The Sands of Time.

Desert around Luxor.

In the depths of winter,

When the budding blossoms of summer have disappeared and all appears barren and dry

There is yet some life beneath the earth, life which promises fulfilment and joy and love for the hearts which live above it.

There is life in every grain of sand.

In every stone which bears the stamp of old life.

Sea Fossil in Desert Stone


There is life in every stone which lines the desert trails,

old life,

new life,

for each stone bears the seed of a new life within it.

Water-worn Desert Stones


For every life ‘lost’ within the sands the time there lies a new one,

waiting to be born.

Once the old life has been worn away by the sands and the air and the water and the earth.

For it is in this process of being worn away that the seeds of new life can be freed into the world of the present.

It is the process of being ground down into ever smaller particles which provide the form for the new.

Old mountains become new sands which become new mountains, which become old mountains and so the process continues.

Theban Hills at Sunset.


And so you see there is never an ending,

just a change in form.

Only the shape changes, the ‘make-up’ remains the same.

Life continues…

Theban Hills Strata.


So do not fear child when your world seems to be disintegrating.

Just flow with the change in form and allow your seeds to be born,

You will rejoice when your new creations take shape and form new life.

For then you will see how life continues and how to ‘be’ this life in the present.

For this is where you are…now.


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