Goddess, The Ruby Ray and Elementals. Channelling 2 April 2009.


994994_10152173076112138_567969378_nThere is a rare prophecy which states that ‘no man can come to know the goddess unless he releases all his need for control in this her world’. Try as he might he cannot put right all the wrongs in the world without her help but her help he does not seek, as yet. There will come a time in the not too distant future when that help will be sought, finally, because he will come to realise that the ‘world’ he has created without her has come to nothing but ruin and devastation. For this reason and this reason alone do the things which are now coming, happen in the way they will happen…Time is running out for mankind in their current situation of learning. Soon it will be the time for the reckoning and mankind will once again honour and value the goddess in woman-kind and in the Earth’.

Daughters of light everywhere are gearing up for this momentous change for soon it will be upon you all. You cannot change what is coming because it has been foretold that when man has reached the zenith of this cycle’s evolution that the new energies will be installed and ‘fired up’, bringing all who have prepared to a safe haven.

17 January 2010.

It will happen as foretold. Light will flood the planet and time will appear to stand still. The Ruby Ray will be activated setting off a chain reaction around the globe.

The number of ‘incidences’ will exceed expectations and humanity will find itself at the brink of war as the forces of light battle for supremacy . It is imperative that you and your kin are aware, and prepared, for this event, for darkness will reign while the battle is fought.

At no other time in humanity’s history has a battle of this magnitude been fought, and so it is imperative that you remain calm and clear at all times. This will herald a complete change in your country’s lifestyle and the changes we have spoken of before will become a reality. There is no doubt. But if you follow our directions then you will be safe and warm where you are. When this is all over you will begin to see why this has been necessary and you will rejoice in the dawn. For it is written: “Only when the light dawns for Humanity will the world succeed.” Think on this as it contains many truths.

That is all.

Adonai. The Lords/Masters of Time.

24 September 2008.

 954802_567143093347441_265610033_nIn working with the earth elementals your frequency needs to resonate with a lower, deeper sphere of activity. This sphere comprises the elemental kingdom of Nature, a lower vibration than the heavenly vibration which works on the upper levels. There are many who work on this lower level but not many who work with the elemental vibrations of the deep earth, where the spider energy weaves her web of light. In order to work at this level you need to be aware of the amount of energy you carry when accessing these sites. Too much energy and you will fail to connect and the site will seem empty. Too little energy has the same effect. In order to be at the right level you will need to attune yourself to the elemental beings when prompted. Then, while holding them in your awareness, ask them to lower, or higher, your vibrational frequency so that they connect with you at the same frequency. This is most important. In accessing their energy you access their thoughts and their history. This then gives you access to the far-memories of each elemental being and all those who have worked with them before. We ask you to record this history so that you can write your stories and trigger the remembrance of times past when man honoured the changing of the seasons and the ‘Faery folk of Nature’. Your stories will reflect the knowledge of the Old Ones who began this work, releasing the memories of those who have worked with us before in previous lifetimes.

This we would ask you to consider now. Be our spokesperson and unite the tribes of Light. For tribes we are, you and us. All together. The tribes of Light have existed for many aeons and we would relish the opportunity to work with your kind again, for you are another tribe of light, from another sphere of existence and we wish to join forces with you so that the world can resonate with the Heart of the Mother once again. The Ruby Core.

We ask you this so that you can choose where your destiny lies. But we would ask of you one more thing: never invest in an empty energy of lust or greed for these are anathema to the Goddess. Freedom and life are her gifts, and a healthy sense of integrity. She will supply your every need. Honour her well.

That is all, for now.

Eve’s Garden.

Replying to Deb-Aurah Araznu’s (link at bottom of page) status update on Facebook I decided that my reply needed some expanding. The poster was describing her experience of spiritual expansion and she spoke about the Garden of Eden. Having been brought up as a Catholic in a convent we were taught the story of Adam and Eve and the tree in the Garden of Eden. Needless to say, when I was  6 years old I didn’t question the wisdom of the nuns. After all, they were closer to God than I.

Or maybe not! As I developed as a healer and worked more and more on the meaning of myth, often I would awaken from sleep with ‘realisations’. One morning I awoke with the image of a naked Eve standing on the roots of a large tree, with an apple in her hand, and she had a serpent entwined around her body. But this was not the Christian Eve. This was the Mother Goddess, a far more ancient version than the Christian vision.  The ‘knowing’ that went with this picture was this: Eve represented the Mother of Creation, nature, that which fed us and sustained our physical bodies. The apple that she was offering to mankind/Adam, was her wisdom and knowledge of the Divine Feminine; The path of the Mother. Divine Love. The serpent was the energy which flowed through the earth, it brought fertility to the land, and fed the people and all that lived upon it. The tree was the Tree of Life. Not in the way which the Jewish people understood it but as the vehicle through which the apples might be brought to humanity. The tree was life. It is only through living a physical life, experiencing the whole range of emotions and life events that we can truly grow.

We do not grow by forever being out of our bodies and in our minds; that growth is limited. The wisdom of the Mother therefore is the Mystery of Life, birth, death and everything in between. Our sacredness is experienced through our bodies. It is in the experience of living that we face our greatest challenges and experience our greatest joys. Through the realm of emotion we learn to overcome fear and to rise into our soul awareness, instilling in ourselves the flow of Divine Providence. The Mother is Abundance.

In Ancient Egypt the Mother Goddess Isis was represented by the Sycamore Tree which fed the Pharaoh and his family. But Isis, and Osiris, are said to have been born of Lusaaset, (The Great One who comes forth). She was the Grandmother of the Deities, and she too was an Acacia tree. She was the Goddess of Creation.

But why trees? Apart from the obvious link to the fact that they do provide life to humans in the form of food, syrup, water, and wood? Well, the answer to this also came in the shape of a ‘morning realisation’. I awoke, on another morning, with an image of the Kabbalah, the Jewish Tree of life superimposed on Egypt!

While I was walking to work later that morning I had another image. The central ‘trunk’ of this tree was the Nile River, feeding the entire tree. The Branch containing the three spheres Hod, Gevurah and Binah were the Goddess Isis, the Divine Feminine. The opposite three, on the other branch was Osiris, the Divine Masculine. The Tree of life, in the Jewish tradition represented creation and the Divine Balance between the feminine and the masculine. But that wasn’t all. Each sphere represented a sacred place on the map of Egypt. The Isis spheres representing sites which were predominantly female and the Osiris spheres representing sites which were masculine in their nature. The spheres along the central trunk were sites where the energies were ‘balanced’ between male and female.

The tree was not purely an esoteric idea but a real, workable map of energy sites where, when all these sites are functioning correctly, brings balance and abundance to the country. The lines on the tree show the connections between each site as all sites are connected via a matrix of energy lines which feed the landscape and its atmosphere with the energies of the site.  It functions a little like a Mother board in a computer. Remembering that the Hebrews came from Egypt with Moses, who was a priest, it is easy to see how the sacred knowledge went with them. But somewhere along the line the information was lost and it became a purely esoteric method of connecting to the Divine. The Mother aspect having been relinquished somehow.

This brings us back to the garden of Eden! The Garden is the Realm of the Mother in Balance with the Father. For the tree cannot exist without the life-giving sun and rain. But the Hebrews who brought the knowledge of the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden decided that they no longer needed the Mother. They could do it all themselves, even though to begin with they obviously brought the belief in Hathor, in the form of the Golden cow, with them, along with the story of Isis and the tree. But the story of Divine Harmony and Balance was distorted so that now the Divine Feminine was reduced to being a tempting harlot, weak and ignorant, bringing shame to mankind and forcing their expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Somehow the Hebrew God became the fearful, avenging and angry God who hated the Mother and all women of the Earth.

So what part of ‘Honour thy Father AND thy Mother’ did they not understand?

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