White Dragons.

I have been working with White Dragons for quite some time now and really only now understanding what they represent.

When they first appeared, looking like the Luck Dragon from The Never-Ending Story, it coincided with the first fiction-book channelling I began to receive, which is about dragons!

I knew that they were an upper-dimensional inspiration but not that they were directly related to our bringing that inspiration into our third-dimensional world through art and writing.

It wasn’t until I lived in Sahl Hasheesh, on the Red Sea, that I ‘got it’, for they began to appear, out of the sea, giving me gifts. Since I have been beside the Red Sea, for a few months of the year, I have connected with a book editor, a piano teacher and an art teacher! All the things I have wanted to develop for a long time. But everything creative has manifested here. Here I can access that Sea Dragon White Energy, connected to the Womb of Creation, the Red Sea.

Since being here, I feel an opening to more writing, more art and more music. We have an art group, three days a week, I write every day, books which have been given to me, little by little, by my Soul and Guides, and now am beginning to learn how to play the piano, a dream I have had for a long time.

My art is getting better, and now I receive art inspiration from my guides also. That is wonderful! Being able to create healing images for people and for places. I had received images for years but didn’t have the skills to paint them. Now I am learning how to put them on paper. Perhaps in time, I will create music too, once I have learned how to play! Music has always been my connection and ‘opener’ to energy. When I do attunements or art, it is music which gets me to the right level. It opens my Soul to Universal energy and allows me to contact the energies I need.

The White Dragon, when it appears to you, is your Spiritual/Soul artistic guide, there to teach you about how to create Divinely inspired works that help others.

All the dragon energies are connected to the Energy of the Earth consciousness; they are a way to bring into physical form, the energies which will trigger and teach others on the earth plane. Especially when that teaching is related to healing within the realms of Earth. Bringing their Dragon awareness to the minds of Humanity is their task.

Healing art, healing words, healing music, all are the domain of the White Dragon.

So, if you find yourself anchoring, or having spiritual journeys with the White Dragons, you will know why. They ask you to hone your skills and make yourself the best you can be with your art, so that others can benefit from your Divine Dragon Inspiration. Bring their world into our world so that we learn to be co-creators, a dragon-human partnership.

These energies are very real, and tangible if you are sensitive to energy. They are not empty symbols, but powerful, creative, elemental energies.

Let them guide you into realms of pure creation.

12 thoughts on “White Dragons.

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  2. My dragon was chained beside me..I was freed so I freed my dragon…my dragon has burnt all that was no longer needed and while this was going on it was hard to face and release..but the only way through the portal was pure and my dragon and I are now through…at first my darling was red and that made sense to me as it’s my favorite colour…then as I evolved my darling dragon was gold…that surprised me as after that I felt the dragon curl into a circle into my stomach area and I knew that creation would be a cinch so it was fun knowing I could have anything I wanted now….yesterday I woke to my own magic and found myself as the Merlin if you will the ultimate magical expression…I saw the magic ooze out of my hands and felt it…..today I wake to find my dragon is now white …from what your saying about creative …I am already an artist..when I was in my 20’s I was shown that my paintbrush was magic..and i naturally painted with knowingness of magic within…now i simply play with the magic in my art ..for instance i am painting a hug and leaving the energy of hugging within and i just said that whomever looks upon it or needs the hug will feel it…i have one i made of pencils that is a garden with a bench seat and the magic within this i left is the master energy sitting on the bench seat shining the conscience light…meaning shining a higher potential..so that those that look upon it and may feel a new potential if they needed to….i am not the healing type …I’m just the expression of love and magic


    • Art is healing, and your work sounds amazing! How beautiful! I love your description of how your brush is magic.
      I was interested in how your dragon energy evolved. You may also be working with all three dragon energies. Red is about keeping your life-focus on your goals, not being distracted by anger at what is happening in the world. The gold is also about your ability to make money, and of course, the white is your inspiration. Sounds like you have evolved into a wonderful creator, which is what the dragons are all about.
      I’d love to see your work!


  3. My intention for todays meditation was to tap into my wisdom and creativity. I was flying at the speed of light on top of a big white dragon. Your blog is conformation/synchronicity. And yes it did looked like the luck-dragon from the movie.
    P.S. A girl name Rachael left a comment and that was my grandmas name.


  4. This provides clarity and connection for me. Recently discovered that I am a white dragon healer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world.


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