you has already been given. For the next year focus your energies on survival and training. Allowing all else to fade away for a time. The survival of the fittest in these terms will mean survival for those who are ready.

We give you now these words, which are in reality ‘sound bites’, each one designed to bring a certain ‘quality’ to each individual’s experience. Each sound bite places a sound frequency into the heart and mind of each person, filling their consciousness and energy field with colour and sound, each colour reflecting the tone of creation which that individual is attuned to. You may be aware of this download happening or you may not, it does not matter. What matters is that you are given the tools to place these frequencies into the hearts of those around you, thereby preparing them for the changes ahead. These can be passed through distance healing or in person, it matters not. Are we  with you in physicality when you receive our instructions? So rest assured that all will happen as promised and that you will be ready to be the surviving energies of the future, there to nurture and be of service to the planet in her hour of need. This we tell you now so that you are prepared and can watch and experience these changes without fear, for you will see our hand in it.

The Phoenix.

The Master’s of Light are standing poised now for this great event so remain in place until the downloads are complete and once you feel ready we will continue with your training inEgypt. You are equipped with everything you need in order to survive so do not fear anything. It will happen no matter what you do or think so just relax and flow with these changes. They are an experience which each soul on earth has chosen to experience. Remember that. Adonai now daughter and continue what you are doing. Feel the changes happening around you and rejoice that humanity has finally found its way home. Rejoice.

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